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Fuck It – I’ve had enough of the pretentious art world

October 26, 2013

This is just a compilation of recent musings from my facebook sculpture page and a few images of some recent sculpture.

oh fuck

I’m constantly reminded of the fact that you can’t take anything for granted in the creative process. New ideas are hard come by and don’t just appear like magic, they are arrived at, through a dedicated process of thought and experimentation. It’s often assumed that people are talented but I know in my own case that my struggle is real and on-going. At the moment I feel the need to look for some new ideas and am struggling with a few odd drawings that are quite random in nature though when I look back at them they have a relevance to my thinking. I’m trying to find a way to express certain feelings through the female figure using other elements along with some established deconstucted ideas. I have a vision for interesting sculptural forms but it is vague at best and enough to warrant a further look.
This conception of ideas is where I have my greatest anxieties and insecurities which is probably a fear of the unknown and exposing what lies beneath. Though the adversity of my lifes journey has prepared me to gamble all on finding a more interesting way forward, but it’s a gradual process and there are no short cuts. Maturity can be a good thing as it kind of allows you that extra space and you can react on lifes experiences and many lessons. For now I will continue to choose the more challenging routes, maybe that feeling of being slightly lost in the search is what I need to fuel my determination. The posting of unresolved work in the form of drawings and writing on here often tests me as I fear the possible reactions, but it’s become vital in my approach as I dig deeper into a more fundamental aspect of my creativity. It was a lot easier when I used to direct my work at a perceived audience and market, but the less compromised approach is far more fulfilling and satisfying.
I’m really in an unexpected place with my work because my perceptions have changed greatly though at the core of my being I feel connected to the way I’ve always been, it’s just now that I have the courage to stand up and do it my way.




Of late I’ve been experiencing that feeling of arriving in the moment, where there is no ambition or regret, because I’m doing what I want to and believe in. My dream is becoming my reality as I work through my ideas both conceptually and practically as sculpture. I know it’s a phase or a staging post along my journey but it feels great particularly after my personal struggles.
The conceptual challenges of art have become enough in themselves to engage, to occupy and to satisfy my intellectual and spiritual curiosities. I love this place or state of being, so charged with the beauty and energy of life through artistic expression. It feels like a rare moment of purity, transcending the material concerns and the trivial distractions of dogmatic societal pressures. Art purely as a challenge from deep within, bringing knowledge from the depths of self with a feeling of truth, like a passionate and soulful meditation of the creative force.
At times like this you feel privileged to be an artist and the value of art takes on a whole new significance. The struggles and pressures fade into the background and feel like a small price to pay for such a rewarding life.
It’s taken a few years to get to this point in my life, I’ve really had to shut myself away and remove the distracting influences of the media so that I could focus on finding my way. At most points it’s been a blind search but recently my creativity has started to flourish, in the ways I see and feel possibilities and my vision has returned for expressing myself through sculpture.
Today I love art and in this moment that is enough.

Super Shooter


A Helping Hoof


shit will happen

This is how we roll

I’ve known all year that this winter will be the toughest one yet for me which has made this year feel like a game of brinkmanship with serious consequences. Either I stayed my course and broke through with my work or I chased money with a more popular approach and sold myself short. I decided to endure an idealogical approach to art and life so that I could set in place the foundations for a way forward. I will survive as always, only just, but the feeling of wellbeing is priceless to me and I’ve found my way past the obstacles in my path too.
I needed to make the adjustments in my approach to art more permanent, so that I don’t live with my feet in two different camps. Even a sip from the poisoned chalice feels like too much at the moment for now nobody owns me or what I do and that gives me the feeling of freedom that I need.
There is light for me now as I’m finding my path, however there is a level of uncertainty, which I need to firm up through finding a greater belief in the relevance of my work. This is a personal battle that I can only win by doing and proving it to myself, perhaps through taking my ideas to a higher level I could find greater belief in their credability. I feel the need to pull my ideas and thoughts together into a meaningful context that is the embodiment or connection of who I am. Which is why only I will know when I’ve reached that point. I feel this current direction is not up for any compromise and seeks no external validation because right now I’m dancing to my own tune. Now I feel it’s my journey and I need a greater sense of control, I’ve experienced much in life and remained upright throughout all the buffeting, but for too long I chose to be passive. A few years ago I’d grown tired of the knocks and indifference life seemed to throw at me both in my reallity and through my art, so I decided to stand up tall. Now I feel strong enough to walk alone, feeling how I do, doing what I do and above all enjoying what I do. Life is for living, not being a slave and I don’t need to fit in and impress anywhere.
I know I’ve come through a difficult and significant phase in my development as an artist and can look forward to a more meaningful life through my art. To me art has become about the engagement of life and philosophy, a celebration of free will and expression.

