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“The meaning of art” well it’s the big one, a huge topic contemplated and cogitated over by many an artist,  a bit like trying to define the meaning of life or even defining art. Whilst there’s no singular universal meaning, artists do offer meaningful content with an opinion. Work that will undoubtedly be perceived differently by each individual gaze, further complicating the possibility of quantifying any universal meaning.


Within the context of meaningfulness, my art often separates from the struggle with aesthetic based production, veering towards a recognition of experiential discovery. It may just be reflective thoughts or a random statement. A way of communicating from the multitude of simultaneous possibilities and from my broadening perceptions of reality where absolutism and singularity is scrutinised. Art that can be any form of free human expression, expressed without boundaries through gestures, marks, colours, sounds, words, nothingness and anything which can be experienced though sensory perception. Art being everything and everything being art.


My contribution is to make art, reflect upon it and then make some more, an activity I’ve been doing for over thirty years.  And yes, I’m Hindered by a few lingering  prerequisites, like a search for truth and open-mindedness, a fundamental questioning of existence (the whys? the whos? and the hows?), and not to forget my search for the inner state called freedom. I’m also aware that my creative state of being ( that is: The being laid bare and opened up by the relentless flow of unanswerable questions) won’t allow me to take anything for granted, beyond a feeling that there is always something waiting to be discovered and so the search always begins again and again in perpetuity. Beginning through the marks made and recorded, each mark raising a question about what to do next, the series of marks building up to create a bigger picture, again requiring reflection. A process that is a journey of discovery and enlightenment, a non linear journey of personal growth made to share. And when the ideas have run dry, random marks and vague utterances will suffice as signifiers of the possibilities held within the banks of latent potential. The latent potential that is within and without the crazy state of cosmic existence we take for granted. The journey of discovery made all the more exciting by the exhaustive searching of imagined possibility.


This creative process of mine, leads to extreme levels of questioning beyond conventional boundaries, often resulting in a deconstruction of identity. A deconstruction of perceived assumption/wisdom which allows a journey to the hidden depths of being. Into the void of untold possibility, to a place beyond imagination and comfort. This deconstruction an important part of the creative process because if we think we know who and what we are, then we may be tempted to operate within our limitations. In this realm of creativity we discover that we are perhaps more akin to a blank canvas than the absolute incarnation of who we think we are. This rigorous questioning of everything (which is often mistaken for Cynicism) acts as an enabler for personal growth because it creates a space to go beyond imposed limitation. Perhaps that art which is made with the open mind and minimal contrivance can deliver a deeper meaning, because it explores, exposes and uncovers mystery whilst going some way towards explaining it.


In some ways we all understand ourselves and our identity with varying degrees of limitation, but through the forensic questioning of self, deception can be exposed and assumptions become increasingly transparent. So how can I make art if I don’t really know who I am? well sometimes I can’t, which is why sometimes I don’t. Instead I spend my time thinking and just live my life contemplating the questions and meaning that art has brought to my conscious state. It is here at the crux of my art based reflections where I get the closest to understanding my existence, through the meaning which art delivers deep within my being. A meaning that is most profound and beyond the limitations of futile boundaries, possibly some way towards existential freedom. A place where my art is the only fundamental reality that I can believe in, simply because it’s the only tangible result of my life’s contemplations.  Artful expressions being the confluence of everything that has entered my state of existence and stream of consciousness.


So art is like a confrontation, a veritable battlefield and in my current state of being I really don’t know who I am. I don’t know why I’m alive or even what life is, furthermore I don’t know anyone that truly has this divine knowledge. Yet I think I know I exist because I’m able to experience sensory stimulation, but beyond that I’m really confused about who and what I am. Yes I occupy a space and an identity within society and I make up part of the statistics, but this is in one sense a contrivance for the convenience of social order. A place within society that I feel separates me from the fundamental truths and questions of existence. And it is here that art comes into its own because it connects us to the source of life through impulse, intuition and feeling.

