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It’s Our Three Dimensionalism

March 29, 2013

The Story TreeThe Story Tree

Sometimes when I close my eyes I imagine myself as a sculpture, like a standing tower marked and shaped through the passage of time, experiences purposefully etched into the surface. But it’s only ever a fleeting glimpse, a feeling that I can never quite grasp (as ephemeral as life itself). I keep trying to draw this feeling but have not been able to capture it, though I can tell that there is some potential in this idea for a self portrait and a way of making sense of your life. To interpret your life’s experience and thoughts through form, volume, composition and texture would make a sculpture that expressed the truth of your life story, and that is my challenge.

no3AJan 2012

With art you have to sift through countless ideas to come up with credible work and I think this is particularly so with sculpture because of the technical aspects of construction. So there is a great need for patience as ideas eventually unfold with time and cannot be rushed. I call it sculptors time it’s pretty slow and over easy at times but for good things you have to wait, there are no short cuts, sometimes you have to wait for years. In the past I have spontaneously made sculptures only to find I had drawn the ideas out up to ten years ago, it’s like all the drawing and thinking fill your memory banks with the raw material that you then turn magically into your art. So to all my art there is great purpose (personally), sometimes it gets ugly or tight and sometimes you touch on beauty and elegance but out of it all you find a balance and move on ever vigilant.
Just Sometimes

There have been times in my life when I‘ve been blown in the wind, tossed through turbulent seas and buffeted by the maelstrom that is the real world. Conversley there have been times of wonderment joy and beauty and I guess this contrast is the truth of our existence. At times I‘ve been overwhelmed by the negative and tragic occurrences in my life that I often mention (mainly the deaths of my sisters and mother) and also the constant struggle to be heard as an artist but I have always overcome this and optimism has prevailed. But recently I have to admit that all the circumstances of my life had weighed me down so heavily that I had become lost and felt cast adrift which I have to say was the most demoralising stage of my life. But fighting back through my art has been a significant experience and uncovered aspects of my personal life which have also been quite destructive, I’ve learned much over this period including how when you are down people exploit your vulnerability but I have also discovered goodness often from people I don’t know in the real world and this has been reassuring to me.

I know see my troubled times partly as a gift that have enlightened me in my thinking and given me a greater understanding of the human condition it’s ironic really that you have to suffer to gain your insight but I guess we all suffer in our life’s. From these experiences my art carries greater weight and significance but more than anything it has taught me to feel my art through my senses with greater intensity which is why I started this little piece with the statement about imagining myself as a sculpture. A year ago I didn’t think like this but then much has changed for me and most significantly my optimistic vision of life has returned where the beauty and wonderment of the world is prevailing. Life is such a beautiful gift that you would have to be a fool not to enjoy it. 🙂

no5AJan 2012

Untitled - 35




  1. Hi Eoghan
    I so agree with your observation that life is a beautiful gift. Beauty is everywhere, it’s astounding and humbling. And I believe strongly in art ideas unfolding over time. You can’t rush it, that would be like pulling flowers open, but you can make everything ready by doing the drawings and working on art. It’s just part of the art life, sometimes things flow easily and other times when you are developing something new it’s more of a struggle.
    And my favourite idea in your post is the idea of yourself as a sculpture, I think this is so exciting!
    All the best and peace in this Easter season.


  2. Thank you Annerose, I enjoy your kind and considered comments and find them helpful too. Sometimes one gets so involved with ones own struggle that a fresh perspective really helps. I’m glad you like the idea of sculpting self it’s just one of those feelings about an interesting way forward. I hope you have a fantastic easter, Kind Regards Eoghan


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