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The Art of Being Woke


I find there’s a bit more to life than a simple stroll in the park and with all the complications and layers ever present its more like a stumble through an obstacle course. An existence heightened through the exposure of extreme contrasts, ranging from great polar opposites to gentle difference. This reality of life without true constants is something which fascinates me from the perspective of an artist and the more honest I try to be with myself the more my world is blown apart. These personal levels of deconstruction can be quite extreme in which I feel my own identity is so exposed that I fundamentally don’t know who I am with any significant clarity.  It makes me feel that identity in itself is partly a construct necessitated through the social pressures of society, when in fundamental existential reality we don’t have to conform to any set of defining principles. The truth of who are you? and who am I? may just be an ever changing feast of possibilities and impossibilities. Identity being composed of convenient  qualities we hang around us like the decorations on a christmas tree.

Horse Play

I don’t want to be too reasonable and congenial today 🙂 so I will express how pissed off I get with the basics of life and in particular the cliched hardship we artists are expected to endure, so here’s a little rant to try and explain it:  Yes, I feel compelled to share the excruciating anguish and torment I experience as an artist struggling to make ends meet. A life where keeping the Wolf from the door is a real and present danger each day, as I try to survive as a free spirit. Don’t get me wrong there are rewards untarnished by monetary concerns, rewards of a soulful nature and the realisation of personal evolution. But this constant battle to keep afloat is beyond any words I can use to explain, struggling just to survive under the heavy weight of constant pressure. But survive I do, just by the skin of my teeth, and it feels like being tested to the limit mentally, with no where to turn beyond facing the inevitable impossibilities. It’s in this state of statelessness where the artists minds are honed, a place where there can be no resolution beyond personal growth.

Over and Over Again

Writing this blog does help me face up to the challenge of surviving as an artist because I’m able to sound off about anything. I treat it like that place where you can say what you want without fear, think out loud  and evolve strategies to move forward. But probably most important is the development of my thinking and understanding of a (personally) deeper and more meaningful approach to artistic expression. A few years ago I remember feeling utterly lost but through my blog I found a way out of my own dead end and a way of seeing art and life from a perspective which suits my soulful purpose. And it was here that I found the key to release myself from the prison I’d created for my own life. That place being the identity I clung on to as a means of security and belonging, because I feared being lost in the vast chasm of an open mind. I was able to See with clarity and focus on exploring art as a timeless expression of humanity in spite of its dilution within the institutions of society,  a way to explore art freely without expectation. My mind liberated without the need to conform or suceed within the context of society. My art and life returned to the direction  in which I’ve always felt was a worthwhile lifes purpose, the search for personal evolution and expanded consciousness.

Tipping Point

In my own life, personal evolution means everything, just to know that I’m not locked in stasis is something which I find constantly reassuring.  I feel I’m now more in a state of change and evolving through a development in the way I understand society and the human predicament. For example I feel the way I see the structures and fabrication of society has become less opaque and more transparent as I have further disassociated myself from complete involvement. Now I see society to be more of a construct as opposed to the fundamental reality of my circumstance. By ditching the ambition and conformist expectations I feel free to explore more openly whilst maintaining a level of the product making which sustains my existence. That may just be what is called multi-tasking these days.


It’s quite ironic that in some way the personal suffering that many artists are subjected to, creates the tensions and angst within that spearhead the fight back to making and thinking in a more enlightened and penetrating way. That this adversity and hardship should you choose to accept it, will focus the mind into surviving and finding a more soulfully compelling narrative. Something that may manifest itself in art from the (knock knock at my door) and now I’ve lost my thread. oops!!!!!!!!!


I was just in the flow when a pleasant oldish couple just knocked at my door, they are Jehovah Witnesses and turns out they want to bring their God into my life. Unlucky for them I did tell them that God may not actually exist amongst many other things in our polite half hour of  parle. 🙂

Up and Away


Where was I 🙂 Yes I was banging on about suffering and redemption and how struggle may lead to wokeness and enlightenment. Something which is only really relevant in the context of ones own personal struggle, because each and every one of us are different. Hell that difference is possibly the one thing we truly have in common.

