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For those about to make I salute you

June 13, 2013


Through art you grow and slowly awaken into a deeper understanding of life as your preconceptions are blown into the dust only to be replaced time and time again and though your journey is neatly marked out through your work you are continually humbled by the next set of hurdles. If you think you know it all, it won’t be long before your notions begin to tumble unless you become blinded by folly and cease to grow. And it’s this whole cycle (that is at times quite painful) that lies at the heart of many creative areas, in simple terms it’s about making something and gaining a moment of joy from a sense of achievement followed by a period of emptiness before then finding a new challenge, it reflects the essence of life cycles such as the seed growing, flourishing and producing the fruit before withering away.


In many ways I feel to have turned the tables on my circumstances and found the space to get on with art in a widening exploration of creativity. Just making what I feel I should, is really helping to motivate me and has brought back the whole joy of art which is for me a positively challenging experience. I don’t think that there are any easy options or guaranteed outcomes because your work merely reflects the input so starting with the right attitude helps immensely. There are no rules or set procedures so how do you go about creating new ideas? in my own case I am starting to embrace apparently random thoughts as I try to delve into my sub-conscious and break through my inhibitions and barriers, though I feel you can only go so far at a given time. The triptych drawing above is an example of a totally random thought that must have a reason for appearing in my mind’s eye, yet I’m unable to find a definitive answer even though I could add a context retrospectively. So having found the space to explore ideas I now have to back it up with genuine reasons which is complicated, I knew it had to be more than a continuum of my current path and that it would have to involve risk and a certain amount of blind faith and in a nut shell that is where I currently reside.

red mist

At the moment I’ve taken to drawing, my approach centres around an engagement with whatever I randomly choose to draw and I try to feel and become totally immersed in each sketch. So that by this nature of approach I strengthen my connections and belief through a complete immersion and the results are my feelings purely transcribed onto the paper. This however is just the starting point for the generation of new ideas for sculpture but never the less an important one and what lies at the heart of it is commitment, something that you just can’t get away from because you really have to give yourself to it in a very deep way, something that I learned on a personal level from my occasional bouts of flippancy.

haughty horse

I have never worked with an absolute narrative and prefer to think that my art describes my take on contemporary life through the feelings that I transfer into it, very much open to the interpretation of the individual, because there isn’t one simple reason for making it. The piece below is also the result of some random editing on the computer, it’s in strong contrast to much of my work but an important area to look atbecause as humans we all experience great shifts in our moods from great joy to the depths of darkness and as an artist you should leave no stone unturned.


Hello Darkness My Old Friend 😉

standing alone

We Stand Alone

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