Fab Four Caryatids

I’ve been exploring my art on quite a broad front for some time and with quite an open mind too, I have at times felt totaly stretched in my thinking. But now I’m getting used to this approach and slowly the ideas seem to be emerging to a point where some ideas feel quite strong and relevant. However that experience of exploring what is unknown to you is really fascinating and reveals your true character. Sometimes I have absolutely no idea why I do some of the drawings I do or the sculptures I make, which is very strange and mysterious. But I feel this is at the crux of matters where you are very much on the edge in many ways but where exciting things will happen. You feel more alive with a certain amount of uncertainty and more in touch with the mysteries of creativity which I think is vital for an artist. I’ve played it safe before but right now it’s the wild side that tempts me more because that is where I feel my inspiration and the true Bridge Style lies.




I have a tight deadline and I feel a bit under the weather, but I simply can’t work while so many thoughts are running through my mind. So I thought I would dump a few of them here and see if that helped me.
For a few years my experiences have had a more profound effect on me as I’ve been more tuned in and aware of my own reality, brought about by a strong feeling of discontent with my compromised life. An artist by nature wanders through a dreamy life taking notice of certain things, it’s a different reality because creative freedom demands alternative perspectives. But in many ways it’s not an absolute way of being and people who observe often want to help and guide, to shine a light into a way of societal conformity. However this can clip the wings of the artist and eat into what is essentially the essence of that intimate creative process, leading to a more compromised state of being. I understand we all compromise but there is a tipping point at which you are forced into a choice to accept or rebel and follow your own path. It happened to me a few years ago and I rebelled and changed my path, at first it was ugly and clumsy but now I’ve found my way. It is still tenuous and I’m very much in a period of transition, fuelled by years of frustration and compromise, but what I have found is my voice, I say it like it is without fear and I make what I believe in. It’s not about confrontation or argument either, it’s just my simple path and point of view.
When I spoke at Hull recently it reminded me how I was rejected from that college following an interview, then from Leeds, then from St Martins and the Royal College too and how I reacted to what was a pattern of relentless rejections. All I wanted to do was to make sculpture but there were already so many barriers, eventually I got a place to do furniture design because they were crying out for students and anyone would do. At the talk a student asked me why I said I felt like a successful artist in my own eyes but a failed artist in the art world, I didn’t really answer the question properly because she actually highlighted a negative aspect of my nature where I just retreat into my own little world and do what I do. But now on reflection, I see my reactions as quite defensive based on years of struggle where my only answer was to work away quietly. Perhaps one has to go out there and fight for a place or right for ones work to be seen in the world, which is still something I have to work on.
Society puts a lot of pressure on artists which in turn complicates the whole issue of creativity and half of my own battle has been trying to justify my creative rights as I became side tracked by erroneous arguments and debates. Not only that but the art world itself is full of contrivance and bullshit and fails in its duty to artists and the nurturing of creativity (which in itself is a massive issue). An artist by nature has great sensitivity and is therefore vulnerable in the harsh reality of an aggressive economy driven society and I feel these qualities clash, you see it most in the product driven output of contemporary artists.
However I do believe I’m finding a path with less compromise and my work is finally developing to a point that feels right for me after my long and convoluted journey. My innate values feel restored and I can go forward with a greater level of certainty in my approach. I now know you have to find an inner strength and be prepared to battle continuously to do what you believe in, never forgetting that at the heart of it all lies your work, which is the most sacred.



My creative drive even surprises me at times after nearly twelve hours out on the road driving I’m back out in my studio. Sculpture waits for no man and is just too exciting at times to ignore. I feel I have so many ideas to explore and must strike whilst the iron is sizzling

  1. I’m glad that you’re enjoying art at the moment. It looks as though you’ve been very busy!
    I agree strongly with two of your points; that uncertainty is a uncomfortable but necessary part of the art process and also that ideas only come through actual artmaking, through working.
    All the best and continued enjoyment in this wonderful career.


    • Hi Annerose,
      It’s taken a couple of years to turn things round but I’m really starting to get somewhere now and for the right reasons. I’m finding my own truths and that is all I need, the art world sucks but I’m slowly learning to accept that and find my inner peace. Though it’s my duty to protest about the rough treatment of artists ocassionally. 🙂
      Kindest Regards Eoghan


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