Fracked 1

This adventure we call life teaches about the importance of change and the state of flux we are in, a life beyond absolutes and linear constraints. Art offering a glimpse of freedom beyond the confines of indoctrination and the self-imposed imprisonment. Art being a life line which can guide us to enlightenment and freedom, an invitation to a place without governance. A place without the constraints of nationhood, language, religion or any formal structures. Art a sanctuary, a place of pure anarchy where their’s no hierarchy or defacto ruling, a place beyond good or bad or even right or wrong. Because art is an untamable beast driven by the raw passion of our life force, it is beautiful and ugly all at the same time because it’s everything and anything, objective, subjective, irritating, compelling and yes this list could go on forever untill I run out of words. And when I run out of words I can once again tap into the infinite languages of art.


To summarize my article about “the meaning of art” in this moment I would  describe art as a teacher, or a mirror through which we can see ourselves and start to understand the fundamental nature of being. A guide to ways of seeing and perceiving life from within and without.   However due to the transient nature of being I can in the next breath describe it as something completely different, simply because I don’t wish to be rooted in any doctrine or the specificity of expected social norms. And with this in mind I could say that art is a pathway to human freedom because it’s encompasses so much, a gift to the conscious state of being that we are so lucky to hold. I could also write that art is able to demonstrate the futile, the extraordinary and the mundane in its blind celebration of ego. Because art is a variable feast, subject to the taste, the judgement and the expectations of the individual as well as to the perception of the shared experience. So whether together or alone we can experience who we are through our reactions in the moment as we are confronted by works of art.


Thanks for looking and have a great day 🙂



Art looks to broaden human awareness through the improbabilities and possibilities of imagination, often in a crazy juxtaposition of the ordinary. Images which shock our sensibilities and allow us to see our humanity from a different perspective. This is why I’m intrigued by Musk’s Tesla on its cosmic journey into infinity, seeing it as more as a work of art than a scientific offering. An untouchable sculptural gesture fired into the blackness of space as a grand performance and demonstration of human possibility. An unknown environment where there is no right way round or gravity to limit our outlook, an environment too hostile for human beings to even exist in. So we blast an ordinary every day product of human endeavour that we can relate to, out there into unknown space with a hope that it’ll allow us to contemplate and relate our thoughts to what lays beyond our limitation. To imagine the unimaginable, beyond the confines of logical and rational thinking.


This extraordinary context of a Tesla car in space opens up a huge debate about humanity and all that we take for granted. The amazing fusion of human potential contrasting starkly with the frailty of human limitation. For me this whole spectacle is an accidental artistic expression on a huge scale. A $100 million event, grabbing the worlds attention with what appears to be the vein folly of an eccentric billionaire. A futile act of profundity that perhaps serves a far greater purpose than its assumed whimsical intent.


Because there was no apparent reason for this event beyond the promotion of Elon Musk’s car and his admiration of David Bowie’s music one is left to ask why? And because there is no definitive why, we are invited to contemplate this act of human expression by an individual, which I believe constitutes an act of art. An event which has stimulated a strong reaction within me that I’m enjoying contemplating.


I even made a quick sketch to celebrate the event




The Death of Life

I’ve occupied my life producing art to sustain a material existence in a life of perpetual struggle. Fighting a constant battle to maintain independence whilst searching for truths which I hoped could validate my existence with a perception of self-actualisation. Validation arrived at through the fluent transposition of sincere thought and feelings, through to expressed imagery.


Whilst the expression of ideas and thoughts may appear relatively simple to the outsider, it is not so in practice due to the sheer weight of influence behind our cognitive processes. The question of who we are through genetics, memory, experience and conditioning, all serve to complicate the clarity of definitive actions. Making it complex to actually understand who and what we are in relation to our broader circumstance. All this is further complicated by our personal growth and the perpetual change of  lifes circumstance.


Right here and right now I feel that artists have a tremendous opportunity to explore the wider possibilities of  human expression, partly a result of the creative exploration following Dadaism’s unlocking of the artists cage. There’s also a growing liberalisation of western values and a technological revolution which offers greater human freedom to explore the possibilities of being. All of which is a beautiful gift to the empowerment of  humanity through art.


