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The importance of the Divine Feminine

June 7, 2013

Divine Feminine

The influence of the feminine and tying thoughts together;

I had a very special visitor yesterday, one of the many special treats that come your way as a result of making art and connecting with people. Such days of conversation open your mind and help you expand your thoughts and horizons.

Two years ago I was forced to open up my creative world because I was being stifled through the conditions of my life and familiarities that held me in bondage, a prisoner to circumstance with only myself to blame. I faced a choice of do or die as an artist. So I fumbled my way into the world rather clumsily at first and exposed my work and thoughts a bit at a time, it felt terribly courageous with my somewhat unguarded approach but it soon became all important to my life. I made acquaintances who often shone a light for me in to the darkness lighting up the direction that I needed and once again I knew that I could flourish as an artist with relevant ideas. Since opening up my creative world and sharing my art work in the virtual world I have been exposed to what I feel is a very important feedback and input that has influenced my direction. I know it’s a microcosm but I do feel it’s quite reflective of society as a whole. There are themes and words that crop up on a fairly regular basis that resonate with my own thoughts and direction which add weight and encouragement to my endeavour. Words like synchronicity reflecting a common path shared by individuals regardless of where they live in the world and maybe art can at times act like a kind of glue sticking these strands together to form a common thread. But through the courage of other people contacting me my work is developing into new areas and it’s no longer just my story.

I know that I have been angry, petulant, over defensive, clumsy and probably rude at times but I feel that I’ve also had moments of profundity and shown levels of insight too and throughout all of this I have only been shown great kindness from others which is most humbling and deeply touching. I’ve tried hard to be honest with my writing and myself and this has taught me so much about life and now I really feel that a level of subtlety is entering my world from these external influences.

One of the areas that I’m finding most poignant at the moment is the reference to the divine feminine where I really feel I’m learning so much that is changing my outlook on art and life. Through my sculpture I celebrate the feminine and combined with the horse I find it gives me a limitless supply of compositions with great metaphorical relevance. Recently I have met women both virtually and in the real world who are so proud of their femininity and who understand their strength and growing importance in the world, that it has significantly changed my outlook. I think that I’m finally starting to understand the true meaning of my work (which is very much about my intuitive feelings) through the patient interactions of new acquaintances.  It’s an area that I stumbled upon through the loss of the women in my family and the consequences that left me searching for something that needed validating in some way. It’s not only my work that is influenced by the concept of the divine feminine either because I feel it has a great relevance on a political level in the wider world. There is no doubt in my mind that the world is in crisis on many levels and I can’t see any solutions through conventional politics and struggle to see any solution other than a healing process through nurturing. I have learned lessons too because when I first came across the strength of femininity in relation to my work I saw it as a path to feeling proud of masculinity when in fact it was about subverting masculinity into a positive sphere of influence. At the moment this whole idea is just emerging with a strong directional pull as I look to produce work with greater depth and meaning, I know I’m just a small part of a big world but I need to have a meaning to my life and would hope that my lifes work will make a little bit of difference somehow.



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