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The Strands of my Existence

May 3, 2013


There are times when I feel profoundly aware of my limitations, such as when I draw and I just can’t visualise ideas on a broad enough level. But because I’m aware of them I know that I must try harder and in trying harder I have to be prepared to fail, though failure wasn’t really an option when I was younger. It’s that feeling when you know you are capable of more and you can’t quite grasp what it is and I’m guessing the root of all this angst lies in my childhood. I was the youngest member of my family and the only boy which led to a great deal of attention and protection so it was pretty cosy on one hand but being a house dominated by art there was a very serious side too. The art I grew up with was not to be taken lightly and the aesthetic values that dominated my domain where very much based around the historical zenith of human achievement such as the work of Phidias (Parthenon sculptures), Nigerian Ife heads, Tang horses, Egyptian sculpture etc all of  which had a profound effect upon my own developing sense of aesthetic. I guess my way of dealing with the prevailing attitude towards art at home and the objective analysis was through an injection of humour to lighten the mood. And whilst there is a great positive to all this there is also a down side because I could never produce sculpture to that level, however I did find my own way of expressing my personality through sculpture particularly with the horse and rider and in so doing I grew as a person and an artist to the point where I am now. In particular with my equestrian sculpture I marked out my own unique and innovative territory of which I’m very proud. I started out with little confidence slowly building my sense of worth through a meritocratic approach linked to my artistic achievement so much so that my whole life was interwoven with art as my companion. I remember spending a couple of months back packing in Greece on my own shortly after graduating and I took a portfolio of my work as my prize possession because my art had already become my passion and if I was totally honest a bit of a crutch too. So to me art really is life it means everything and without it I’m lost because I have never lived any other way, which is why I’m always torn in the struggle of the real world where I have to live off the fruits of my endeavour and why when I compromise it feels like such a profound sacrifice. So now I’ve reached a place from where I need to march forward, knocking down the last of my self-imposed restrictions, the psychological restraints that hold me back and stop my work from flowing naturally. Metaphorically speaking I need to find a way to blossom and express myself freely so that I feel at one with the who, where and why of my being. But always optimistic I live in hope that I’ve identified the key issues that are holding me back and having done that feel strong enough to push forward, in a way I think that you just have to find the courage to go for it or life will just pass you by in passive existence. You can make all the excuses you like but the bottom line is that you just have to take responsibility for your own actions and just do it or accept the alternative. For me life is about trying to make a difference and for each person you touch in some way with your art is a mark of success.




A Few Faves

P&0 Ventura Commission

Equestrian Tumblers


As a younger man I could never have imagined what life is like as a mature person, I guess I thought you would feel resolved but no, even though you deal with many issues along the road new challenges arise constantly and thank God they do because without them life could become a bore. The whole challenge and struggle of life as an artist gives you such a rich and balanced life that I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  1. Nancy Newberg permalink

    Very nice pictures, such a display of hard work both from your mind and hands, hard work is your life and its shows 100% of your heart with ever sculpture and drawings.You are in the best time of your life, you have been there and did it, you can pick and choose all your next moves, be the master of your creation and choices. As I advised my own Son, I shall share with you also. Three words ”Use good Judgement” I do not mean as to judge others, but yourself and your choices and creations or business decisions..


    • Thanks Nancy, that’s great advice. I’m pleased you can see my efforts because I have always put everything that I can into my work and I do think that having had this time of reflection I can move on with a greater resolve. Have a great weekend Eoghan 🙂


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