Under The Hat

Throughout my life I’ve always had a strategy to protect myself from taking myself and my life too seriously, so that I can jump away from the intensity of engagement. I do this by aknowledging my insignificance as a miniscule life form on a huge planet hurtling through infinite space. When I was younger and struggled in a more intense way with lifes meaning and placement in society I would look up to the stars untill I felt the comfort of insignificance. Bathing in the futility of ambition and ego in the context of inter planetary enormity, a reality beyond my comprehension and understanding. But I’m not a defeatist because I believe that through the art of expression  we are capable of feeling connected to the very force of life which throws us all out onto planet earth.


So everything matters as much as everything doesn’t matter, and everything just happens against the incredible odds of it never happening and we just sail on through and take it all for granted. Life is just beautiful, sad tragic and everything all at once, a bombardment on the senses that we just take in our stride as ordinary, but surely every moment of it’s extraordinary. In some senses we never truly know anything yet often we feel we know so much even about the impossibility of everything. What I have learned is that rationality and logic have no place in the chaos of life because it’s beyond the realms of simplification. Now I see it as a beautiful state of anarchy so often eluding any order, understanding and control,  so I guess you’ve just got to roll with it.

The sculptures in this blog are a collection of pieces I’ve put together for a mixed exhibition at the Iona House Gallery in Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

Thanks for looking and have a great day or evening 🙂

ps- still no spell-check so apologies for typos and spelling mistakes 🙂

The Art of Sincerity


I like to write my blog  in the moment expressing how I feel without a filter on my thoughts or interference with the process of expression. A blog which has now become a part of my art  process, a place where I connect with my thoughts without any concerns beyond expressing my feelings. Writings which help me understand myself through the formal structure of writing, an attempt to articulate a point of view and understand the intuitive state of expression. This discussion I have with the ether and myself is in a hope that one day I will move seamlessly along with my art and life. Making art without the self-censorship and inhibition which is so prevelant in this world. It is also about sharing and having the courage to share any thoughts that enables me to develop my work without inhibition, flawed and human. and proud.

morning drawing resized

Sometimes I feel my art is incidetal, a pale reflection of the cognitive processes I experience as an artist searching for meaning. To put it bluntly I’d say that my work disappoints me, exposing the problems I have in expressing myself adequately. There are many reasons for this, unrealistic expectations, the fluid state of change in this dynamic life and the barriers between impulse/intuition and the actioning/purposing of these. With regard to change I think it would be fair to say that life is fluid and without true absolutes to anchor ourselves upon, I mean do we ever really know who we are ? I also believe that my conditioning becomes a barrier to the fluency of expression as I try to expand on the restraints of my thinking. This tightness I feel in mind and body that interferes with my process of expression, manifesting itself in a slight delay in action caused by the self-conscious concerns over expectations and outcomes.


These insecurities I hold are manifest in my whole approach to art as I wrestle with the judgemental criteria I feel awaits my work from within and without. It’s about a perception of expectations which I believe is misguided and one which I’m still working through. And it’s not easy because being or feeling different is a complex gig in society, particularly when our natural state is centred in the security of social circumstance. I must also wrestle with the fact that in one sense making art is a waste of the time of my own life, simply because I don’t need to make it. I have nothing to prove and in being an artist I’m subjected to a life of poverty whilst being tortured on a mental level as I try to make some sense out of this crazy life. And I know that ultimately this “riddle me this” life I lead will have no definitive answers beyond my own spiritual growth and understanding of life, which may or may not be significnt beyond my own little cameo.

A Resolute Focus

Prepare yourself for a rant 🙂

Right here and now my truth feels like I’m just another of the many artist hampered by the constraints of society,  out there somewhere silenced in the waste lands of lost souls. Living a life of irrelevance beyond a personal engagement with existence and the search for a philosophical understanding of the impossibility of everything. A life on the edge, just surviving the rigours of the economic insanity we call capitalism. At the centre of this great cash grab, we compete in the rat race of a society too quick to judge those that struggle. Yes it can be shitty when your life is not about money and human constructs because there is no place for the ideological surfers in a society which basically states that you get what you deserve. And though the cream may rise to the surface, the floaters do as well. 🙂

Rant over, you can open your eyes now 🙂

In part the discontent I feel as an artist is a natural state, because the search for and discovery of new ideas is a perpetual challenge which can never be satiated or halted. So we keep on keeping on, evolving and changing en route as the search becomes more refined and penetrating into deeper and darker areas of actuality. Asking blunt questions without the requirement of convenient answers to silence the inquisitive mind. It’s a process which leads to a deconstruction of self and of the model of society which holds us in its grasp. The thin veil of society blowing in the breeze, being lifted and exposed to a rationality that offers answers to the awkward questions which are so often skirted over in the realms of polite society.