Although there’s an infinite amount of work ahead for human evolution I do believe there are significant times and periods of change, such as we are experiencing at the moment. And for me this is where art plays a vital role, by questioning the establishment, deconstructing dogmatic oppression and offering a glimpse into future human consciousness. Art teaching us how to see the world through different eyes and encouraging different ways to feel and experience existence. In this sense art is really about immersive observation of life, critical analysis and an attempt to offer future insight, by shining a light towards an evolutionary direction with something new to behold.


For artists reacting to the follies of the establishment there is a conflict of interest because their livelihoods are pretty much dependent on the finances of the elite tiers of society. This is why artists have to fight to maintain their integrity in order to honour the inner truths which a devotion to art delivers to the soul. You see art by its nature is revolutionary and without rules, a state of anarchy where all the possibilities of humanity come together for a huge raucous party. conversely society is bound by simplistic rules, often governed by past values which hold humanity in bondage for the sake of convenience. Traditions of kingdoms and hierarchical structures undermine democracy and human freedom, holding people within established values such as the institutional subordination of women.


So it could be said that the artists process is about observation, contemplation and free expression. To produce visual imagery which reflects and projects content that is relevant to contemporary life. Imagery arrived at by any means that is available to the individual irrespective of past precedent or tradition.


Tanks for looking and have a great day 🙂




A significant portion of my artistic endeavour is focused on portraiture from the mind’s eye. Drawings, prints and sculptures arrived at through an intuitive process, looking at human identity both in a contemporary and  a historical context. It’s a work led initiative, in which I try to understand my creative output through the thoughts and reflections it provokes.


Identity poses some deeply philosophical questions which I feel can be touched upon through art. In my exploration of identity, I’ve been struck by the complexity of being, particularly the infinitely layered and multi-dimensional state that we bring into each “moment”. Yet we just have to take this state for granted as we saunter through life, but as an artist trying to capture “moments” through imagery one starts to awaken to the complexity of it. And I’ve grown to realise that there is no single answer or solution to an expression yet I must make and record my gestures. One solution I’ve found has been to rework the same images in order to re-tell the same story in a different shade. I’ve also played with repeating and overlaying images suggesting the arrival in the moment, work which made me realise the impossibility of the moment in the continuum of time.


Having established the complexity of “being” through my imagery, I’ve been able to look at the act of existing with a greater sense of freedom. To explore soulful intuition, the rational and logical approach and also to explore with a greater breadth of emotion, from the “happy happy” to the darn right “angry angry” and all that lies between. I can tell you that it hasn’t been an easy process, involving a confrontation of my limitations in an attempt to free myself from the conditioning society has imposed on me. At times I’ve felt truly deconstructed and bereft of my own identity, utterly lost as I’ve searched deeply within myself.


Through the story of my own artistic evolution, memory has been an essential element in my study of identity because it forms the building blocks of who I am. From a young age we are almost expected to have a favourite colour and from here we start to become restricted by identifying traits that we will remember, (I personally believe that it’s not possible to have a favourite colour). However memory is selective and can often imprison us through the blind following of past precedence and our desire for security and stability. In my pursuit of creativity I feel held back by memory as I look to create something new without an attachment to the past, which is why I strive for new ways to approach creativity without baggage. In this sense I often feel washed of my sensibility as I approach a new piece of work as a new beginning.


I sense that identity is becoming a big issue in the liberal western societies as people awaken to new freedoms and possibilities. People now openly identify with a greater number of gender and sexually based possibilities, the latest I’ve heard about is digisexual amongst the many others. There are other issues too concerning religion and spirituality, as humanity continues to try and understand its reason for existence. So who and what are we in these times of choice, do we need to be specific or can we change and identify with a more fluid identity, to reflect the times. Can we at last just relax into the knowledge that we need not be governed by dogmatic absolutes and just enjoy awakened life. Life without hierarchy and false constructs through which we judge and jostle for position, in a place called utopia.


