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Stepping Out

June 9, 2013


redjoker4Stepping out and moving on:

I was brought up in a slightly unconventional background and taught to take nothing for granted from an early age, always to question and never to blindly follow any rules which has been both a heavy burden and a gift. I was never able to fit into the mainstream though at times yearned for that comfort (only to be disappointed when I found it) but now as I confidently follow my instincts I feel quite liberated and see my slightly unconventional approach as my greatest gift. My unique take on life and creativity defines me as an individual and now I feel proud to be that person who pursues greater wisdom as a reason for doing

Art is a tricky business involving continual reinvention and renewal as you react to discoveries and move on. It’s the whole process and exploration of truths that profoundly influences your whole approach to life. The forensic objective analysis that is art has an impact that is hard to ignore and when you apply it to your circumstances it affects your whole outlook on life and the world. Through curiosity you can’t help but peel away the layers that expose some uncomfortable truths of reality. One area where this is most apparent is in our ability to think and act freely, on a functioning level we (most of us) all do just fine through our compliance to the system but when you step out you discover a whole new world that takes some coming to terms with. By ignoring all the rules, traditions and protocols within established systems such as in he art world you really become aware of  how your mind works through what is quite bluntly a life of indoctrination and how difficult it is to pioneer an original thought or approach. So breaking free of conditioned thinking is quite a complicated affair and it can separate you from accepted norms for example I was recently in conversation with an art dealer who asked about how they could justify my work to clients on investment terms (it’s about technical aspects making  things using moulds etc) and all I could say is that I choose how to make my work the way I do and if they like it they can buy it if not they can just leave it, I didn’t say my work, my rules, I’m not jumping through anymore hoops and that art is about human expression and not an investment opportunity.

In my own life I have taken what can only be described as a sabbatical year through a need to explore my creativity on a deeper level. To divorce my work from the status of commodity, free from the trending, categorisation and judgment by the market so that I could make work freely to express my truth regardless of outcome. I’ve travelled a long way down this road and found it to be a most revealing journey but if I’m truthful I could have gone much further but feared the possibility of total obscurity, I think it’s perhaps an approach that needs a more incremental approach. For the moment I have discovered enough in terms of applying this whole new approach to my work before pushing forward once more, and you can only be so much of a rebel.


  1. Nancy Newberg permalink

    I could never agree with you about investment statement you made, people may love to follow you and your work but you do not allow them that opportunity in any way at all. Self absorbed is what you are completely, and that is OK with everyone as they are set straight right away about your work as you do not want to let any of it go ?? or do you ?


    • I’m really just going through a phase of developing work free from external pressures and I will one day return to selling with enthusiasm when I feel I’m on the right road again. I really needed this period of reflection to sort myself out so that I can work without turmoil.
      Have a lovely day Nancy 😉


  2. Nancy Newberg permalink

    Well that is good news to me, I have a hard time when you get stuck on the same subject with our moving forward to cut yourself some slack which you should do…and don’t ??? I understand your being stuck completely and when I get stuck in my art projects I totally think of you. Like right now I have some really great thing in process but I will be damn if I can go one step further, I too have taken to pencil and pad!!! I am glad you share your thoughts because it helps you to talk through your frustrations and form plans in your head, so enjoying what you write work for me .
    When I first started following your work I caught myself watching TV and in my mind I would turn the TV upside down and put something on it, like your art 🙂 I hope you find this funny or humorous ?

    Also most people suffer turmoil unless they work a 9 to 5 job and know what they are doing each shift, people like us have to create our shift which is never 9 to 5, more like a 15 hour day at least with few hours of sleep. Then in our sleep we are working…….it is quite a circus in our minds….
    well Eoghan I just need to speak with you a bit, I hope you read this and find something inside the lines of what I write????? Your friend, Nancy ♫♫♪♪♪ 🙂 try to reply if you get what I am saying here 🙂


    • I get what you’re saying Nancy and I don’t think you can bypass all the turmoil because you have to work things through no matter how long it takes. I think ideas eventually arise out of thinking and you’re right about working for yourself outside of any framework. At the moment I have lots of ideas and just need to throw myself into it all and get on with it. But on the whole with life I’m enjoying myself at the moment, the weather is picking up and I have a lot of fun with my kids who really love what I do and who are all very creative too. Eoghan 😉


  3. Nancy Newberg permalink

    Yes, spring brings a whole lot of fresh ideas or the thought to re-new some old ones 🙂 I seen in your other post with skate boards playing in yard having fun ( am happy to see a brighter side of you, Children will run you ragged and keep YOU FOREVER YOUNG) Enjoy your life Eoghan, its all you have, you are blessed and no doubt in my mind that your children are future GOLDEN BRIDGES, in what ever they choose to do with you as their father, you shall master that too , Nancy 😉 and many more 🙂


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