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Curious Creations

November 20, 2012


Having reflected on the seventy figures that make up soul~fields I feel the project can develop much further but first I have to explore a wider range of subject matter to gather the required knowledge, thoughts and feelings, it’s almost like filling your memory bank which then allows you to express yourself freely. I always felt that the project was really based on an explosion of ideas from deep within my soul and I’ll never forget  that feeling in my chest, being my first ever experience of “from the heart”, before that I always thought the heart to be no more than muscle. But it has shown  me that if you open yourself up to unknown possibilites there  are great reward on a spiritual level, that reward for me is an inner contentmemt and a greater understanding of being.

This latest addition is curious, I made it spontaneously and for some reason it just seemed to work, it’s laced with a multitude of possibilities but nothing specific and on that ground I feel it is a real thought provoker . But who knows I for sure don’t, I only made it 🙂

From → Soul Field

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