Honesty is an elusive notion when we are possibly all guilty of masking the truth to ourselves. Truth being such  a complex beast and in one sense an almost non existent concept beyond the finite rationality of conventional wisdom and formality. Art on the other hand embraces an unconventional bias, questioning all that we take for granted, imposing a moveable feast of values which question our very existence. And it’s through this connection to creativity and source that we try to express a fundamental message from the state of being that offers the viewer a chance to experience perceptions from alternative view points. It is an area of human endeavour where there can be no right or wrong because there is no logic or rationale through which it can be judged impartially and this is one reason why art is so complex and can never be mastered (to use old fashioned patriarchal languge).

So art is a loose cannon, a moveable feast bouncing around society like a pinball with no place to rest. An eye opener and an agitator held at bay by the mechanisms of state, the institutions which try to control art by owning it. But art as a force can’t be controlled for it relies on pure anarchy and freedom to flourish, which is why many artists really don’t care about anything beyond the spiritual freedom to express themselves.

The Art of Failure is a Many Splendoured Thing

 Make of it what you will 🙂 then have a beautiful day 🙂


The Art of Freedom


Making art can be a complex process with finished works merely representing the tip of the creative iceberg.  By this I mean that art is often a bi-product of a much larger analytical process in which you question your very humanity through an exploration of the creative impulse. A process in which the artists questioning of everything, leads to a level of deconstruction both within on a human level and without on a societal level.

By deconstruction on a personal level I refer to the intense questioning of self and identity. To such a point of not really knowing (substantially) who you are and questioning the very founding principles of society and civilization. And as artists I feel we are invited to explore existence from ground up, because there are no rules in art and there is no singular language. All we have is the questionable past precedents and the temptation of creating something new.


This acceptance of the challenge laid down to artists leaves many of us on very shaky ground, through the realisation that  in effect we don’t have any answers or solutions to soften the complexity of our existential reality, save the art we produce as our markers along this road. The art we make providing a level of tangibility or substance to a theoretical dalliance with the essence of “life without boundaries”.

One of the greatest issues we face as artists in society is that of sustaining our existence without being utterly compromised by the convention and expectation of what is a very formal society. It’s hard to explain this in a coherent way, however my own experiences have led me to question the very definition of words like art and the whole notion of the (patriarchal) masterpiece idea. In fact what practicing art has delivered to my life is an awareness that the whole matrix we call society is not based around human truth and honesty. But instead a statute of limitations imposed upon the human soul so that we can live in a quasi orderly fashion.


My only ambition as an artist at the moment is to find a way of expressing myself with total freedom, making art from a place without expectation, reference to the past or expectation. Because I do wonder if it’s possible for an artist to explore with freedom when ones life is subject to the rigorous conditioning from family, community and conventional society. If it’s possible just to explore and break free from these constraints, without a need for any success or ego. To explore creative expression with the realisation that art can neither be good or bad, because it is what it is.

Thanks for looking and I hope you have a beautiful day 🙂

The Art of Letting Go


In the early days of my life as a sculptor I used to make one-off resin sculptures, a process which took a lot of effort and time to produce single pieces.  It was a process which couldn’t sustain a living so I eventually changed my process and started to produce ceramic sculptures which I could sell and produce reasonably. I held on to a lot of these early pieces for different reasons but mainly because they are unique and irreplacable. It had been my intention to cast some of them in bronze but I could’nt make this happen through the financial reality of being that archetypal struggling artist. I also felt that producing bronze sculpture was too expensive and would exclude so many people from being able to afford it.


