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A Fine Black Line or Two

February 19, 2013

I’ve been working on a project based on a single black line, it is a concept exploring the essence of visual art in the form of a mark. One way of looking at art is through the series of marks that an artist makes to form a drawing, painting or sculpture, so what I have done is taken the mark as a gesture of a single line and set about exploring it through digital means. My only rule is that I have to start with a single black line on a white background a kind of back to basics idea without any superfluous detail or clutter. I feel there is a lot to be gained in this project such as investigating chance occurence, the testing of aesthetic judgment and authorship of the work. I feel that by taking the responsibility away of being the sole creator one might find a way of reaching a less inhibited approach to the creative process and in doing so come up with otherwise unobtainable ststements. It is early days and I have already come up with some results that I am pleased with, I envisage these to be printed on large canvases and exhibited side by side so the flow of the line can be followed around the room as an installation. Anyway check out these images and see what you think, I do believe you should look at them with an open mind and just try to feel what they suggest to you.












































There are too many images to put on but I feel this gives a flavour of the idea.

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