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Art, Life & Politics

May 7, 2013

Live Life

Art, life and politics:

I’ve been reading articles about recently disgraced british celebrities leading duplicitous lifes and it made me think about  how important truth and honesty is and also how little we can take for granted in light of how much of the British establishment is implicated. There are even rumours that implicate former Prime ministers and top officials. In one way I’m glad this episode has finally been exposed because it paves the way for greater transparency and the eventual empowerment of the ordinary people. At the heart of it money and power work together and put people above the law giving them a stranglehold over the country. And it’s worrying that the only way this could be exposed was through a posthumous enquiry because certain people are above the law and still are. So why as an artist should this concern me (and it does), well for two reasons mainly, the first being that art plays an important role in the upper echelons of society and their money is pivotal as the driving force of so much art through endorsement, funding and patronage. Secondly art in contemporary society has a complex and multifarious role one of which I feel is to expose the truths of life throughout all levels of society even though it’s under the constant threat of being assimilated into the mainstream,  by being bought up and neutralised.


In my own life I’ve always had a natural instinct to remain free but have been swept in many directions only to fall away back on to my own reassuring path. But with each adventure I return with new insight and slowly my thinking on art has evolved to a point where integrity and truth underpin my whole approach, where ideas form free from the corruption of money or notoriety. But this whole approach seems to fly in the face of the establishment where I exist, a society ruled by a powerful minority and where our seduction by capitalism  gives them a hold over us all by answering our call to, what price freedom? However in my own work I do not wish to be a slave to the system and will not go down the route of being overtly political, just mindful so that my expression remains that of a free thinking individual and as aware of the reality of my world as possible.


Now I feel compelled through my lifes experience to express myself freely in an open and honest way so that in my own life I can have the reassurance and comfort of being at one, where I can address whatever feels relevant in whatever medium I want, be it drawing, sculpture or writing. It’s strange but I’ve ended up where I am through the rather convoluted journey of  existence a place that I never imagined nor expected to be but a place that feels right, if a little bit edgy.


As an artist you face a life long struggle to be relevant but there are great rewards for your perseverance on a human level which make it all so worth while. 🙂

  1. Nancy Newberg permalink

    You can say the sun is shinning if you really want to
    I can see the moon and it seems so clear
    You can take the road that takes you to the stars now
    I can take a road that’ll see me through


    • Hi Nancy, they’re interesting lyrics and demonstrate the choices available and how important it is to make the right choice for the right reason and that’s what I will try to do. Take the beauty out of art and what are you left with 🙂 have a lovely day Nancy Eoghan 😉


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