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The Art of the Imbalanced Oeuvre

November 29, 2013


Balance is a funny thing, shifting like sand through time, you know when you feel balanced but it’s ephemeral in nature, delicately balanced between two states of being, so easily tipped. You can glimpse it, but never hold onto it, because as with so much in life, you can hold feelings but never own them.
I like this notion because everything in life is in a state of flux, you can’t really take anything for granted and so we live our lives reacting and looking for something that might not even exist or it may be just a moment. In my own work I explore balance on many levels and I use clumsy extremes at times as I explore ideas at the opposite ends of the spectrum.

loose leaves of despair

I love beauty and yet I feel drawn to the harshness of reality and in the pursuit of self expression. I see art as uplifting but also as a wake up call to the senses and I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that there  is a great paradox in my life and work. I can no longer ignore the sheer weight of contradictions that appear in all I do and I see that through an open mind there is always choice and never an absolute outcome or approach. It’s possibly the exploration of an ever widening approach of lateral thinking that you need for innovation in art.

(As always I just openly throw my thoughts around, they all stem from a life of making art and they are all pretty inconclusive but none the less present in my mind.)



The middle ground (or balance) for me is my equilibrium and that feeling that everything is ok and that my perspective is not overwhelmed with prejudice. With balanced art I feel that there is a danger for creating really ordinary things and God knows I’ve made enough of those. It’s ironic but the buzz word on FB (where I post mos of my work) is “like” and in some ways this borders on sycophancy which has no real place in the pursuit of artistic statements. I would prefer options like thought provoking or interesting or crap, keeping it real and on the edge.
Art is complex, just making it is a huge challenge particularly with all the distractions of a mad commercial world that the art world has surrendered to. It can all be just a little too neat, the opposite of my true life experience, which is real and dirty through the daily struggle.

A Bull rest

I know I will never achieve a true balance (and I don’t want to anymore) but I hope that I can keep exploring extremes through my work, they are just so revealing in so many ways.

Still fighting my demons after all these years

Fighting Back

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