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The Final Pieces

April 29, 2012


The final pieces of soul~field have been fired in the kiln and I have drafted out a letter to send to different organisations in search of funding and exhibition venues.  The figures are to be made over life-size and cast  in a variety of materials including bronze,cast iron, ceramic and resin. (I would also like to try out stainless steel.)

Since I started exhibiting my sculpture back in 1985 I have always funded my own work, I felt it was important to develop as an artist in a way that reflected the truth of my life and circumstances. I believed that I could make my sculpture and that my sculptures would lead me on my life’s journey and to some extent this worked. But eventually the rigours of life and the pressure to survive started to curtail my creativity  which is why I have arrived where I am now. With so much pent-up energy I have had an explosive month in which I have produced over 40 sculptures and though the dust hasn’t yet settled I believe soul~field is my finest work to date.

What has pleased me most about this work is that it is a development using all my sculpting skills, it has almost exposed the reality of my life, it’s like looking at my work bench as you see the fragments and even inside the sculptures themselves.

My recent adoption of technology and social networking has provided me with a  platform and given me hope, it’s broken the vacuum of my isolated studio existence and instilled a feeling of hope. Using fb, linked in, twitter, and WordPress I have had quite an adventure, I’m even learning to write about my work which is something I have never done.

Anyway I shall make a start and post my letters and photographs out this week, fingers crossed.    🙂

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  1. annerose permalink

    It’s been exciting to watch you and your explosion of work and burst of creativity. Fantastic art! And you write very well about your art and the process of artmaking. Best wishes with the proposals.


  2. Thank you very much, I’ve never been one for writing so your kind words are reassuring. 🙂


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