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Gathering My Shadows :)

March 5, 2013

HORSE & BALLKicking Off

I keep thinking that I’ve turned the corner and can move on to pastures new only to discover there’s  a lot more to do. But the last few days have been different and I do now feel there’s been a  significant enough change in my approach to move my sculptures in a new direction. More than anything it’s the open minded approach and the core thinking behind why I make art which was only made possible through a great deal of self analysis and the reflective deconstructing of my life’s journey. In the end it really came down to a few issues: art as a commodity in the commercial environment stifles and redirects creativity so by isolating your thoughts and conceiving your ideas free from these dogmas you can touch on greater freedom and honesty. This then leads into truth which is so complex because as a species I think we struggle with it, but you need to get as close to it as you can to fulfil your potential. This then leads to being more open and receptive to new ideas and concepts that threaten your comfort, so to break through you have to be brave and take the plunge. In taking the plunge you have to be strong because people will wonder what the hell you are doing but the reward is so great and it has lifted me from the road to mediocrity and plunged me into the road of uncertainty and adventure.
Now my confidence has very much returned and I feel a renewed purpose I think it might be maturity (dare I say it) but none the less there is a clarity and purpose of thought that will carry me a long way. I don’t really know where the direction will take me I just feel that I am developing a strong visual language and am very happy with the elements available in my thinking , my visual vocabulary. Three years ago I was an unhappy artist and a year ago I felt like an inspired artist but today I feel like the regular artist with a balanced perspective on life. I could measure my discontent by my lack of enthusiasm and belief which came across loud and clear in conversations and worst of all the grass was becoming greener on the other side of the fence that had surrounded me. So now today I can go out and look at what anyone else is doing and appreciate it because I am proudly doing what I want to and that is a good measure. I have always felt that being an artist is one the greatest privileges you can have and with it comes a great responsibility if you want to be taken seriously. In my own case I have always been diligent and committed in spite of all the challenges and troubles I have encountered which is why I have struggled so much of late. I new I was coming up short in key areas and had let life grind me down, but not any more 🙂 . I still have enormous struggles ahead but look forward to facing up to them and doing the business and that is sculptures bordering on significance.


My Audience at Work

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  1. neastreetartist permalink

    An honest description of artistic struggle – I think I probably share some common ground. Thanks for posting…


  2. You’re welcome and Thanks 🙂


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