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Rebuilding My Bubble

April 17, 2013

no21I  feel that I’m almost through one of the most challenging periods of my life, my bubble is patched and filling up once again with an ever evolving mix of goodies. It’s also been the most interesting period too because I have learned  so much about life, myself  and how much I share with others many whom I haven’t even met. In some ways I have experienced the lowest and darkest feelings of my life but also had the most uplifting and spiritually connected feelings that I have known. In the process I’ve grown to accept the strength of contrast that makes the very fabric of life so interesting and allows you to explore everything in the knowledge that you will return to an even keel. There’s no doubt that there’s still a lot wrong with my life but I’m making a concerted effort to apply myself  and take on my challenges with a more positive approach, it’s a struggle but I’m going to keep chasing. Life is a work in progress and the right attitude in facing up to your demons and challenges returns a great deal of satisfaction and sense of achievement, because the easy option leads to more mediocre outcomes.



Emergence is my latest sketch for soul~fields and is really a metaphor for the arrival out of adversity, a defiant stepping out of and shedding of lifes detritus. And soul~fields  which I feel is the most significant series of work that I’ve made on a conceptual and spiritual level is going to be developed further and hopefully exhibited later this year which is very exiting. In developing the sculpture and airing it publicly on wordpress and facebook  I have made strong connections on my journey and in a way these connections have kept the momentum going when the going got tuff. I don’t think that I will ever get my head around that whole experience, how I was drawn into making those sculptures almost without choice and carried along on a wave of energy and how the connections I made then fed back into the work. I think the feedback opened my eyes too, because it became about shared experience a commonality that you have with others and through it I experienced energies that I didn’t know existed, that have changed my outlook making me more broad-minded and accepting of others (which is a lesson that I needed to learn). It’s how chance and circumstance entered my vocabulary and how I learned to trust my intuition and just look at art in a whole new light which lifted my constraints and exposed the engrained thinking forced upon me by the need to make a living. Through it all I was able to find a way back to being an artist that could just produce art independently once again and feel the sense of freedom that I yearned for.


Through this period of transition I have been able to re-establish myself as an artist in my own eyes, a feeling that had felt compromised and while there is still a modicum of uncertainty I now feel I have the strength when it comes to making decisions and backing them up so that once again I can find my own way forward. It feels like my blinkers are off and I can look forward  to working  with greater openness and an increased sensitivity through a more receptive approach.  It’s about conviction and self belief based on doing the work, doing what you feel is right and living a life without regrets and without blaming others. So this exhibition means a lot to me because it’s my first step into a new area of exhibiting based around showing work conceived through a more conceptual approach, which is really about the maturing of an artist and how in time and through experience your story comes through. The exhibition will be organised and curated by a friend who I met whilst working on soul~fields and is just the challenge I need. 🙂



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