Another example of the shifting identity and identification in individuals can be seen through patriotism, where citizens are encouraged to stand behind a flag just because they’re born in a country, when from another perspective they are really just citizens of the world. Born onto a planet into a brief moment of freedom before being divided by constructed borders over which we fight and defend as a matter of honour. Noble savages fighting to maintain their own states of imprisonment to dogmatic doctrines. Ideologies, religions and doctrines forming a political theatre of conflict in the global hierarchy.


Yes indeed, identity is a huge topic and with each new element one considers the more it grows. For instance gender is becoming increasingly relevant and critical as we reflect upon the hierarchical societies built upon patriarchy, not only because of the global consequences but also because of the implications to the individual. In fact the way we see is entirely influenced by the dogmatic systems we have enforced and had enforced upon ourselves. To this extent we are both prisoners to the system and prisoners to ourselves.


Over the past ten years or so the social media has had a huge impact on society and with it the concept of the selfie in which we turn the camera upon ourselves as we project our identity into the virtual world. This act in itself draws parallels with the artists struggle for identity which can be seen in the self portraits of seemingly self obsessed artists. And in this respect I see the selfie as a liberating tool for people to become more aware of their identity and broaden their range of perception as happens with the artists once they understand themselves a little better.


As an artist I feel compelled to explore my humanity on a deep level and I feel that this project based on identity, is quite relevant to contemporary life. Which is why I’m investing the time and energy into finding a way of sharing it.

Thanks for looking and any comments would be appreciated 🙂

2017 a good year for silence


“I’m back”

Hello beautiful people in WordPress World 🙂  I’m back, because after having sold a few sculptures this year I was able to afford to upgrade my WordPress account and buy a little more GigaBitage where I can share my thoughts, ideas and evolving imagery.


2017 has been a year of transition for me in which I finally made that leap out of my creative confusion towards a more independent state of self actualisation. I’ve done this by relentlessly working on my imagery and by refining my ideas until I was able to achieve a level of clarity. It’s been a year in which I’ve not created much new imagery but instead I’ve dedicated my time to making finished works which I will curate into an exhibition with about five specific themes.  The exhibition will feature  drawings and prints to support sculptural elements and will also include a certain amount of text. I’m actually hoping to develop my themes in this blog and establish all that contextual stuff, so that I can submit a proposal to various centres of art.



One of the five themes I’m developing for the exhibition will be called “Identity ~ In ~ Crisis” and will focus on studies of the human head. Exploring the multi-dimensional nature of being, our context within the specificity of time and the crisis we are facing in our accelerating evolution. It’s really quite exciting for me because it’s a huge subject to explore and there is much to work out in order to produce a coherent body of work and ideas.


As part of my commitment to this exhibition proposal, I will be developing a narrative through which I can express my ideas and I hope to use a much broader approach to creativity than I’ve used before. This means breaking further away from the work which formed the foundations of my life as “The Equestrian Sculptor”, though not losing touch with the skills it taught me.


Bye for now and have a great day 🙂

The Modular Art of Elements


(Rotator, a ceramic sculpture with a rotating horse mounted on a steel spindle)

I’ve been making equestrian sculpture for over thirty years,  exploring new ways of composing the two elements. Those elements being the horse and the rider in their various forms. It’s been a fascinating voyage of discovery and has evolved through a natural process of selection, rejecting failed compositions and embracing the more successful ones. Never really knowing where I was going beyond a direction of  discovery.

Recently my work has moved forward with personal advances in technique,   finding ways to make horses from a modular approach.  This involves making a series of moulds for horses bodies, heads, necks and legs, which allow me to make horses in almost any positions. When I’m unable to make one I need, I make a new set of moulds to enable its production. It’s a technique I’ve employed with figures in the past and one which has now become central to the development and production of my sculpture. And not only does it allow me to try out more ideas, it also makes it possible to sell the resulting work at realistic prices.

