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Keeping On Keeping On

March 14, 2013




I’ve always viewed art on a visual and sensory level and if it has no appeal I’m not really interested in the story behind it. It’s because I think a sophisticated visual concept will tell you the story and all you need to know. In a way it’s probably a slight prejudice but I always feel if people have to over labour the point of the work it starts to enter bullshit territory. When I produce images and sculpture I’m always intrigued by reactions as they vary so much from person to person and it even makes me re-evaluate what it’s actually about. So often as an artist you don’t actually know why you made a piece of work because in life nothing is that controlled.
I was always very shy when I was younger and used to really like seeing Warhol interviews where he would through his shyness repeat interviewers questions to them and turn the whole interviews into awkward farce.But now when I hear a lot of artist interviews I wonder why there is so much emphasis on the building of a narrative, well I don’t really wonder, it’s kind of become mandatory to please all the relevant parties.
There are two reasons why this is on my mind, the first is that I feel the art world is elitist, favouring the affluent and educated and their flattery is favourable to maintain the status quo. Secondly I wonder as an artist how true the words are, you see when you make things you know why you’ve made them and it isn’t always that interesting, so a truthful account would cut no swathe. It’s that hype like when a movie is released the stars go out and tell the world how amazing and important it is no matter how good or bad it is.
I have extremely strong beliefs in art that have always made my life a struggle, the truth of why I make things is important and I have always done what I believe is the right thing. Not art to pander to any section of society but art that reflects my consciousness. I feel stubborn about sticking to my principles even though they have only offered me the most marginal success. During my period of reflection I have wavered at times and even thought about embellishing my work with a stronger narrative and contextualising it in order to try to gain support and funding to help scale work up for more public exhibitions. But that’s not for me you can’t really travel so far then jump, no you’ve got to see it through and whatever the outcome you followed your dream.
So I’ve just got to get on scraping a living and finding time to develop new work that I may one day get the opportunity to exhibit. The art world sucks big time, but it’s just a reflection of the divisive times we live in, the market economy has led to the monopolization of so much by so few. At least I’m enjoying making my work more than ever and my belief is stronger than at any other time in my life. ♥ 🙂

As Tamsin said when I posted this on Facebook “There’s something pretty weird going on when people who want to become artist’s have to avoid the art world to be true to their impulses”. I feel this is so true and I feel that art has become compromised, so what is true art?



tangled repeat

So this is why I make images like this , because they express the tangled web we (artist’s) are caught up in and when art means everything to you it’s a serious  dilemma.

And the true story behind this image is one of collaboration with my seven-year old daughter who painted my face and my nine-year old son who took the photograph. I then edited the photograph and accidentally stumbled on the scratched effect but through my aesthetic sensibility judged it to be an interesting image and turned it into this. So it started out as a bit of fun with my children and turned into a meaningful expression that I find quite disturbing. And this little story sums up much of what I now do, in that I react to chance and circumstance where I feel  interactions and gestures are very important.



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