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A Magical Journey With Art As My Companion And Guide

May 14, 2013

another study1

There are a lot of clichés about artist’s and I feel they are finally all raining down on me as I struggle to find a way forward through the tangled web of compromises that is my life. I will not be defeated again by circumstance and will continue to fight to produce the art that I must and a fight it is, the level of frustration at times is intolerable but I just take a deep breath and carry on regardless. At the moment I’m still sketching like mad to find a definitive way forward with my sculpture, you see I really want to make a huge step forward and would like to feel sure about a direction. All the drawing, thinking, sketching and writing is really helping in my personal development and I can really feel the steps forward which relate as much to a renewed belief in myself and my possibilities. Though I have to say that this is still tinged with feelings of inadequacy that I battle with on a daily basis, but at least these feelings drive me to dig deeper and extract all the creative possibilities that I hold,

lovin the earth

And what a difference a day makes, the above was yesterday but today I’ve had a wonderful day that has put me back on track. I’ve made breakthroughs with my drawing nearly finished a large canvas and found the resolve to keep on the trail of personal development. Three things happened today that caught my attention the first was a conversation about the conditions (of living) that stimulate a resourceful approach to life, the second was a long and meaningful email with so many references to my ways of being and finally an article on Facebook quoting a speech from a Dharma foundation. Together these occurrences made me think just how lucky I am to be on such a magical journey with art as my companion and guide. It’s not easy though, it’s a bit like a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs but without these challenges and struggles life would become ordinary. So I choose to continue my struggle in the knowledge that there are many other souls out there on similar journeys and rejoice in the fact that through modern technology these connections can be maintained.


Through my recent experiences I have gone through a significant transformation which has changed my approach to life and art. I’ve seen through the commercial aspects of the art world and found a way forward that embraces art as a truthful human expression and through this found the freedom and confidence to produce the work I once only dreamed I was capable of. And this all hinged on a few small factors that have a significant influence on your art, it all starts when you are on your own working out ideas, if you are honest with yourself you will identify your key motivators, in my case they had become jumbled and I had lost my true direction as I was longing for the wrong rewards, so I was working to attract attention as opposed to producing my true art. When you produce art it is through a personal engagement, the outcome and audience should not really be a factor as it will start to influence your decision-making and steer you towards a compliance, that compliance may be for positive strokes or an act of protest like a defiant child, whichever you are still subordinated to an authority (or system) like a child. I had also become a bit lazy through material comfort and forgotten that to produce signficant art you have to dig deep and make sacrifices to gain the true reward and enlightenment. Thirdly an area that I am still struggling with is the whole art word/art industry that is structured in such a way that being involved serves to taint and influence your work and ideas into a rigid and somewhat dogmatic approach. But underpinning all of this is brutal honesty and I mean honesty with self, because if you can’t be honest with yourself your art will always be an unintentional deception. So now when I produce art I’m not worried if gallery owners like it or not, whether it has a commercial value and if it’s worthy of critical acclaim, instead I have just the one hoop to jump through, the one that I put there.

a horse head 5

It is interesting being an artist on that journey of self discovery because no matter what you uncover it just points you in a new direction, your art marking out your path like beacons. With each challenge, you face a new experience along the road, as you try to make sense of it all and unravel the complicated mystery that is your life.

Equestrian study

“Shout! Shout! Let it all out”

  1. You know, I think your drawing is fantastic, very expressive.


    • Thanks Annerose, I’ve really enjoyed your calm words of encouragement over the last year or so, it’s been a struggle but I’m finally getting to where I want to be 🙂 Eoghan


  2. I really enjoyed this post, enjoy your journey and may it bring you much happiness!


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