The issue that I’ve always had with equestrian sculpture is that there is never a single solution to resolve an idea, as one idea leads seamlessly into another and another add infinitum. Because of this I found the process of sculpture was restricting my development, due to the lack of time it afforded me to produce the sculpture I felt capable of. Often I’d have to make a decision which meant I avoided or missed lines of enquiry. My lifes work being restricted by the process of sculpture, in which so much time is invested in production. Because with each new sculpture, an armature must be made, followed by a lengthy modelling process, then the cutting up of the sculpture for the moulding. A process which can take weeks, just to produce a relatively small Horse and rider. To pay for my efforts I’d have to edition the work, which is quite repetitive and soul destroying, I don’t mind making one or two copies but twenty was just too many.

Further to my modular moulding I’ve also developed a technique for joining the elements of my  horse and rider sculptures together which allows the sculptures to  be disassembled and reassembled in different configurations. It also allows for different riders and horses to be combined making the possible combinations quite mind-boggling. And of course this approach has led to another set of ideas which can be released by these new methods.

These new techniques are allowing me to  make the sculptures that I feel need to be made in order to express a broader approach to equestrian art. Sculpture which fills the gaps left historically, leading to a greater freedom of expression, and most importantly art which is reflecting contemporary life.

Importantly to me this approach is fun and exciting and would also work on a much larger scale, making it possible to have large bronze equestrian sculptures which could be rearranged to enliven the environment.

I’ve not yet photographed these new pieces and their Fixings, but will do in the near future when I’ve completed a few of the possible permutations.

Have a great day 🙂



The Art of Existential Crises

Kiss My Rider

I’ve spent a long time searching for a sense of freedom, a time of personal confrontation and deconstruction as I tried to rid myself of the values imposed upon me through the insideous grooming of society. It’s led to many personal crises, because there’s no support for an artist caught up in an act of personal rebellion. But I had to find a sense of freedom in order to define a relevance as an artist, from a life with meaning. Hopefully because of this, the art I offer has a validation and truth beyond vanity, ego and show. A true reflection of what I see and feel, a reflection and interpretation of the crazy nature of existence.

In the act of expression an artist is confronted by infinite possibility,  an infinity from which they are invited to make selections in order to form an expression. (An existence where there are no singal options, outcomes or destinations awaiting.) Once ideas are realised through these marks they can be shared for others to reflect upon. This simple yet complex process of attempting to make art invariably leads to a litany of existential crises. And it does this to me through the questioning of self in what are confrontations of actuality as I look for a meaning and purpose through my actions.

This artists life is further complicated by the compromise of freedom as we are conditioned through society, shaped into the compliance of accepting the specific cultural traditions of our societies. Born free into this world before being forced to submit to the ownership of societies dependent on our compliance. Societies which hold us in bondage to a set of values, forcing us to sacrifice the truths and freedoms of actuality. A compromise that is incumbent on artists to rebel against, so that they can attempt to communicate a more fundamental human truth.

This state of compromise we humans share is sold as a package for the greater good of humanity. But in reality it is a pretty corrupt and divisive system which wreaks havoc, damaging and polluting the world through greed and avarice. Damaging humanity by restricting human possibility in our lives of broken dreams. Lives where human realisation and actualisation is substituted by a cynically constructed hierarchy. Lives where there is no true equality as we are fobbed off with the platitudes of convenience within a deeply manipulative system. All for the greater good of the few who seek to manipulate humanity through the simplification of our hopes and dreams.

In the face of this existence I see through the eyes of an anarchist as I search for my own human freedom. So that I may express from the freedom of my own soul, with an understanding of who and what I am. Slowly forming my own principled life in which my expressions reflect my intuitive impulse. Art which reflects the irrational and illogical nature of complex organic existence beyond the controlling dogmas of convenient explanations. Art which reflects the truth of how I feel about the actuality of existence, wandering on the surface of a planet. Just enjoying the privilege of being alive without truly understanding it in a rational context.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day 🙂

The Impossibility of Everything

Up Up and Away

I’ve spent my life exploring equestrian composition because I felt the rich history of human endeavour in this field had missed out too many possibilities. It was a decision I made as a young man and sometimes I wonder whether or not it was the right choice, or if that decision did in fact become a cage which restricted the possibilities of my expression. And I wonder about this because of the changing times and the shift in perceptions of what art is in contemporary society and the growing trends towards the more conceptual approach.

