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Fragments From A Life In Art

April 23, 2013


For the last eighteen months I have been working tirelessly to change my life around and move my art into a place where I feel at one with it. I’ve had to improve my drawing and develop every aspect of my life in order to reach the place where I felt a need to be. In fact I’ve surprised myself because I didn’t think it would be possible to sustain such a long period of intensity and focus, though I couldn’t see an alternative.
I felt it was the only option I had to turn around my growing discontent and so through hard work and the gradual development of some significant ideas I gradually started to get my act together, something that couldn’t be done over-night. Through this process I’ve felt in a constant state of flux as my work touched on many aspects of my existence and gradually my life slowly unfolded in front of me as I started to confront my issues. No matter how uncomfortable it got I never really wavered because I realised I was on a mission and throughout the process I was rewarded through my work and the encouragement of others in this virtual world.
It all started when I decided that I should do at least a drawing a day for a whole year, from here it then snowballed, I took to writing closely followed by an injection of energy into my sculpture through soul~fields. And as time passed my work continued to develop in a way that was so exposing of self that it became fascinating to an extreme and I became engrossed in an open ended journey of self-discovery. Through this adventure I’ve been able to address many issues that have concerned me right down to the fundamental questions like what is art. And why do I make it? And I’ve found some answers too.
So I let my art lead the way I listened to people I opened my eyes to the world and by reacting to chance and following my intuition and instinct I was led back to re-discover the artist within. I now know I had to go on this journey of discovery and I’m grateful even if at times I felt like an unwilling passenger because I had to cross the Rubicon to reach the next level. It’s hard to explain but when you create art you are aware of all the influences of your life that tear at you as you go through your decision making and finding the strength and belief to override them is difficult, but from my recent experiences I’ve finally found my own true direction. In some ways this may all sound a bit precious but to live a life as an artist subordinated to a system would be a falsehood because there is a fundamental need for integrity in art.
Now as I work I feel changed and liberated by this experience, my focus and belief are back and I can go forward once again with renewed determination and focus my energies into my sculpture.

A Horse And Rider

  1. Nancy Newberg permalink

    I was wondering if you come outside yourself and review others work. I found something I thought you would like to see it is other people work spaces and very fun to view, since you have shared your work space with us , I hope this will take you to the site? let me know 🙂


    • Hi Nancy, I’d never been on buzfeed and I’m still a bit rubbish with navigating my way around websites and couldn’t find the article. I do look at a lot of other work but don’t usually write about it because of the way I analise it as a maker of things. When you’re involved in a concentrated creative period you can get a bit cynical at times 🙂


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