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What’s All This Arty Farty Stuff About Then?

February 8, 2013

lion-man-ulmThe Lion Man (now thought to be 40,000 years old)

At the very core of an artist there are reasons why they produce art and we can only guess at them but in my own life I recently needed to identify my own which is harder to do than I thought. But in looking into this through my period of introspection I uncovered and exposed many factors that were so engrained that I wasn’t even aware of them. Many motivators really strayed away from what I feel art is in the purest sense and exposed a lack of courage in my approach. I think perhaps the biggest weakness is down to the perception of how other people will react to your work , who your percieved audience is and how you tailor your work to suit. Now there are many variables to what I am talking about for instance one may wish to shock and be outrageous or charm with beauty or even seek to have ones ego stroked but whichever it is you are still tailoring your work to create a reaction. Having identified this I am now able at times to work free from this concern as I look for a valid expression from within.
I also identified a percieved need to fit within the framework of established art world norms by adhering to certain conventions, this includes too many things to mention like, materials, subject matter and identifiable styles ie you’ve got to fit in if you want to be a part of it. I guess what I’m saying is that there are a lot of pressures that gently guide you into a way of being and thinking that give you an illusion of freedom when in fact you are just part of a system. All these pressures affect young artists who face terrible insecurities as they struggle to survive in the hostile enviroment of the real world and I am no exeption. In some ways I suceeded made a living and grew in confidence untill one day when I realised there was more to art than the market and the arts establishment. When I recently looked at Marcel Duchamps work and read a little background to his life I was drawn to the fact that his work was concerned with a reaction to the art world and the collectors of the day and not so much the human expression of art ie his art was tailored to create a reaction within the arts establishment and out of this specific context it is pretty irrelevant you put a urinal into a bathroom and you well to put it crudely piss in it. Now this is crucial to where I am in my current reflections, the Lion Man now thought to be the earliest figurative sculpture yet discovered stands up to my definition of art as a human expression in any context even if you put it in a public toilet.
In my heart I now feel the point of my life as an artist is to explore freely and to express myself without prejudice, of course this is only a guiding principle the starting point at the core. It’s hard to explain but all I want to be able to do is make relevant and interesting things with an open mind in my workshop, I’m fortunate enough to have the technical skills so I’ve no excuses not to suceed in my personal quest. ­čśë

Duchamps fountainDuchamp’s Fountain

Spin It BabeThe Spin Babe by me



A12Step Out Babe

  1. I like your reference to Lion Man, Saw it on the recent the TV show on cave art but why do we assume it’s a man? Doesn’t have a mane and the genetalia. are a little ambiguous. Why do we always credit men for the art found in caves etc? If we believe men did e hunting, I’m assuming there is some physical evidence! Wouldn’t it make more sense if the women made the art, more time, more opportunity.


    • Good point, I was using it as an example of human creativity regardless of gender and I did wonder if it did have male genitals. Nobody could know if it was made by a man or a woman so it would be wrong to make an assumption, but people do. The George Baselitz interview this week showed that gender stereotypes are still a curse in the art world and work still needs to be done to make it a level playing field.


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