It’s been quite a curious experience in which I feel that I’ve made a significant contribution to equestrian composition and yet it has gone unoticed in my society. And perhaps this is because the connection to tradition has been severed by the populist movements in art which lean towards a more obvious narrative, with a greater emphasis on styling.

The Art of Being Blue

My decision to pursue an experimental approach to equestrian sculpture has led me to produce a fascinating body of work and make a unique contribution to this genre of art. A contribution which is the result of exploring the conceptual possibilities of equestrian composition on many levels from the simple mechanics of geometry to the complexity of the spiritual expression. Compositions which more recently explore impulse and intuition, which have materialised from the more rational and logical mind set of my earlier works. Art which now more openly explores and embraces the great mystery of life, connected through the mystery of composition, finding comfort in connection as opposed to searching for impossible answers

Yes, my approach to art has changed and evolved, as the challenges of living as an artist have fundamentally changed my approach to life. Something which I view as a curious wisdom which informs me that the more I learn, only reveals my limitations with a greater clarity. And so I move on with a growing curiosity, never satisfied with my achievements, achievements which only serve to invite me to explore further and in greater depth. A life without conclusions, because there is so much more to life than a search for the quantifiable and finite.

up and away

Through my sculpture, I’m looking for freedom of expression, with a level of respect towards my predecessors and an eye on future possibilities and generations, yet without simplistic linear constraints. In short I wish to explore every possibility which feels relevant to my experience of existence and tenure of a mortal being. For example I wish to explore the complex nature of chaotic geometry whilst exploring the spiritual aspect of being. I would also like to explore the rational logic of conformity in conjuction with the absolute anarchy and complexity of our inexplicable circumstances. That through my art I will understand and yet realise that I will never truly understand, beyond what I feel inside. Something which I feel is in part realised through the deep sense of connection I get by pursuing my own truth through artistic expression. And it’s in the pursuit of truth and integrity that art becomes defined as an important human expression. A window into the mystery of being, unadulterated by the dogmas of society enforced upon us by fashion and trends. The timeless truths of being unaffected by the constructs of marketing and fashion. Art is Freedom 🙂

the sun is on my side

To make art I feel I must live and experience my own existence, learning to trust and believe in my own sentient experience as well as allowing the the force of being to be an intrinsic part of my actuality. To feel my life from within as a connected element of timeless existence and to feel my life as a reaction to the varying sentient possibilities of environment. I believe that exploring this complex state of being which we all share can come together through art, through a simple expression of truth. A simple expression from the infinite compexity of our dynamic possibility. In this sense art is fundamentally simple, though it is complicated by the weight of expectations and information overload, which is why I often feel the need to withdraw and contemplate my actuality.

Why Hello

My experience as an artist has taught me that we are equals outside (of the protocols of society), and that we are all artists in some form or other. Because as sentient creatures we observe, contemplate and express our feelings and reactions.

I hope you have a beautiful day 🙂

Sweet Mysteries of Art


As an artist I don’t really know what I’m doing or why I’m making the art that I do. However I do have a notion of my intent, which is to try to further understand my circumstance through a stream of expression, like an outpouring of consciousness. Art which I feel goes beyond the intellectual and delves into the soulful nature of humanity and existence.

I try to channel my thoughts through the limitations of my abilities, so that I may express what I think that I feel and also learn from the results as I watch the work unfold and develop. Through this approach I hope to avoid the contrivance and conceit of offering an absolute narrative,  because I feel working to a specific agenda puts limitations on the lateral possibilities of human expression. And this  lateral approach feels more important than ever to me with the linear constraints of economic based societies.

So what is my art about then ? Well it’s about an open exploration of the nature of being, an engagement with whatever feels relevant through the experience of existence and the occupation of a life. To this extent it comes from within whilst also being reactionary to the imposition of societal values. Art without rules that can wander freely in the direction it finds through enquiry, art which is not held within the confines of tradition and history.

