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February 26, 2013


The result of my 7 year old daughter’s face painting

I’m feeling the need to write again so that I can ease my burden of thoughts and because I’m still enjoying trying to explain my take on art and creativity. Today I have been thinking about the altered state you enter when you really focus on your work and how it affects your life. Recently my head has been so full of thoughts that trying to watch a film is impossible because my mind wanders so much that I loose concentration almost immediately, in fact my mind wanders off almost everything else that I do. I’m just enjoying the free play with imagery so much and I’m finding ways into lots of new ideas and concepts. I’m also chasing down those areas that I struggle with so much like drawing where I am unable to transfer my knowledge down onto paper because of what I believe are psychological issues that interfere with my process. I think what I am enjoying most is a new found sense of freedom that is liberating me as an artist and turning creativity into a profound pleasure. In one way I am completely lost, I have no idea of outcomes and I don’t really care either because being lost means you have to be resourceful. And art is all about being resourceful and open, exploring possibilities with the chance of discovering new concepts and ways of expressing yourself. So stepping off the treadmill is finally reaping its reward on a soulful human level, I’ve had my two best ever years of work and am probably the poorest (financially) that I have ever been. It was the enforced chasing of money that was killing me as an artist and I can’t do it anymore because the work and quality of my life has to come first. So how things will pan out with regards income and exhibitions are hurdles I will approach when I really need to and I guess I will know when the time is right because it will be dependant on a worthy collection of work.
I was also thinking today about the art world outside of my studio and how I have been involved with it since leaving college in 1985 as a shy young man keen for recognition and success, sucked into a system that I never really fitted into but there was no alternative. It hasn’t been a negative experience on the whole, I’ve learnt a lot about life and met people from all walks of life and grown up in my own funny way. It’s just my rebellious spirit cannot be tamed and my need to be free is paramount to my existence so when I sound somewhat petulant it isn’t out of any bitterness it’s just self preservation. But the art world can border on pretentious at times and brutal honesty is out of place at a pucker private view so you have to get things off your chest somewhere to keep it real. So for now it’s a bit more keeping on keeping on.  😉

darknessAnother day another face paint


AL62The Bottom Line

AL52aThe i Bird

AL58Crossing the line

EROSION1Oh and a piece of eroded sculpture 😉

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