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The Force Is Strong For Moving On

April 1, 2013



Untitled - 39a monument


I sometimes wonder if there is a point to life and if so, what is it? I‘ve always thought our greatest gift is consciousness which gives us the ability to gain knowledge and insight and in my case the ability to explore creativity and of course the life force within us all. Our life force is such a magical gift that I can’t even start to imagine it’s source, all I know is that you can feel it’s strength. It would be a shame to fritter away these gifts when they offer you so much yet the reality of our busy lives seem to remove us from what and who we really are. In my own life I have at times been totaly immersed in all the distractions out there, I found they gave no real meaning or substance to my life, only serving to pacify my discontent.

Funky Town
So in life if it’s not about reaching a destination, it could be just about enjoying the experiential journey where the moment is everything.  In my life I do at times feel overwhelmed with baggage holding me in bondage and letting go isn’t easy because it holds your life’s story. Though recently I’ve reached a stage where I need to move forward and can only do this through a conscious effort from within, there are however obstacles blocking my path that I will have to deal with. I‘ve already dealt with many so it’s more of the same and keeping up my momentum so that I can continue to develop through my creative endeavour. I’ve come a long way but it still feels more like I’m at the start of something interesting. I’ve learned a lot too, about living a more meaningful life where gestures have meaning and purpose, living as opposed to existing. Not simply going through the motions but striving to go forward and embrace the unknown, I feel if you don’t search you will not find. It’s too easy to sit on your laurels and God knows I‘ve done enough of that myself. Also just by listening and observing life and people with an open mind you hear and see so much more and in the last year or two these seemingly random experiences have added immensely to my life and work. It’s like we constantly close the doors of opportunity when really we should be throwing them all open and looking at life’s experience as a treasure chest of wonderment. I know the reality of everyday existence involves compromise and s
o many values of contemporary society revolve around financial status but I’ve managed to channelmy main focus more on the purity of artistic expression rather than money. I would rather be poor if it meant I had a life rich in meaning and so it is this (meaning) that I strive for. The creativity that has always sustained my interest has led me on an interesting journey to where I am nowand in the last year I have managed to re-focus for what will be the next step. I guess your life is what you make it but being an artist gives you the freedom to explore and express openly which I consider a bit of a luxury. 🙂


As Darkness Descends

Oh Sweet Mystery

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