Anyway to cut a long story short I’ve decided to sell the last of these treasured old sculptures through my website It’s part of a strategy to move forward by letting go of past expectations in my search for the new. Finally accepting that the search for freedom and relevance is at the core of my artistic drive. I’ve aquired some good techniques for a more fluent approach to sculpture and will focus on the development of my ideas and possibilities, hopefully pushing my boundaries much further. 🙂


It’s only I that can set myself free from the shackles I’ve imposed on my actuality, now I need to implement my theoretical understanding into actuality. To live and create with the freedom I crave, the goal being that elusive oneness. As long as I don’t forget that everything is interesting I’m sure it will be a breeze 🙂

Have a great day and thanks for looking


The “ART” of Survival


“The “ART” of survival” is sometimes reflected in the art produced through the course of life, such as with the latest addition to my website shop. A  recent discovery of an old sculpture (see above) hidden away in a plastic bag in my studio. It was dried and cracked and had been abandoned in 1998,  I was about to smash it up and recycle the clay when I thought about making a mould of it. So I filled the cracks and carefully moulded the piece with plaster and here is the result, a ceramic sculpture which I’m pleased with, because of its story which is so reflective of the artists life. The piece had shrunk from its original size and has shrunk again through the slip casting process, so it’s now about 32cm tall.


With selling my work directly through my website as well as occasional exhibitions I feel that I’m entering a new phase of life.  In the last two weeks I’ve been delighted to have sold two sculptures and hope to build on this success. But what is most important to me is that for the first time in my life I feel in control of my direction on a very deep level. I really can create what feels correct for me and showcase that work on my website. Once again I feel on the cusp of change and liberated to explore my creativity to the next level.


Contemplation (see above) is a piece I made many years ago and have put my own copy for sale in my website shop. It’s pieces like this which helped me establish an aesthetic to guide my creativity. An aesthetic based around proportion, volume and composition, all of which allows me a freedom to explore any ideas which arise from my study.


Somehow I’ve always stayed loyal to core values such as my love of cats and this sculpture is one such study I’ve made in this adventure. Because my ART of survival has had to embrace an acceptance of convention whilst trying to explore the extraordinary possibilities of being.


When I reflect on my own “ART” of survival”, existing within a relatively normal framework of society, I have to admit to the odd twinge of insecurity whilst exploring the art of uncertainty. It’s a process in which I find that embracing change is as an important ingredient for art as anything, something which often feels counterintuitive to the stability we (or I ) seek. Face it, we change all the time, change our minds, opinions, outlook and emotional responses from one moment to the next.


As sentient beings we are caught in the great chasm of existential mystery, something each and every one of us must learn to dance our way through.

Thanks for looking and have a great day 🙂

“Don’t Fake it Baby”

Just “lay the real thing on me” as the late great Bowie sang, words which resonate with me after discovering blatant copies of my sculptures on the internet.


It seems there is little you can do to protect intellectual property with this new global phenomenon of the production of everything. In one sense it’s almost flattering in that you know you’ve arrived when people start to copy your work 🙂 . But HELLO I’m still here making it myself and living out that cliched life of a struggling artist, just trying to put food on the table.


I do believe that most art is eclectic and the sharing of ideas is how we move forward to explore deeper aspects and concepts of human expression, but simple plagiarism without so much as a nod to the original creator is a cynical ploy.


For now my only recourse with this matter is to share the plagiarized imagery that I discover to reaffirm the authenticity of my own work and hopefully prevent people supporting this practice. It would be awful if people purchased this work believing it to be authentic sculpture made by me.


My work isn’t as easy to copy as it may appear, because the simple forms and composition I use are very precise and take time to realise. So for those who are copying you need a lot more practice.

There are more copies out there but I’ll leave it here for now as a little insight into the extraordinary world of the struggling artist 😉 .

I would love to have some thoughts and ideas about this funny situation, so please feel free to comment.

Thanks for looking and have a great day 🙂

Onwards with

I’ve decided to start selling my sculpture and other art from my website so that I can really take control of my creative output. 🙂 Amongst the first sculptures I’ve listed on my website is a ceramic piece called “When My Eyes Are Closed” (below). Now all I have to learn is how to market my work.

