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Thinking Out Loud Twice

February 4, 2013


I sometimes use my wordpress and fb pages to post my thoughts and ideas about art, the ideas are often raw and unresolved like a work in progress, however it illustrates some of the thinking behind my work. Having fb and wordress as  virtual exhibition spaces has influenced my approach and added an extra dimension to my work, a stark contrast indeed to my early days. And because this page is not concerned with commodity or business I am able to concentrate on the notion of art through content, concept and aesthetic, and it is here that you can find your own creative truth. By producing work that reflects your free thinking you have tremendous scope, at times it can almost feel like a void of freedom. So by taking away the commodification, the jury of gallerists who vet your work and the financial aspects your process becomes free of a channelled outcome, by this I mean you can really make what you want in any media as you have no imposed criteria to adhere to. I guess it’s down to a perception of freedom from within and what I write about is my own personal battle whereby all I want to do is make the sculpture that I believe in and I think I’m nearly there 🙂 .
Art is by it’s nature provocative and challenging, it forces you to think, to reevaluate your life and question it also celebrates the beauty of life, but there’s one thing for sure: making art involves living a complicated life.


2 days Later

I think I’m starting to get somewhere with my work again, it’s not about any finished pieces it’s about the process and thought behind it all and that elusive feeling of freedom. At times it can be so difficult when you feel you have lost touch with your creative being because the links are tenuous and it is all to easy to be knocked off your path by people and circumstance. You have to protect yourself at times from these external forces to maintain your true direction which is difficult.
Because I grew up in an artistic enviroment I made assumptions about the tolerance and celebration of artistic exploration, but this kind of set me up for some pretty tough times, reality ain’t always so kind. Life deals out a lot of lessons, so it’s crucial how you deal with and learn from them.
At the moment I feel free to play around with ideas again regardless of outcome because I know a concentrated period of study is bound to yield some interesting new ideas. I’ve even started to use a super large sketch book to free up the physical act of drawing and that has been a lot of fun and helped my process. Art is based on refining lateral thinking and without this process your work suffers, it’s not about magic, you only get out what you put in, which is why I am dedicating more time and energy into exploring ideas and thoughts (regardless of outcome). Art is a pretty philosophical pursuit and it’s taken me a long time to find a balanced approach between aesthetics, intellect and product. I think I know the way forward but it’s more about the correct approach and an open mind without preconceptions and maybe a teeny bit of magic. 🙂
It’s been a strange couple of years really, the psychological battle of extricating myself from a feeling of discontent has been my greatest ever challenge as an artist but I’m out the other side now and ready to move on.
I can never truly explain the feeling of being a contented artist it’s just a sense of inner peace and being at one. 😉

Black Flower

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