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The Path of an Artist is a Many Splendored Road

April 4, 2013



The question concerning why you choose to follow your path in life? is a big one and I can’t find a definitive answer only tenuous links which all lead to finding a satisfactory way of being. I do occasionally reach temporary conclusions from the vicissitudes in circumstance and thoughts while sorting through the chaos of reality. In my work I look for my truths which can be beautiful, awkward, ugly or a combination of virtually anything, which makes the creative process ever fascinating. However it’s unpredictable when you’re dealing with an open and honest approach and searching for answers sometimes before you’ve even asked the questions.


It often strikes me that our perceptions are unique to us all and I say this from observations of how people perceive art in their own particular way which often says more about the individual than the piece of art. So we are probably as similar as we are different from each other in equal measure.

tangled repeatA recent drawing that provoked strong opinions both for and against

In my mind there are no absolute answers or simple solutions to the complexities of life, but certain things do stand out such as beauty but it often lies hidden within the complicated matrix of life. Artist’s musicians and writers occasionally touch upon a universal beauty and produce something that rises out of the mix which almost takes you to a higher level of consciousness. It’s an area that I battle with, I love beauty yet my reality only offers me an occasional glimpse and I become drawn into expressing my perception of the truth of my existence, I have always been caught in this place where I bounce between the opposites knowing deep down that there is no single path to follow. Life just isn’t that simple and a simplistic mantra wont suffice so I’m left with the option of exploring the diversity of my thoughts. So in this complicated life I’m pulled apart by all the converging pressures and expectations of society and at times I feel so compromised that my clarity of thought and judgment is somewhat hesitant.

Digital Darkland

In my writing I am searching for the a way forward and it’s helping, by taking a forensic look at life and circumstance, through it you start to identify all the areas that impede your creativity and hopefully I will be able to create the space to move forward. I now feel my most interesting observation comes from a greater awareness of self and the impact of your personal circumstances, the fact that you can quite easily live a life in ignorance of your reality through an innocent self deception amazes me.

A Horse
I bumped into a childhood friend last night that I hadn’t seen for a long time and he said to me you think too much and having reflected on that I honestly feel that I haven’t thought enough as I’ve allowed the years to roll past, though being immersed in contemporary society has taught me a lot. Now I feel like I’m playing catch up after a few years of living at a static level which was in part brought on by my personal circumstances and it’s important for me to reach a level of thinking that puts me back on the path that I feel compelled to follow.


  1. Nancy Newberg permalink

    50 down 50 to go, take your knowledge with you and move on. You waste your talents on to deep thinking that picture above of you with scratches on the face…….let him go and find a new self…..HOW you ask………….by not looking back, go forward Eoghan. When I turned 50 I was flustered and disappointed and complained for one whole year!! then I was 51…..I wasted 1 whole year , and when I realized that I never complained again. Yes, your feet have carried you for 50 years, your heart has beat for 50 years, yes your hands have worked for you and others for 50 years………so what???? move on you are not the first person to turn 50 !!


  2. Nancy Newberg permalink

    When I was young, younger than before I never saw the truth hanging from the door and now I am older and see it face to face. Now I am older and have to get up and clean this place…


    • Hi Nancy, I have to work through things to move forward with my work. Because of the way I work I need to feel a strong inner peace and recently I have been rattled by life to a point where I had no option but to address it. I’m already moving on and I’m only reflecting because I want a bright and meaningful future. Kind Regards Eoghan 🙂


  3. Nancy Newberg permalink

    Hello my dear Eoghan friend, As a older admirer I realize this and will try to encourage you or anyone not to spend to much time on depression, we can not change this past as you know 🙂 we all sometimes stay in the past because it is comfortable and we recall most moves we made back then, so we swim around in it using up our now bright future. I would just love to tell you, You have so many wonderful years ahead of you, you can not SEE them, lucky for me I can see your years ahead,,,,,,,,,,,enjoy some of each day, if not all 🙂 smell the roses and enjoy the PINKMOON


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