And I guess ultimately that my art is leading towards freedom from the constraints of society so that I may realise and understand a purpose to my existence in a divine sense as opposed to a societal sense. My art is also confronting  conventional wisdom which is used to collectively compromise our lives and it’s probably in this area where I find that  I’m able to articulate my discoveries, because it’s the place where I challenge my own rigidity.

The complex nature of life means that my work ebbs and flows through all the distractions and obstacles out there, but there is a developmental arc in which the layers of my work build up to offer a more insightful narrative. My honest contribution to the big conversation which is going on out there as human consciousness evolves through our collective will.

Through my art I do get a sense that we are going through an interesting period of awakening as information starts to flow more freely and the consequences of our prosperity materialise. The once untouchable establishments are being challenged because people are perceiving new ways of empowerment against the machine, all of which is eroding what was once taken for granted. Something I find inspiring because for me it shines a light towards greater human freedom and the exploration of alternative possibilities.

Sometimes I look at the art world as a microcosm of society and I see the problems which society faces from its imprisonment within a system which controls it. Because I see art governed by the same hierarchical system, the tail wagging the dog. I see art led by the market and expectations of the system as opposed to art being led by free thinking artists, pretty much like the politicians that have no conviction beyond ambition. And this is a huge problem in my eyes because of the sacred nature of art and its true value to society and on the bigger scale of society the sacred nature of our humanity is sacrificed for the ambition of a few.

To find my human freedom I had to distance myself from the art world so that I could explore whatever I felt relevant, away from the prying eyes of the judgmental environment. And in doing so I believe I’ve found a whole new meaning for art, one in which art is a complex yet simplistic offering for everyone to experience and understand. Art made as an honest expression to communicate with the ordinary people of society. Art which works because I’m not trying to be clever in some pseudo intellectual way, in fact I’m not trying to be anything other than genuine and honest, because I have nothing to prove. And it’s a relief to say good-bye to all those years of living in expectation with the hurdles, hoops, obstacles and ambitions which society etches into our consciousness.

I really do hope that my art communicates how I feel about life and what art has taught me because in one sense it really is quite simple. The message is really one of encouraging equality and empowerment of the individual. To question, enjoy and celebrate the beautiful complexity of our mysterious existence.


I hope you have a beautiful day 🙂

The Sacred Nature of Art


My art has taken a profound turn since I changed my approach from a more traditional perspective to one in which I attempt to explore my intuitive intelligence. This new direction is complicated and dynamic and is without a formal structure beyond exploring what feels relevant in the moment. I don’t make art to impress or to be liked and there is no career path or expectation. .

My evolving process involves the usual intensity of thought,  life observation and experience, and working creatively with what manifests itself within my mind and hands. For example I can’t say what I will be doing tomorrow because I have no idea and I can’t work at long-term project based art because it restricts the flow of my creativity.  And so as my creativity looks to explore the uncertainty of existence, I find it can’t be scheduled through conventional practice. Which is why my flow of work may appear to be somewhat erratic and counter intuitive to the more conventional career driven approach.

The only long-term goal I currently have is for greater freedom so that I can connect to what I believe is the purity of  human creative intuition. What lies within the depths of humanity that connects us to the source of our existence. It’s a kind of art beyond ego and beyond the constraints of the art world, which is why I have no ambition beyond surviving on a material level, making imagery which communicates to others and informs myself.

I’ve recently read about the concept of the 3D matrix  and have found this helpful in my  understanding of life and society. And it’s helped me to view planetary life as one aspect or level of existence. Life as we know it within an organic matrix where we experience existence through our five senses. A matrix in which an aspect of existence or being is experienced through a mortal life on earth. It’s  also allowed me to see (even more clearly) the constructs of society which I feel can restrict human experience through disconnection and fear. And I believe that I’m finally understanding my deep sense of discontent and dissociation with the simplistic notions of enforced human containment.


