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Exploring Inside The Whole

March 23, 2013

A11Opening up a new World

When you look inside a piece of sculpture you discover a whole new world, I call it the hidden dimension. Now as a  sculptor  I am aware of these areas from the technical  work but the hidden dimension is still laced with pleasant surprises and is an area that I have only really just touched on. I have already had some extremely interesting results, enough to convince me that this whole area is worth exploring much further, so far I have looked at casting the void within a sculpture.

The Three Graces DetailCasting the void (The core)

and this piece was my first venture into the inside and really came about through a simplistic deconstruction of a bull to expose the construction of one of my ceramic sculptures in an open  and honest gesture

bitz3The simple deconstuction of a bull and rider

This is a slow process as I slowly unravel a new area of study, at the centre lies my own work and the integrity of that is very important in my process because of the incidental nature of discovery, I don’t want it to become a contrivance because it would compromise the integrity of an unfamiliar world. The next photo is from soul~fields and is a sculpture that to me is a very poignant statement, a symbolic gesture from deep within my psyche. I would say it’s one of my most powerful metaphorical statements to date.

of selfThe game changer

Once I’d opened up the figure through a gesture of sculpture I had opened up the hidden dimension that would forever change my perception and open a broader approach to sculpture. From here my language has developed to a point where I feel able to express so much of my essence of being through sculpture.

Living in a dynamic world is a challenge to all artists and the need to express our expanded reality is a complicated challenge and I like to express my ideas through my own aesthetic vision, In the next sculptures I wanted to convey the beauty, horror, devotion and sacrifice of the suicide bomber which has become a shocking part of  our contemporary world.

Scuicidal BlastSuicidal Blast

I continued to explore this area and it expanded vastly as I tackled a wider subject matter and one such area was an exploration of duplicity in terms of who we are and what we present to the world. Yes uncomfortable subject matter indeed because when you explore this area you start to see through your own deceptions of self and ask that question do you really know who you are?

insideInside Outside

I have already done so much work in this area that I’m finding it difficult to summarise but I’ll try to be selective so that I can explain the basic concept behind this work.  So now part of my work involves an exploration of the internal forms inside the whole and I see this ultimately as a sculpture that would really be based on an experience from within the sculpture, almost womb like I would describe it as a controlled sensorial environment. My first forray into this area was through a small maquette where I enclosed a figure inside a sphere but this is just a stepping stone.

my world 1My World

All I have done up to now is lay down a few markers and the real work starts here as I attempt to make sense of  this concept and mark it out with some significant sculpture.

When you give everything to your work this is how you feel!


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