When I Close my Eyes

After years of soul searching and struggling with the direction of my art, I feel that I’ve finally reached a direction which satisfies my creative curiosity. It’s very much a multi angled approach to creativity and my solution to a dilemma which I feel most artists struggle with. In my own case it was all about a deeper awakening from entrenched thinking, something which was limiting and strangling my creativity potential. My life as an artist had been like living on a tight rope and I just needed to fall off.



Having fallen off and out of my ways I spent years in search of something of which I had no idea of. The missing link that I felt would complete my being so that I could feel a deep sense of connection and make art which felt real and true to a deeper soulful purpose. I did find what I was looking for, though it was more a state of mind and an opening up of myself so that I could see life without blinkers.



Life as an artist is complex and punishing on many levels, particularly on a psychological one. You expose your soul through your work and you’re judged by it, not only by others but also by yourself. You also suffer financially as you struggle to find a niche in a society which is not geared up to support difference. So it’s no suprise that we artists become lost at times and struggle to find a meaningful direction which satisfies the complex nature of predicament.



I made my website a few years ago, a site which I made to share my work and ideas.  I initially hoped to  market my own work but owing to my personal artistic struggle, I really didn’t have the energy or belief to pursue this. However this weight has lifted from me and I feel ready to put my work out once again, because I believe in what I’m doing and the direction my work is following.



So these are the five ceramic sculptures I’ve put for sale on my website and I would be grateful if anyone could put a good word in for me if they know anyone that might be interested in buying a bit of art. And apart from my little plug, it’s business as usual for me as I will continue to share my thoughts, ideas and art here on my blog.

As always many thanks for looking and have a great day 🙂

The Art of Being Free

4 From an artists perspective I feel that the “art world” is a reflection of society, used to support and uphold the establishment. It’s a precedent reinforced througout history, in that the commissioning of art became a duty to holders of power and money. Art subsequently became a mechanism for the power players, such as religious institution, political power holders and the rich. It’s a curious tradition and one that is so deely engrained in the practice of art, that it is hard to break free from.

In one sense I feel that art has become an unwitting  prisoner to a tradition stitched into the fabric of hierarchical and patriarchal society. A contrivance protected by institutions and academic rhetoric which has limited connections to the fundamental truths of free expression. An art world which excludes many free thinking artists, leaving them to perish on whatever scraps are available. I could dwell on the painful life of poverty and the creative compromise that smothers these artists, compromising the truth of human expression, but I won’t. Instead I’ll celebrate the remarkable journey it takes to extricate oneself from engrained thinking and the spirit of optimism it takes to succeed. By succeed I refer to a more personal evolution, through the realisation and understanding of a purpose and to actually see for yourself.


In my own journey as an artist I’ve grown to recognise that what I’ve been taught about art and its history, is just an imposition on human creativity and that art is actually anything one feels that it is. It’s not so much about achievement and recognition, but instead an expression of being, the soul connection from which you can express your truth through the marks you make. This connection being an area of great importance in the recognition of who and what you are in relation to the time and place of existence. In my thinking as an artist, I try to explore my own context to the extraordinary act of existing, which has no tangible boundaries. Exploring art freely without the need for reference to conventionaly engrained thinking.

I’ve always attempted to create art without compromise, searching for a simple and fundamental truth, but in reality it has proved to be a near impossibility . Perhaps what I was looking for was a deeper understanding of life, a way of connecting to my humanity and finding a purpose. It’s been an interesting experience in which the art I’ve made has become a by-product of a spiritual journey of growth and understanding.  By casting off the shackles of social conditioning through my approach to art I now feel able to see and reflect upon life without (too much) prejudice. I feel that it’s a form of liberation from the ways of seeing imposed upon me by the generalizations and uniformity of societal convenience.


Rebelling against the conventions of society is a social norm and a bit of a cliche for the artist, but it’s an unavoidable conflict when you’re dealing with the freedom of human expression versus bureaucracy. And there are consequences to these acts of rebellion particulary with the personal psychological effects, as you slowly deconstruct your socialized traits of being. It’s not just about trading the security of convention and societal protection for the unknown, but also the requirement of the artist to share and expose the intimacy of their thoughts and ideas for the dissemination and judgement of others. You stick your head on the block without any protection and you face the consequences.

