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The Tricky Truths of Art

July 9, 2013

This is my punishment

The ancient art of horsing around

Art has a habit of squeezing out the truth because sincerity requires it; therefor if you want to make art as an open expression then truth must be at the centre. There are of course other approaches but in my own life I’ve found that producing work in a more calculated way leads to a profound discontent and the story is etched into the work regardless. I’ve always found it difficult not to be truthful and feel like I’ve been administered a truth drug at birth it’s a quality that I see in others and while it appears like a vulnerability I think it’s a great strength. I think truth may even be coming back into fashion as a backlash to all the pretence of the plastic society brought to us through capitalism. In some ways I feel the art world has been at the cutting edge of cultural decline as art became more about style and bravado, whilst all the time becoming removed from its connection to the soul of humanity. When I first started out there was a different attitude and I have slowly watched the whole art world change in a way that I didn’t feel comfortable with and again the only way that I can describe it is that style took precedence over substance. My whole philosophy on art is based on substance and I believe in meritocratic principles that reward fruitful endeavour, but my reality has been to exist in a closed world where cronyism is king.  A hierarchical system where greed and ego feast at the expense of ethics and principles, in synchronicity with the rise of the great corporations. Now art is disconnected on so many levels, machines make sculptures that are all but dead and the elite artist’s bask in the glory of futility and emptiness as they pollute the world with their clutter.  I find if I take away all the hype and look at art objectively I see it for what it is and it’s on that basis that I make and trust my own judgments.  I can’t even recall how many people have commented to me about art with a pretext of “I don’t know much about art but” and this is all because of the phony esoteric spiel that we are fed which gives critics a significant role and allows artists to do whatever they want regardless. If an artist needs their work explaining by a critic then they are failing to communicate and that in my book is an epic fail.

Dream Boat

I feel compelled to write on issues surrounding the art world for a few reasons, on one level it’s for my own sanity so that I can reflect on where I am in a broader context and know where I fit in, And because when you dedicate your whole life to the pursuit of art only to be ignored by the establishment you really need to understand why in order to continue. I have always had great belief in my ability with equestrian sculpture and assumed a role in what I believe is a great tradition where I was able to explore new concepts and develop some truly innovative compositions and yet for all I have done I have never had any backing or support. My reality is one of living in a wilderness where I‘m just able to scrape through and no matter how far I take my work I’m always haunted by a resounding silence. Yet somehow I manage to keep going living in hope that my work will be recognised just as a validation a reassurance that I followed a worthy path. It’s difficult to explain but there is a fine line in art where you feel significant in your work but if there is no support you begin to wonder and staying strong and committed is a challenge. Though right now I feel strong and am relishing the challenge with my determination growing stronger by the day.

bull over 800 pixI Say Bring It On

 Now I must away and make some of my own clutter for what I believe are good reasons 😉

cokeSacred Libations and Corporate Creations

Bad Ass1

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