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Good Cause Bad Claws

February 22, 2013

pussy riot 5

With every image that you make or sculpture that you produce you find out a little more about yourself and increase your visual understanding and knowledge. It’s a cumulative process where your confidence grows and your personal language develops until hopefully one day you can express yourself with a fluent clarity. It does take a lot of time and you almost have to fly in the face of common sense and expected norms in order to find your limitations and boundaries. I find boundaries to be most difficult, partly because of the free thinking background that I came from and partly because of a slightly timid nature that led me to a slightly cautious approach, but I’m getting there (eventually) slowly and steadily. With my current approach to art I’m working on a fairly broad approach and really enjoying the richness of it all, where the openness yields surprising outcomes such as working on the Pussy Riot images today. I keep having to remind myself of the bare facts of my renewed approach, I don’t produce work to be pretty for the sake of it, I do not work in a deliberately recognisable style, the object of my creativity is not to impress others but to satisfy my curiosity, to thrive on the challenges, ditch the negative insecurities and to just go with the flow and believe. It’s a tall order really, but having spent so many years learning these lessons the hard I can only move forward armed with strong beliefs that will see me through the tough and challenging times ahead. The strong personal aesthetic sense and judgment will still lie at the core of my work: as the guiding element of my language.  I’ve said it before but I’m not going to spend my entire life as an artist applying my skills to make gallery friendly work for if I do it will mean I’ve been neutralised, so I say expect more defiant work reflecting the truths of the real world. Truths come in all shapes and sizes too, contrasting ,contradictory, melancholic, beautiful and everything else you could imagine too. So forward with a renewed determination though I still have to learn to become more outspoken about my life’s work as I will at some point need to have a big exhibition and persuading people to help me out isn’t going to be easy.
One of the reason I worked on the Pussy Riot images is because of a recent article I read where an artist implied that women artists were not as good as male artists (George Baselitz) and this was proven by the art market which determines true value and male artists got the top money so were therefor the better artists. And that got me thinking about the prejudice that still exists and how important protest is to bring about change as life is still easier for men because of societies expectations. (I felt that Baselitz came across as a rather sad figure with his pitiful attitude to women and his naive assumptions about the art market.) So the protest growing around the Pussy Riot protest has an important role in highlighting prejudice that exists on a global level as well as it being a personal injustice on a human level. While you work on images it gives you a lot of thinking space to resolve your opinion and I also believe that every gesture counts even if only in a small way

pussy riot3

pussy riot 12

pussy riot10

Pussy wired for change




pussy riot7

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