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Easy does it now

November 7, 2013

Foal Upping

Foal Upping

I hope I’m not becoming too mellow but I’m nearly ready to do a blog about my sculpture with no side shows or deviations into the discontent that has haunted me of late. Last night I was working into the early hours again on this little beauty, I’d already made a drawing but didn’t really know what it would look like or even if it would work. To my surprise it looked great, but that was at two in the morning and I could swear that I slept with a smile because it had just felt so good out there in the studio. You can’t put a price on inner peace and the comfort of being in the moment with who you are and what you do. Yes there will always be a storm raging within, but if there wasn’t I’d be working in an office, I’d be able to afford to go out for a meal and have a holiday too. 🙂 Instead I wander round in rags like a poverty-stricken early 20th century artist feeling the full romance of epic struggle in a world that doesn’t understand me (lol). Anyway so here’s the original drawing for the idea 🙂

SanctityA very small sketch 🙂

So while I was working, I was sitting next to a couple of drying sculptures, again it was a pleasing view for my surprisingly mellow evening. I felt I had to take a picture to immortalise my vision in a digital format and hold on to this memory, for when the next storm breaks as I try to push forward with my work.

no63The view to my left

And here’s a picture of the sculpture on its own, again I’m really pleased with the outcome of this sculpture which started as a drawing too.

LifeThat’s Life

And here’s the sketch for the idea 🙂

Mortal coil

So for one evening I experienced a feeling of total peace and calm as I worked away quietly, for once I couldn’t even hear the mice nibbling away at the insides of my moulds, just the rhythmic splashing of water through the holes in my studio roof. Hell life is good every once in a while. 🙂

pricklyA returning smile 🙂

  1. ”Working” and wondering around in Rags clothes is one of the pluses of art and self employment , it is called comfort and mobility, have u ever noticed if the neck of u r shirt is stretched you can even think better ? I have 🙂 Also have u ever noticed that your office chair is about wore out and then you spluge and buy a cushion and get it home and sit on it and really nothing has changed because you ass is formed to the wore out one ? I have. How about your scuffley wore out shoes that are constantly looses or falling of u r feet ? You sit in u r chair bring u r leg up and take off u r shoe and rub your foot and u do not know why u rub u r foot because u have been on r ass all day??? OH The suffering of it all……..LOL……..You will see by the time if ever you can afford the real fine things in life u have already had and HAVE the finer things in life……….which is u r own life, u r little family if u r lucky to have one and your creations of u r own self in u r art it is you……It is your life, the masterpieces of SELF……Everyone should be so lucky to have their own BRIDGE to walk over to the other side and look back……..You my dear can look back, but I encourage you to most always look forward, for the future is yours to HAVE 🙂 Keep Going,smiling,creating,and loving what you do….AND who you do it for 🙂


  2. Like my friend says, suffering is optional.
    I’m so glad you are enjoying life, there’s nothing like the good feeling when you’ve created something beautiful. Go Eoghan!


  3. Marra permalink

    Hi, I love the roundness of the Foal Upping and strength of the female figure..It’s interesting how she changed from passive (on the sketch) to active (in the sculpture). Could you share your thoughts how it happen…?


    • Hi Marra, thanks for your comment, you have raised a very interesting point. My drawings are usually a tentative enquiry but having looked at the two images again I feel the woman looking at the ground implies a heaviness that I didn’t want. I seek to be honest but uplifting in my work and so when it comes to making the sculpture itself I very much go with my intuition of the moment. Kind regards Eoghan 🙂


      • Marra permalink

        Thank you Eoghan! Well… I like it better as it is now 🙂 and enjoy looking at it, it makes me feel calm some how..


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