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Developing Ideas For Sculpture Through Drawing

September 26, 2012

I am still working on new ideas for sculpture in my search of more significant sculptural concepts. Though it’s difficult to get enough time and space to truly develop these ideas I feel I am making headway and am pushing deeper into areas that fascinate me, mainly an exploration of the human phsyche where truth and courage are at the heart of greater self awareness. I guess it’s really part of the whole process of art where one evolves through the technical disciplines and aesthetic challenges to a point where there is a choice, carry on making competent saleable products or push into a more intellectual realm of uncertainty and exploration, for me it’s a no brainer. I haven’t been making sculpture for nearly 30 to years to be trapped into a life of mediocrity where I just become a part of  commodified art in a capitalist world, no I chose art so that I had a shot at being free to live my own life. Though it is difficult to get to the core of who you are in order to express yourself freely I am making progress, I’ve cut out distractions like tv and alcohol and am now working much longer hours. As you re-organise your life you become aware of how indoctronated you are and how compliant we are within society, freedom is measured to a point where we boast about it in the west but are we really free?

A Monument To Love And All That Shit


As Darkness Descends

The Cherry Eater

Empty Vessel

My Design For The Biggest Sculpture In The World 🙂

All That Is Left


Funky Town

Tree Spirit


In A Spin

Smooth & Rough

I Just Can’t Get This Out Of My Head

Where It’s At   x

Locked in the Landscape

  1. these are wonderful drawings, i particularly like ’empty vessel’, ‘woman’ and ‘thing’


  2. Thanks, It’s taken a long time to get here with my work and I’m really enjoying it at the moment as it all starts to come together. 🙂


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