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Making It Happen

March 10, 2013



About eighteen months ago I embarked on a journey to seek validation for my ideas and find a way forward that had a true purpose. I wanted to stretch myself to my limit and produce the work that I am capable of producing, in short I wanted to work without compromise and find my true voice. In some ways this period of time has been startling and afforded me revelation after revelation as I deconstructed my work and in some ways myself. It exposed a level of compromise that far exceeded my expectations and also gave me an objective insight into the arts establishment that has really realigned my whole approach to art.
This reflection was not a calculated exercise but one led through an open exploration I had no idea of outcome in fact I didn’t even think about outcome, all I knew was that I felt compromised and was becoming lost. I think in some ways I became more receptive to events in my life that were kind of defining me in a way that exposed a slightly lost soul, this has recently led me into thinking that every gesture counts because this is what defines us. In some ways I was a reluctant passenger at first as my instinct drove me but then I started to dig deep and found the courage to throw off my shackles and embrace the challenge. I guess being an artist gives you the opportunity to change and experiment with ideas and concepts and for me this has become profoundly important in my life. I have started to embrace chance and intuition which together feed into your ideas with a freshness and through believing in your judgments you are able to create things you never dreamed you could and sometimes it is only afterwards that you realise the significance of the idea. So its moving away from a sense of control and opening yourself up to all the possibilities available, exploring freedom and the depths of the human soul. So by dismissing the constraints of the art world and commodification of art your sense of freedom expands exponentially to what I would say is a whole new level. So belief is another element of great significance and with it anything is possible so I have tried to rid myself of the self doubt that had also plagued me.
On one level I could have continued on my path because I was producing interesting enough sculptures but I was not pushing myself hard enough and I like to think of my current phase as a developmental one, embracing my past and moving forward with a greater relevance. I keep using the word truth and it is the search for my own truth that has troubled me so much because I was so tangled and interwoven into so many strands of living that I couldn’t really define myself anymore.
So now I find myself in a new place and if I were to describe it through sculpture it would be a figure precariously balanced on the edge a bit like the deconstructed figure on a tower of balls. There is acquired wisdom and knowledge but everything is in the balance and each decision is crucial and defining, the vulnerability essential to avoid complacency. Without pushing the boat out and taking risks you would never find your boundaries and I would dearly love to find mine.
I still feel that all my values are intact and that my sculpture will follow very much in the same vein, it’s just the new ingredients are going to make it a whole lot more exiting packed with passionate belief and as much honesty as I can discover within. I know my mojo is back because I once again see sculpture as the most exiting thing on the planet. 😉






Fife Minutes


  1. Hi Eoghan
    I like that precariously balanced self image. And I’m glad you are feeling excited about sculpture again. Awesome! I am so sorry for your losses – your story about your sisters and mother is just so sad. I’m glad you are working through everything and finding an authentic way to make art. All the best.
    Take care


  2. Hi Annerose,
    Thanks for your supportive comments, I do feel that facing up more to the past events in my life is helping me back to get back on track and this year of introspection has been vital. Hopefully now I can move on with a renewed purpose and start looking outwards 🙂
    Kind Regards Eoghan


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