I’ve found the process of my personal evolution to be most complex and extremely testing on all levels because my direction has been somewhat counter-intuitive to a successful outcome within the realms of society. There have been phases where I grew and evolved without dilution, but as a younger person I felt I needed validation and acceptance to survive in the material world. This compromise turned out to be a slightly poisoned chalice and led to a level of creative subordination, a trap which I fell into without truly understanding. All I was aware of was a level of discontent and an inability to recognise a fundamental truth from within the art world. An inconvenience which delayed my personal evolution into the knowing of and being myself.


In my current phase of thinking I now believe that my role as an artist is not that of a performer for the puppet masters of society but instead a more fundamental expressor of human consciousness, exploring a perceived connection to the reality of my sentient life. I also really don’t know if I still have the need or desire to make any more art at this juncture, because the purpose no longer feels to be there. By this I mean there is a oneness between what I’ve made and how I feel as a person, it may just be a natural resting point. I guess we never really know what lies ahead which is what makes life such an interesting adventure as it unfolds in real time.

As I try to look forward my aim is to explore the full gammet of emotions and feelings towards and from life. The love, the hate, the passive, the beautiful, the ugly, the indifferent and the dammed wretchedness too. And it’s through this open exploration that I hope to arrive with some fascinating ideas and hopefully surprise myself. But fundamental to my art is the pursuit of truth because this is where I think the true value of creativity lies. And this is because I feel that one of the most poignant aspects of art is its ability to stop us in our tracks with a reaction. To stop us and make us think and readdress our perceptions of life and the world around us on all levels. Art providing an invitation for us to just let go, setting our souls free so that we can just enjoy being without any baggage.


Thanks for looking and have a great day 🙂

Born Free But Not Equal

Rebel You Fuckers

Today I can feel the rebellious spirit coursing through my veins 🙂

I often muse over the complex nature of free thinking within the confines of society and how we’re all conditioned (or socially engineered) through the patriotic traditions and systems of religion, politics and social order. And in particular how the global systems of economic management which have no bearings on the actuality of organic human existence impact upon us. Systems which bully us all into the simplification of conformity so that we can passively enable the continuance of continuity without questioning.


From my own observations as a subject of the united kingdom 🙂 I feel that the role of Hierarchies throughout history is a huge problem, particularly with all the exploitative possibilities to hand. Because there is a sense of entitlement which is generated through status and wealth which has no bearing on worthiness or merit, but instead a reward for opportunism, greed and exploitation. All of which sets a tone in society for the smash and grab mentality of the winner takes it all. And in this so called civilized world we are taught to just accept injustice as normality and not even question the status quo. The British Empire being a beautful example of such exploitation and hypocrisy.


As human beings we may be born free but we’re by no means equal and our lives will be subjected to the inequality of society, something which may impact heavily upon us. We will be judged and in turn learn to judge as we become assimilated within the system where each and every one of us will act out our part and fulfill a role. And it’s curious because we will be judged by, gender, ethnicity, religion, politics and also by everything that we choose to identify with, right down to the sporting teams we support. Our sense of freedom being a perception relative to the boundaries imposed upon our lives.


I feel a need to question identity and wonder why we really need to be defined in so many ways when we are born as innocents on to a singular planet. Is it that important that continents are divided into seperate territories and we are all assigned a space and place under the flags and cultural heritage of that place. Or could it be that we will one day be allowed to choose the reason we feel that our existence came into being. To explore free thinking beyond the constraints of boundaries and the cultural oppression of states. I even wonder if the cultural appropriation of human life is still valid in the twenty first century or is it time for people to cut loose and explore their existence beyond the simplistic boundaries. Culminating in the redefining of self in a global context without prejudice.


In my search for freedom I often wonder if we should we be concerned about history and held prisoner to the beliefs and traditions of  evolving civilization. And I contemplate how it would be possible to break free from the conventions of normality as has been documented and catalogued through time. Because with art I sense the control of authority and how it becomes protected by the elitism of the establishment and it really concerns me in my own work and how I’ve felt bullied by the enablers of the art world. An art world which holds artists through implied constraints and invisible restraints of history and economics. I mean the art world isn’t like it is just because it is, it’s like it is for a reason. A reason which is not so holy.


