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Why I’m Proud To Be A Loser In A Capitalist Society

April 30, 2013


28 Years of solitary confinement has gotten me here, trapped in a dirty old shed

I never truly know if it is my mood or outlook that shapes my perceptions or whether it’s a reaction to circumstance, I guess it’s a combination but when you experience the goodness in people it has a great impact and lifts your spirit whatever frame of mind you are in.Sometimes life feels good, you have a few interesting conversations meet some good people, the sun shines on you and it restores your faith in humanity and life. It’s been a long time since I felt this way and the funny thing is that when life feels great you can’t help but feel unsettled (or at least I can’t). However I’m finding this feeling reassuring because it takes me back to how my life used to be when I worked away happily with my art where there was a great feeling of balance and purpose. It tells me I’m heading in the right direction: working and thinking once again in a way that is true to my nature. And it’s funny you know but that unsettled feeling manifests itself with an insecurity that makes me feel bereft of any new ideas to a point where I have to try to prove to myself through sketching something interesting, which is a little crazy but I can’t help it. It’s like all your past work and ideas become irrelevant and count for nothing as they lay dead in the past and it’s this feeling that agitates me back into action where I feel compelled to dig deep for new concepts to fill the  void and restore some faith in myself. When you try to analyse what it is that drives you to produce art it comes down to these quirks in your nature that agitate and create a need to appease the restless spirit within and it becomes a comforting process with its own rhythm that really drives you on. When I write about my experiences as an artist it all becomes a little clearer but what is standing out in my mind at the moment is how important it is to follow your instinct and produce your work in an open and honest way because without integrity what do you really have as a human being and if you can’t as an artist demonstrate your truths then what are you really trying to say. I don’t want to live the free life of an artist only to find myself restrained, burdened and frustrated by the expectations of others which is why I have chosen to express myself in a more open and honest way. I have felt the suffocating pressures of compromise, I had to survive to prove myself and establish some credibility but I never really sold out which is why I now have the freedom to push on and live my life to the full. Times are changing in quite significant ways at the moment as the establishment is being undermined by the communications and connectivity of the ordinary people which is liberating creative people: giving them a voice and lifting them out of isolation. I think this is a great time for creative people with all the uncertainty of a world forced into change.


As an artist you can’t avoid politics because it has a direct impact on your work as indeed it has an effect on all of us, it shapes our thinking and values and shapes the society that we all exist in, in short it provides a framework for our lives. Though an artist struggles to find a specific role or place in society and is often left in no mans land which provides a different perspective and through this alternative view the world looks quite different helped also by the enigma surrounding artists which allows them to mix with all classes of society. As I work and contemplate life I get the feeling the World is in the process of change, it could just be a perception from within the bubble I currently exist in but I’d like to think not. I get a sence of an awakening consciousness triggered by the improvements in communications and it’s global. Governments are really failing the people and the world is in the grip of a few major corporations who dictate our direction through their economic muscle with scant regard for the individual or environment. It’s like the political philosophies of the British political parties have merged into a managerial style with no real alternatives which in turn is making democracy pure farce. Interestingly the new political movements are based around a more socialistic principle but with an emphasis on finance like the equal money idea. I personally think it’s time for a massive change as capitalism enters what must be its final stages with the monopolization of the worlds resources by a few. It would be just so nice to exist in a sustainable way where principles and ethics guided decision-making and through compassion society would work together towards a common goal. It sounds like a utopian dream but it isn’t, just the principles of a society based on inclusivity and compassion where everyone has a part to play, it’s all happened before so why not again some day. Any alternative to a society fuelled by money and selfish greed would suit me because the competitive nature of capitalism fuels divisions and erodes the integrity of community. Our status in the hierarchy is cemented by wealth and displayed through our acquisitions (clothes, house, car, holidays and even art) as opposed to humanity and wisdom being our badge of honour.


  1. Nancy Newberg permalink

    Yes, the world is changing quickly more and more people are becoming home resourceful for themselves. Yes they can afford to buy the food at the stores, but are choosing to grow gardens , men are making their own furniture for its ere-loom value. We are not going forward but backwards to try to capture the past, returning to our roots and trying to discover who are we?
    We as humans need to work our hands and feel the earth, the dirt, the water,the sun,the rain.If you don’t take the time to soak up nature then you are plastic, which is nothing….
    We must feel life, if we don’t or can’t then we must force ourselves out of our shells with out feeling guilty because we enjoyed a few hours away from the grind / office/kitchen/shed / ??Yes it will feel strange to be away… it anyway…….we must look outside ourselves to actually find what is inside ourselves…….do not be afraid….GO…….Go look for your smile, I long to see it..I want for you to be Happy….


    • Hi Nancy, that was beautifully written and so to the point, you’ve obviously thought much about these aspects of life 🙂 In my own life things are taking shape again, I feel much more positive about life and I’m sure my smile will soon return.
      Have a wonderful day Nancy Eoghan 😉


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