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The illusion of meritocracy in the capitalist system

June 30, 2013


Just A Little Thought Fot The Day:

British society is based on a cynical hierarchical structure where people are controlled through financial  and educational mechanisms, on its own this is bad enough but when you factor in an overpowering political and cultural influence from American capitalism it gets a whole lot worse. Because of this I often find myself thinking about capitalism and the great lie sold to us all, though I can’t find a simple way of describing what I feel is a beautiful symmetry and yet it’s not a symmetry. It’s like a friendly character giving with one hand and robbing you blind with the other. The term transparent trojan  comes to mind because each gift or benefit carries a hidden motive, like the illusion of freedom on the internet which in fact allows an oppressive regime to spy on our lives and even when they are caught out we just accept it because ultimately we are collectively held in check by our gift of relative prosperity. The extent of our collective indoctrination never ceases to astound me, through the control of popular culture, the media and financial structures. We in fact lead our entire lives governed by a set of rules and principles that on the surface appear to offer us freedom and opportunity but the reality is far from this as the worlds resources become monopolised and only the compliant are rewarded. As an artist you don’t have a specific place in society and a curious mind leads you into a deconstructive analysis of the structures in place and this is fine within the whole structure because the odd maverick can always be discounted and discredited if they prove to be a threat.  The recent whistleblower Edward Snowden highlights many issues but above all the irony that he’s to be charged with spying, the very job he was paid to do and we all just accept this and bow down to the great power, I guess someone needs to be sacrificed occasionally to show the price you pay for insubordination. There are so many reasons why I feel great concern with contemporary society, one is the dumbing down of our consciousness and intellectual capacity as we all fall into line and operate (trapped) within the rules of capitalism. Secondly the level of exploitation which is accelerated by an insatiable appetite for profit and greed that only serves to distract us from the reality of our humanity and thirdly life becomes like an illusion as we all buy into what is essentially a lie. These are just conclusions that I am coming to through my experiential journey as an artist where all I do is observe and listen and try to work and create something relevant to my time, now one can compromise and lie and go along with an illusion or one can seek out the uncomfortable truths that undermine the very structure of one’s existence, which is partly what I’m drawn towards because I don’t seek false praise or status within a structure that I don’t believe in.


I think it’s a huge mistake to look at the popular cultural exports, such as music, film and games as benign and instead examine them for their social, political and economic message, I know when I go to the cinema I always come out feeling there is almost a fascistic message of the superhuman and the super power which worries me because of its overwhelming assault on my senses. Even here I pay to be entertained yet I’m subjected to thirty minutes of adverts followed by a film full of adverts and just to top off I face cultural indoctrination where I learn about fear and an understanding of my minion status in the world.  I have now reached a point in my own life where I’ve dropped out of mainstream popular culture and found that life has a different meaning outside of bullshit alley. I actually don’t need to be directed in my own life I don’t need reviews to tell me what is good or bad because I have my own senses and opinions, I can even think for myself and I don’t need to be burdened with utter rubbish designed to entertain us all on the lowest possible level, because I can go outside into my garden and look at a flower that I can touch, smell and admire for its genuine beauty and wonderment and connection with reality. With music I now do capoeira where we sing together and make our own music in a real and vital community that nourishes the soul and connects people in the real world to an experiential reality. conversely capitalism relies on breaking our connections of being and community replacing it with addictions to desire and a need to fill our void and feelings of emptiness with commodities when deep down we have all that we need for contentment within apart from our obvious physical needs for food water shelter and art.


The phenomenon of capitalism rides rough shod over the world with secret prisons (and not so secret) rendition flights torture,global threats and countless illegal activity down to drug money being used to make secret payments to agitators, the torture in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, the monopolization of commodities etc and these are just some of the things we know about. Yet people can’t even stand up to the disproportional power of a minority and put a stop to it so it just carries on as we are all dumbed down into compliance, but behind the friendly face there is a structure and policies that are deeply oppressive and controlling and really quite frightening if you want more than a  normal existence within the parameters. Right now I feel there is a growing level of paranoia within the ruling elite that is increasing in its intensity through the inevitable threat from being exposed and appearing ever more transparent as the illusion slowly unravels before eventually become fully exposed.


I feel passionately about truth in art which is why I choose to share my thoughts and if I have to be part of a system that is deeply flawed I will not be compliant and live a life that is essentially a lie for the purposes of vanity and ego because the gift of life is just to precious to waste living in a perpetual state of ignorance. I never did feel the need to be directed in my own life because I was born free and that is my basic human right, to express myself freely should I so choose and if I were to pretend it is other I would be guilty of being pretentious a quality that has no credence in my own world.

transparent trojan

By taking short cuts you may miss an essential part of the journey.

  1. Flowers and art and friends, what more do you really need? I agree there is too much empty buying of stuff to fill emptiness. I try to stick to flowers and the clouds and other free stuff….


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