Living in this divided world we fight over religion, politics, borders, ethnicity, gender, oil, money, sport and just about anything else you can think of. Yet we call ourselves civilized, we spend fortunes on (so called) defense budgets so that we can attack others, destroying and mutilating life and earth as a justifiable and patriotic gesture. But all this does is expose the truth of greed and tyranny beneath the thinly veiled illusion of civilization. Something we all just go along with because the powers that be condition our thinking from day one. A life in which we are manipulated by our state, through lies and fakery so that we enforce their will upon others. Blinded by patriotism we follow and support tyranny believing we are just and right to do so.


I find life absolutely fascinating because we live our lives in a way that relates more to the so called matrix of society than to the actuality of the living breathing planet which we are choking to death. A world in which we’re encouraged to be more concerned about the lives of  “A” list celebrities than we are about the plastification of the oceans. So while the world heats up in protest and the mass extinctions gather a pace, we bask in the glory of ego and achievement. A world where the value of values is turned upon its head and economics lead the way to exploiting every last drop of goodness out of the planet. A world without true democracy or meritocracy because exploitation, protectionism, monopolisation and corruption win hands down in a world consumed by economics.


The craziest part of economics is that money is a human invention that in itself has no value, yet it dictates our lives. People die and suffer the most inhumane treatment through no fault of their own beyond circumstance, just because we as humans put fiscal values on commodities and services. So you have to ask the question why? and whether or not it’s right to use money as leverage to justify our actions. On a global level that means should we let people suffer because their countries are poorly resourced and have nothing to offer the global economy. For me the bottom line is that greed is unpleasant when compared to sharing out resources evenly, but sharing can’t be achieved when we live under such a global political dictatorship.


So like it says in the print I’ve tried to dance like that fucker, but now I’m a would be artist that’s stalled by a glimpse at the enormity of truth. Just a one time regular guy exploring creativity within the confines of society until I took that one step beyond. The step which broke my bond to all I thought I knew and exposed a different reality of human endeavour beyond the constraints of the societal matrix. The place of human freedom where intuition and connection to existence reign supreme. A place where there is nothing to prove in the fulfilment of being.


Thanks for looking and I sincerely hope you have a beautiful day 🙂

My Art~My Blog~My life

looking looking looking at you

It’s taking me a long time to deconstruct and deformalize my thinking. But it’s something I feel compelled to do in order to understand my life and creativity. I just feel this need to empower myself as an independent and an equal in order to express myself without reservations. The hope is that by deprogramming myself (bit by bit) I will find a way to express myself from a place of greater understanding in which I’m proud to take more ownership and accountability for my creative gestures. A place where I don’ take my baggage of insecurities and hang ups, where rules and regulations don’t exist.

I understand that what I write about my feelings may come across as a little bit precious, but I feel that creativity is bound in a process which is critically dependent upon all the gestures fed into it. I also feel that in an area of free expression one is compelled to explore the very nature of being beyond the formalities of society, tradition and language. To explore the essence  of existence without a compelling need for reason or justification, something which is so hard to do when we are hard wired and programmed into such a powerful interpretation of life and meaning.

But as an artist feeling somewhat alienated to the whole process and imprisonment of art within the constructs of society, you really do have to dig deep to find a way forward. Or at least I do and I am finding a way forward in my own peculiar way, a route which is shining a light towards exploring what appears in my thoughts and one which aknowledges the changes which occur as I move through life. Yes I’ve changed and I’m not the same man I used to be because that’s the way life is, I don’t fear change I want to embrace it.

I have committed my whole life to art and sometimes it feels like I’ve been engaged in a powerful and relentless dialouge. A place of struggle and very occassionaly elation which has brought a great deal of meaning to my life and also a lot of confrontation with all the rules and regulations of formality. On the whole I feel that it’s been a worthwhile pursuit because I’ve been able to see through the constructs of society and human conditioning and I’ve been able to experience the perception of freedom and what may be possible with an open mind.

Now I feel that I must try to move forward and practice art in a way that relates to my current thinking. So that I can see in practice what it would be like to just produce work which stems more from impulse and a little less from following an established practice. The art beyond concerns of good and bad and ego and all that baggage of the look at me arty bullshit hype. The art of it is what it is mate 🙂

Thanks for looking and have a good one 🙂


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