So having gone through a fairly brutal self-inflicted period of deconstruction of self and my environment I feel more equipped to explore life without boundaries. To look at the possibilities of existence beyond the confines of logic and common sense. With this new approach each day is a blank canvas waiting to be filled with the unfolding experience and I can just enjoy my life without expectation and maybe even enjoy my flow of existential crises.

I’ve always maintained a belief that through art we connect and have a window into the deeper mysteries of existence. And for my part the reference to cave art was always deeply felt as was working with the ancient clays that were once worked by people as far back as the time of the caves. I still find working with clay to be quite extraordinary, and I’ve noticed in my limited spells of working in schools how the mood changes when people start to work with clay. It can be almost hypnotic as people connect to a truly fundamental aspect of being, almost like a meditation. A connection of the mind and body, through which we start to remember who and what we are through manipulating a piece of earth.

Of late I’ve “switched on tuned in and dropped out” a bit more and limited the amount of commercial art I make, so that I can develop my art without constraints. And in doing so I must face the consequences, which often means having to survive tremendous poverty, which can be hard to handle, because of the pressure it brings to bear. But somehow I always survive and my ideological approach only strengthens, because I have a genuine reason and a purpose.  It’s an uncomfortable life which feels real and present and not one for the faint hearted who seek comfort in the material world. But I do feel that art is hard-core and on the edge, a tough choice which requires absolute commitment.


What I have found incredible about my experience is how it relates to all the issues we’re currently facing in society. From climate change to the political situation and beyond to the cosmos. All matters which have come to my attention as a direct result of becoming open to the circumstance of my existence. So instead of just being actively connected to the  societal expectations of an artist I’ve also connected to the essence of my humanity which I feel allows me to make more informed art. A consequence which often leaves me caught between these two very different aspects of being.

I along with the current mood feel that humanity is at a crossroad and dramatic changes lie ahead. Change that may be a gentle evolution or change that may be forced by the consequence of our collective actions and irresponsible treatment of the planet.  And I must admit to finding it all fascinating from the perspective of my creative exploration. Because through the connectivity of art you get a feel for what is happening in the world, but how relevant this is only time will tell due to the nature of our perpetual uncertainty.

I can’t help myself from being drawn to the romantic notion that through art one has the ability to connect  with the  source of ones existence. To become one and briefly touch upon what it is that we are born with, before it becomes distant to the ways of rational and hierarchical society. The truth of our existence beyond ego and beyond the weight of the pressure which societal traditions use to smother our souls. The truth you feel when you are alone in an undisturbed state of being as you listen to your heart and feel each  breath of oxygen enrich your body. And I feel this is the richness which art brings to your soul as you become lost in a harmonious truth.

Making art is a privilege and can be quite beautiful, making one feel that life is divine and sacred,  as it connects on the deepest of levels. Allowing us to feel the timeless nature of being and the beautiful gift of life. And it’s my grounded ideological beliefs in this beauty which softens the harsh realities where art and society meet.

I often say it’s not easy being me but I think many people  feel the same, as the cracks start to appear within the establishments of western societies, exposing truths about the sacrifice of our humanity. But the good thing is that people are awakening through a need for understanding the truth and purpose of being. And this is why I feel art is so important and also why sincerity is so important. Because it can be a catalyst in offering a level of insight which may trigger a response and open people’s lives to otherwise forgotten possibilities. As an artist I may fail, but at least my intent is based on an attempt offer absolute sincerity.

The sharing of my art has brought me wonderful exchanges with many people, in which there has been a refreshing dialogue of ideas about the nature of existence. Conversations which have allowed me to awaken further to my deeper responsibilities as an artist. And as an artist I do my part by sharing all my thoughts and ideas from the connectivity of my existence. A life in which I now feel like an equal, a life in which I have no allegiance to a flag, because fundamentally I’m just another human incarnation existing on a huge planet.

Right now life feels quite simple after a few years of reprogramming my mind and I feel lighter and less burdened though the wolf hangs out pretty near to my door at all times. I’m still aware that I have much to do, but for now the direction my life has taken feels right. And I hope to be able to make some magical art to reflect the direction my life is taking.

Have a beautiful day 🙂




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