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Do Not Go Silently About Your Art

March 16, 2013


Sometimes I look at my life through mixed metaphors as I struggle to accept the conditions artists must endure to survive in a world fuelled by economic gesture and I struggle to come to terms with the duplicity and pretentiousness of the art world where I have no comfortable place. In fact the more I think about the art world the more intolerable I find it and I am loathed to find a niche. I keep writing about it so that I can come to terms with my plight but it only seems to deepen my discontent with it all.  I arrived at this point in my thinking through honest reflection as I considered my place in the world and the relevance of my art. You see I felt an overwhelming need to be honest  so that I could move on with true commitment and sincerity, to live my life with meaning and value. Im no longer interested in bullshit, superficiality and ego I want something that is tangible, real and straight forward. When I speak to people I want to look them in the eye and speak openly with sincerity and not indulge in congenial chat and pretence.


I view my life as precious (as do most people) and believe whole heartedly in my work, I have  consciously struggled to improve my work on every level and feel I produce sophisticated sculpture with a strong personal language but to no avail because all I ever come across are obstacles. So I do feel angry (and I love expressing it) but not just for me there are many people just like me that are forced into a compromised existence and who end up working away in obscurity. Now when I mention anger I don’t mean ugly anger I mean the anger that drives and fuels your determination to stand up and fight for your beliefs and ideas which is probably quite healthy and a necessity when it comes to having a voice. What Im describing is a battle where idealism is not a currency in contemporary society but a thorn in the side because it undermines the relevance of irrelevant gestures in art.



Now back to my mixed metaphor: I used to feel that Id been swept away in a strong current of external expectation, slowly becoming submerged and drowning in a sea of mediocrity where all my boundaries were defined, it was the long slow death of an artistAnd my reward? well to fit in and be accepted, to bask in a little glory and attention, to be reassured about my insecurities, have my ego stroked and a modest income, “just another brick in the wall“.



But recently after lifting my head above the water I feel that I may be able to surf the waves to freedom where there are no rules, no set approach, just the sweet smell of freedom where life and creativity is what you make it. Now this is my dream but from birth I feel we are burdened with a conditioning as we are shaped and formed to fit in to our contemporary world, its possibly a necessity for some but it’s the curse of an artist who looks to expand their thinking  freely.



People sometimes ask me why I ignore rules and I never know what to say, it‘s just an impulse and I  never really thought it through until now, I think the answer is I’m just trying to make some space to fill in, in my own way.  The space where you explore, free from external pressure and where you connect with your source, the very thing at the core that defines you.  Something ephemeral in nature that can only be felt and never truly described because of its enigmatic nature, it’s something I have only truly felt whilst making sculpture.



my world 1
There are so many distractions that we have to deal with which make our lives complicated but I guess they all add to our knowledge and test resolve, so it’s how you cope and move forward that is the true measure.
Now I’m really hoping that this will be one of my last tirades on the art world and so called arts industry because I really need to focus my attention on future projects, I have found a refreshing way forward to work (regardless of how it‘s received) and I really need to strike while the iron is hot to fully incorporate the new approach. So now I must learn how to write about work in progress or enter a silent phase.







  1. I’m going to be happy to read about your works in progress, although it’s been fun to read how you work through things. You could try this, just don’t look at or listen to or pay any attention to those silly art establishment people…
    Happy artmaking!


    • Thanks, I’ll do my best to ignore it all and focus on what’s important 🙂 . I’m just going to think of myself as just another indepedent rebel artist along with all my fellow struggleres out there. Eoghan


  2. Hi Eoghan
    I do believe you are a rebel!
    And writing can help clarify and focus your thoughts, always a good thing.
    All the best


  3. I take that as a compliment Annerose thanks 🙂 you’ve put a smile on my face.


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