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It Takes The Time It Takes

March 15, 2013

Dove 1992Crashing Dove 1992 (always rejected from exhibitions)

At the moment my head is so full of thoughts about art that I need to formulate them into some sort of coherence. As a sculptor I’m used to a level of lateral thinking because that is how you form three-dimensional images but my reflections on art are going well beyond my usual boundaries.
With spending a life in sculpture I have become aware that it has a deep effect on who you are and gives you an alternative perspective on situations. This was demonstrated to me with a recent experience as a school trustee where I became aware that over a period of time my experience was mapped out in a three-dimensional way, where everything I took on board fell into place. It was the first time I experienced this type of perception and found it to be quite a revelation, it’s hard to describe but it involves strong memories for certain details which become interwoven. It’s not deliberate but just the side effect of a life spent constructing all your thoughts three dimensionally.
At the moment I feel like I’m trapped inside a puzzle with all these thoughts and untill I can tie them together in some way I will not be able to rest. Gradually the thoughts are coming together but there are so many strands and I really need to explore each one to a satisfactory conclusion, It’s about knowing who you are, where you are going and why. This then has to tie into the practicalities of the real world which is a big challenge for deciding next steps work-wise. Now I’m coming to terms with the fact that I will have to take risks and plunge myself into uncertainty but I am not able to do that blindly because there must be a strong underlying purpose. And it is that purpose that all my energies are driving towards but I can’t yet nail it, my current thinking is that I will have to continue searching untill I find the answer. I think when I’ve found it I will recognise it but I still need to expand my thinking and push my limits further. I feel the next phase of my art will be quite defining in my life’s work which is why it is so important that I make the right decisions, up to now it’s been practice and now it’s game on. On a practical level I’m preparing my work space and life at the same time so that everything will be in place to make that big push. I’m determined not to feel rushed or pressurised into these decisions because I have felt too much pressure for the last few years where the sense of urgency has eroded the quality of my life and creativity. So I will make the move when I have recovered my equilibrium. ♥

I have illustrated this writing with a few photo’s of old work that I made in the eighties and nineties, work that was always rejected from exhibitions. I still believe in the path I took and the work I made in spite of all the rejection and nonsense of the art world and it’s committee’s. You need so much strength of character to keep on and at times you have to compromise to survive but the rebellious spirit remains strong in me. 😉

DistortHead(s)A series of heads I made in 1990 that I was never able to exhibit


Pointy Head 1988 (Never exhibited)

teddleBoy 198o’s (unexhibited)

warheadWarhead 1990’s (never exhibited)

TimeTime has a habit

  1. Nancy Newberg permalink

    All this work you have done is you, yourself reflection and how you look to yourself. Your talent is trapped on you….set yourself free, you are always trying to figure your life out in stead of living it peacefully through your work.


    • I am looking to return to a peaceful existence but I have issues that are holding me back. I’m disillusioned with the art world and the obstacles in place I find it intolerable that you can make work and have no practical way of exhibiting it such as work I made over 20 years ago. So I have to work in a vacuum at times and live in virtual poverty and that makes every day a struggle. These are just some of the issues that eat away at you and you have to dig deep to find a reason to continue, but I will and now that I show my work on the internet it’s broken the vacuum and given me the urge to move on. It’s a tough transition and writing about it is helping so much. 🙂


      • Nancy Newberg permalink

        I find some of your work unpleasant to view, that work should be packed away out of your sight , then maybe in 20 years from now un pack it. If you struggle with poverty it is your work that has kept you there, as who would want to buy it ?? or display it , it is about you and your pain !! People have your trouble too, death,failed marriages,lost children,poverty and…Most people do not have your talent, the people who do have money $$$ do not want to buy your distorted pain and put it on a shelf as a reminder. SEEK BEAUTY SEEK LIFE…..


      • I don’t want my life to be defined by pandering to people with money, art is not about saleable commodities it is about the truth of your life. An honest expression of being, for too long I have been hostage to middle class mediocrity and it has become intolerable. It feels false to seek beauty for the sake of it and I will only make beautiful things when I genuinely feel the need to. The truth of life is important and as you say everyone suffers which is why I make work that reflects this and I feel it is important to be challenged by art. Conversley we also experience joy and beauty and the content of my work has to reflect my reality, for that is my life choice. You may feel my pain is distorted but it is my reality and I would only want to sell my work to people who are interested in it. 🙂


      • Nancy Newberg permalink

        I understand what you are saying and feeling believe it or not ! pandering to people and pleasing them are two different things. You are NOT interested in selling your work because once I asked you if you would sell me something small and you had no interest in that. I have a cross I was going to send you it is packaged up but I am not sure you would even like that ? So you have yourself to keep company everyday and that is NOT a bad thing 🙂 then you have me for a friend who just see ‘s you as un happy, that too will pass : change your image….cut your hair…I dare you !


      • LOL, I fear you’re playing Devils advocate 🙂 My hair has not been cut for over a year now and at some point I just may shave it all off, but not yet. I do feel that I’m going through my most powerful phase in terms of resolving so many issues that have plagued me. I don’t feel sorry for myself and I am happier than I have been for a long time because I feel relevant as an artist again. Now I know I can be a bit naughty and have a sense of humour that gets me into a lot of trouble, I’m also prone to acts of rebellion and provocation in my work too. But my work is a truly sincere gesture and I have to explore images, but most of them only exist on my computer though I openly share them on the internet. 🙂


      • Nancy Newberg permalink

        LOL…I am changeling you to change your image ” just to ruffle your feathers ” Personally I like long hair keep it long but if you cut it you could save on shampoo 🙂 giving you more money to buy supplies for your art. I have a question I ordered a small mold of a pretty lady and a horse what would be the best clay for me to buy to put in the mold and then bake it ?? do you have a good idea you could recommend to me ?
        I do hope you have a rebellion side and a nice side, if you get angry at me for something I say you can tell me, however know with all your heart I would NEVER intentionally HURT you.


      • I like being challenged because it stops me in my tracks and makes me think about what I do and how it affects people. The recent darker images of myself don’t really reflect a truth about my character, they are more about a rebellious expression but the funny thing is they are mostly the result of my 7 year old daughter painting my face and my 9 year old sons photo’s. But they made very powerful images made through a collaborative play so they had a lot of fun packed into them. Soon I will start some new sculpture and that will be based on a detailed consideration of my year of reflection, it will be a serious body of work that will be fully considered and balanced and not a catalogue of shockers. With your mould I would need to know what material it is made from, for clay (slip) which I use you need a plaster mould but if it’s a rubber mould you would probably have to cast it into plaster. Clays really need to be fired in a kiln to a temperature of about 1000 degrees. I know you mean no harm 🙂


      • Nancy Newberg permalink

        Yes, you are right I need to buy some slip for my mold. I have a kiln in my garage maybe someday I will use it again. I seen the picture of your daughter and you with the paint, she is a lovely daughter she looks like you only she is lovely……you are ok ??? I would not say you are lovely..LOL hahaha
        As you write it will help you find a new direction , if nothing else writing about your past will leave you with a map of where you have been and where you may want to go with your work and life. Most of all remember you should be a example of what you want your children to become as they are your reflection make sure that later on in life you want to look at that, they are you in one half of their ways . My children are your age, I am proud of them however they to struggle with life just like you. Your life is like a canvas Eoghan, you are only part way there…..enjoy your age 🙂 I will talk to you tomorrow perhaps as I am logging off…syanara ‘ I think that is good-bye in Japanese


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