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It’s Art Jim But Not As We Know It

May 8, 2013


I live in the hope that one day I can go into my studio and express myself in total freedom, free from the perceived constraints of my existence and only when I can do this will I be able to consider myself to be a true artist. It’s a conclusion that I have reached through a life of struggle where I have never been able to find my true place because that place doesn’t exist, fortunately too because it has led me to a place of greater wisdom. As for your place in life I guess you just have to make it and  there’s plenty of room in the margins for a few lone artists. However I feel my greatest success has been on a human level through dealing with all that life has thrown at me in my own way as an individual and through this I have forged my own values. I now feel that being accepted by the establishment could  be a curse as you become assimilated and the weight of expectation builds on your every move  robbing you of your freedom (possibly).


This whole area of creativity concerns me deeply because I want to understand my own motivation and knowingly move forward in the direction that I feel is the right one for me.  By approaching  the subject in my writing I am able to discount key factors of influence that are abound in the art world. For instance I genuinely feel that art is going through a period of corporate enslavement which is representative of the wider political environment where our lives are being governed by a few corporations. Once on board artists are slowly neutralised by the all-powerful establishment and all the rest are hung out to dry and left to scavenge for the crumbs and labelled with the title of crafts person. A hierarchy which merely reflects our hierarchical globalisation.  And on an optimistic note maybe it’s from the hands of these crafts people that we will start to see a more truthful expression of art where people work with greater freedom, who knows?


For the elite artists the introduction of value and commodity has an insidious effect because so much depends on their output of art which becomes compromised to fulfill the criteria and expectation. On a simplistic level it’s about showing off and making art for effect as opposed to making art that is about human expression and this explains the plague of large bland sculptures that are appearing everywhere. And now we have the so-called art’s industry fuelled by corporate interest that has become an over crowded gravy train again it’s all about money, finance and value and at the heart of it all artist’s struggling to survive and make sense of it all.


In some ways I guess we’re living through some ugly times where the prevailing attitude of greed is sweeping all in its path (such as art) and you can’t help but be affected, though it tests out your metal and you discover who you are and what values you are comfortable with. On a personal level it has deeply impacted on my own life and caused me to re-evaluate my core principles because you can’t help but become engrained by contemporary trends. It has also brought into question the whole modern approach to art, art history and even art education where I can’t help but feel somewhat cynical about our treatment of art. Where art is seen as an investment and as mere appurtenances  of the elite. Are artists merely puppets of the establishment and has that always been their role or are they free thinking creators and is there a need for free thinking expression in society? Through the experience of being an artist I have stumbled upon so many questions with no absolute answers though you draw conclusions and move on constantly challenged.

independent artist

Now I seek knowledge, understanding and wisdom so that I can work with an open mind and find my way once again to create free from a feeling of oppression, all this may sound a bit heavy but when you create it helps if you feel right inside. To believe in what you do and why you do it means everything and in doing it many doors are opened offering such rich experience  and bringing great meaning to life.

Cos I Got To

These are just my personal thoughts that I like to share, they are all reactionary to the reality of my life as an artist, my hope is that it gives just a little insight into the creative process and dispels one or two myths and in doing so helps with the enjoyment of art. I must add that there are plenty of artists out there who flatly disagree with my outlook whose journeys and experiences differ widely from mine though there is scant opportunity for debate as most of us remain locked away with our struggles.


Maybe I’m being an idealist in saying that I would like to see art as non elitist where people could enjoy it for what it is and not use the prefix of I don’t really know much about art or make reference to value but purely enjoy it for what it is in that moment of engagement.



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