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An Intricate Balance Can Set You Free

March 16, 2013

Companion (bronze)Companion

Sometimes art can be measured by the strength of reactions, this can be through being touched by beauty or repelled by powerful images. But it is strength of reaction that an artist looks for because art being just ok feels pretty mediocre. As a young person I remember being repulsed by the paintings of Francis Bacon, my reaction was very strong but I kept going back to study them. I even made sculptures based on them and finally came to admire the strange beauty they possessed. This taught me a great lesson about being open to new experience beyond your comfort zone which is so important in life. Because to grow you have to find the courage to face and overcome the many challenges that lay ahead.


Now in my own work I produce the occasional shocker :0 and this serves a great purpose for different reasons, it forces me to explore life in greater depth and communicates the sheer multiplicity of our existence. And that makes me feel a greater sense of relevance and gives me the courage to express myself fully in a visually articulate and confident manner. My work is not conceived for the purpose of a mediocre continuum it’s more about a long and extraordinary journey, which is my life. My work defines me, my outlook, my experience, my humour, my conditions, my status, my treatment, my hopes, my fears, my philosophy, my joy, my struggle, my passion, my love, my hate and the endless list that defines us all. ♥ 😉

tangled 2The Shocker




And now I feel free, I can make what I want, I have a good reason to make  and a life to enjoy in a meaningful way.

feeder2A Place To Think

Art is not all about the artist, it’s also about the onlooker who completes the work through an engagement. But when you look at work do you look at it with an open mind and heart or is your interaction influenced by preconceived expectations?  I ask this question because I feel the art’s world establishment through its various devices tells us what contemporary art is and I feel this undermines the confidence of our own judgment. I may be wrong but it is just a feeling that I get when I engage with the art of others.

  1. I think you are on the right track when you are making what you want. I would not worry about the audience, good art will find its audience… When you are making what you really want, the art will turn out good.


    • Hi Annerose, I feel I’m getting there though I’m just writing another protest piece. I’m so irritated by the whole art circus that I just have to get it off my chest and I’m trying to have one last purge. Hopefully I can then concentrate on the way forward, I have some interesting new ideas about creating some sculptures that are all about internal experiences almost like a spherical cave. Hopefully soon I will focus my attentions fully on sculpture. I really enjoy recieving your comments Eoghan 🙂


  2. Hi Eoghan
    Those spherical cave internal experience sculptures sound so intriguing!
    I’m glad you like my comments. I like your sculpture!
    Take care


    • Thanks Annerose 🙂 I ‘ve been thinking about the inside out thing since soul-fields. To have the external form as the incidental surface intrigues me and to have the inside as an intense experience of the sculpture. It’s just a development on my upside down inside-out approach to sculpture.
      Kind Regards Eoghan


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