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Looking for something more than pretty

September 22, 2013


Sunday’s have always felt different to me, somehow more relaxed and I often wake up in quite a thoughtful mood. At the moment I feel more certain about ways forward and need to start concentrating on work that fits into my current thinking. A move from a more reflective period to one of putting into practice what I’ve learned, which is tricky. The more reflective and introspective work feels very real and quite intense and letting go of that will be difficult though maybe I can incorporate it into my future work.
At the moment I’m still keen on art that is almost anti-art and doesn’t fall into any of the polite bourgeois traps of mediocrity and irrelevance. The whole product and pretty picture concept still bothers me, where unchallenging art in acceptable styles is so prevalent. With my concept of anti-art it’s flawed more roughly drawn out and never perfect, because that reflects our truth without absolute or certainty, the raw expression of human creativity. An uncertain product cobbled together in an uncertain way without any guarantees. A truth from within expressed without contrivance and without a cynical motive to impress and court favour in a search for sycophantic praise and adoration. It’s a tough area this because it’s quite anti-establishment in nature but exactly what the art world needs to shake it out of its insidious complacency and polite twitterings. The art world is exclusive and elitist for all the wrong reasons at the expense of art and you can’t help but become aware of this if you hold on to your integrity, at times it feels like no more than an exclusive service for the elite in society and that simply isn’t good enough.
Art needs teeth so that it bites us in some way and makes us think about who, what, why and where are and shakes us out of our complacency. In a world of convenience there seems to be a growing reluctance for real challenge through cultural expression as integrity and risk is diluted through financial pressure, sacrificed for mass appeal. In some ways I feel art has a massive role to play in society but it won’t be easy for artists to get there work out there through the establishment. It really needs to go beyond the slight tokenism of the safe “enfant terrible” that always exists within the British art world and who ultimately know their place.
In my own life I’m often advised about how to sell my work and market it by people who don’t actually really look at it or understand why I do it, almost like my art is irrelevant beyond being a product or means of earning money. The art truly has to come first and really shouldn’t be aimed at a specific market because that is dilution. I became an artist because I believed in art and my journey has brought me to a place where I feel that I understand art on a very deep level and my work must reflect that. People and galleries that I deal with must also understand and respect my views because we artists are not puppets we’re for real, vibrant and challenging with a vision. Society seeks to control everything but you need free spirits to wander around pushing the boundaries and reminding the world about the alternatives.



on the edge

Sunday morning Art Attacks ­čÖé

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