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Unstrung Heroes

August 15, 2013

unstrungUnstrung Heroes

Sometimes I have to write to ease the pressure and dump the frustrations of my daily life because I get so pissed off with all the unrealistic expectations that burden my existence. I often speak about compromise which is a part of everyday life for most of us, but for an artist it really creates  huge obstacles. In an ideal world I would be given time and space to create my work but instead I’m forced into a tight spot on a daily basis and in order to work freely I have to ignore all the distracting duties. As a consequence things build up around me and just become part of the neglected detritus of existence emails unanswered deadlines flying by but what the hell you can only do so much. The reality is that I just can’t cope with the prescribed expectations of contemporary living, let alone trying to market my work and make everything fit into a system. I have done all this conforming stuff in the past but it led to a diminution of my creativity and that is really why I’ve returned to a more unpredictable way of being. The choice for me is simple be successful in society with the comforts money can buy or successful as a free thinking artist and the latter is my choice, the greater the pressures put upon my shoulders the greater my determination will be to resist. I can’t work nine to five and I can’t prescribe an approach or method because it leads to calculation and contrivance two things I want to avoid at all cost. When you look at art work you really see all that the artist puts into their work and I’m trying to put something into mine which is about a raw and basic expression, something I can’t do if I’m jumping through hoops and chasing unrealistic goals. So with drawing I just draw whatever comes to mind and see what happens there are no guarantees of anything and often the drawings are a surprise to me and I wonder why or from where ideas arise, but letting go of controlling your output is really very interesting. It’s almost like a flow of consciousness both from the subconscious and conscious mind and through this practice you make discoveries that lead you in interesting directions. I’m reaching the conclusion that art is about expanding our horizons through the exploration of being and not the safe production of commodities for the affluent in of society and I’m afraid that is a trap that held me for a while. But now I’m free(ish) and will accept the compromise but not quietly because I believe that art is important for the whole of society and should be accessible to all and that artists should be able to exhibit their work more freely and with assistance.

Just a thought 😉

cut looseCut Loose

I might be an artist but I hate the art world with a passion, it’s an elitist preserve of high society and subvert’s what I believe is the true nature of art and has a profound influence on the output of art in contemporary society. No matter how much I try to embrace it I can’t help but feel repulsed by the insidious nature of its influence and its abandonment of responsibility to the nature of true artistic expression. I believe the biggest issue forms around the compartmentalising of art into different genres and ism’s that neatly package art into manageable segments, with all that is associated such as the experts in each field. The fashions, marketing, trending, promoting, collecting, labelling etc are all there to make we the artists feel we have to comply in order to be relevant but true art is contrary to this (in my opinion) because creativity is about freedom of expression and not compliance. The consequence of the dogmatic thinking within the art world is the abandonment of artists who dedicate their lifes to a truth in art and the price paid is a dilution of creativity through compromise. I can’t ignore this conclusion either because the art world impacts heavily on my daily life and has  from a young age, I just never realised how much of a battle it would be to extricate myself and my thinking from these implied constraints. But I’m getting there and finding my way, it’s been an interesting journey as my questioning slowly peels away the layers that bind me to a system and expose a new way forward.

( if this doesn’t make sense it’s because I’m in a room with three noisy kids so my concentration is somewhat distracted lol )

living the dreamFinding A Place To Think Freely

  1. Nancy Newberg permalink

    I have and I can see exactly why you live in total frustration, it is something you can not draw nor clay you way out of .


    • Hi Nancy, I always try to put all my energy into my work all my joy and sadness all my success and failiure and all my frustrations. In a way the real experience of life is what I have at my disposal and I will fight to get my work out there in spite of all the hurdles, I think when it comes to spirit I have plenty 🙂 Are you keeping well Nancy?


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