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A Little Bit of Politics in the Mix to Keep it Real (excerpts)

January 8, 2013



FragmentsJan 6th

Writing about art is really helping with my creative process and giving me greater clarity of thought. Life is complicated and the serious issues cannot be dealt with through concise sound bites that merely touch on the surface. No it takes a much deeper reflection to gain some insight and explore consciousness.
In fact the more I write about art the more I see art as philosophy which makes the artists life complicated in the market led economies of the west. In some ways the necessary compromise exposes how conditioned our existence is and how powerless we are, though it is difficult to articulate and explain. Under capitalism we boast of our freedom but I feel it is very much a deception and a lie and that the truth is the power is in the hands of the few. It’s like democracy (in the uk) is a complete joke a smoke screen where we can choose between two political parties that merely manage the same political state. The dumbing down of society through consumerism and greed has now taken hold and important matters such as political philosophy have been left behind as we all bask in the glory of capitalism. It’s like we all know the eco system of our beautiful world is in trouble but we can’t do anything about it because we are powerless, subordinated to the rich and powerfull who continue to seek ever bigger profits through exploitation.( I’m not a nihilist we can all do a little which helps, I am merely speaking in generalisations, activists can make a difference)
In a way I try to steer clear of politics but you can’t if you wish to explore life through art you really have to leave no stone unturned and that is what I will continue to do. ;)))





Reflecting on the Reflection 🙂

I really enjoyed writing my last little piece because expressing your thoughts is quite cathartic and allows you to move on with your thinking. But having reflected I think it was bordering on the rant side of life but it did the trick, it’s kind of triggered the desire to create again (free from societies woes). The thing is that I have run on auto-pilot for too long and got a bit lost in the whole process. But today for the first time in a long time I feel ready to work again (with proper sculpture) and that the answers to my questions lie in the manipulation of ideas through clay.
I do feel my thinking and writing has been a reality check that I needed, you need to know the score and be aware of the system before you switch off and get on with your work. Particularly with sculpture because it demands so much time,effort and commitment that there is no point if your desire is half hearted.
There have been dark times where I could not find a good reason to continue my struggle beyond it being the continuation of a lifes work and I am just hoping that I have finally laid this negativity to rest. So move forward I will with a positive outlook I may even start chasing those ideals of aesthetic beauty again.

My writing kind of reflects the thinking that goes on while I make sculpture, as you work clay you relax and thoughts flow through your mind, a kind of flow of concsiousness on many levels. Which is why when someone asks me what a sculpture is about I can’t give a consice answer because it forms through a myriad of thoughts. The only difference is that working with clay kind of absorbs your thoughts and leaves your mind at rest, if I write, draw or paint I find the intensity of thought remains more constant and that undermines my laid back demeanour. 😉



  1. annerose permalink

    Hi Eoghan
    Happy new Year!
    I’ve been enjoying your reflections and (occasional rants!)
    I also struggle with the purpose artmaking in this society (Canada, in my case). Sometimes it seems so clear to me and other times I think I just fooling everyone including myself. It’s a lonely kind of job. I’ve also totally given up trying to make art that sells; first of all, it doesn’t sell anyway and also it just doesn’t make me happy. Mostly I’m just making stuff that I feel like making these days and I’m shocked when someone wants to buy it.
    The pressure is off a bit for me because I got a part time non-art job. This has actually worked amazing for me. I finally have some money!
    Anyway I agree election is part of art. Carry on! Your work is fantastic!
    Take care


  2. annerose permalink

    Oops! Spelling!
    …I also struggle with the purpose OF artmaking…
    …Anyway I agree REFLECTION is part of art. Carry on! Your work is fantastic!…


    • Thanks Annerose, I always find your comments reassuring and positive. Sometimes the idea of earning money another way appeals to me too but for now I’m going to keep battling away and try to create an opportunity somewhere some how. 🙂


      • annerose permalink

        Bravo! I really admire your tenacity. And best of luck.
        I got a very small job sort of by accident, and another when that ended and that’s worked really well for the past couple years.


  3. Ps – Happy new year


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