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It’s a mad crazy world and you know that

December 11, 2013

don't look back in anger 1

Well I’ve filled another two 50 page sketch books and there is still no sign of an ideas famine, if anything I want to draw more. I just find drawing to be so direct from within and the closest I get to expressing myself with freedom. The more I draw the more I get drawn into a process that seems to answer so many questions about the creative possibilities, but for me it’s also about a cumulative knowledge. In my life I have always felt that my knowledge has been gained through actually doing my art and testing out ideas. The more ideas I try out the greater my visual vocabulary, knowledge and understanding seems to be. Like a slow evolution and a right of passage that can only be gained through an empirical approach.
I find it hard to describe but I feel my developmental arc through my work as I gain a deeper understanding of the process, because the conceptual and intellectual aspects become much deeper. I feel my horse and rider drawings demonstrate it perfectly because I could never have arrived at the stage I’m at now without the years of hard graft in which I gained a unique approach, through what can only be described as a cumulative knowledge. It’s taken many hundreds of drawings to realise this vision and I still struggle to keep it moving, but I enjoy that struggle because there is a great reward when I feel the satisfaction of developing what I feel are very interesting ideas. Above all I feel a deep level of satisfaction that I produce work in the equestrian field that I feel is both innovative and original, I know there isn’t a big place for it within the contemporary art world but that won’t stop me from seeing my search for ideas through. A lifes work goes beyond an immediate response and popularity, it’s personal and deeply meaningful and only I can judge my own life with true meaning, it so happens that right now I’m on a path that I feel good about. Three years ago I was a wild stray artist being blown in the wind, but how things can change.
So tonight I relish opening my new sketch pad purchased today and look forward to drawing out another 50 ideas, without any preconceptions I’m sure I’ll keep surprising myself

Equine theme1


Time Out


Rough and ready


You've got to roll with it


A Drawing


Scribble Dee Doo Daa

As an artist you often have to take a step back to gain an objective perspective not only with your work but also with the wider world. Of course grand conclusions are cobbled together based on observation and assumption but you have to start somewhere. I look at the art world from an outsiders perspective and don’t really like what I see. In Britain I hate the influence of the Tate and saatchi’s and in general I don’t like the grip the elite moneyed few have on art. I see art being used like trophies in the vulgarity of a competitive world, biggest and best with little substance. A world where subtlety and sensitivity is crushed because it has no place in the mainstream and is forced into the margins of society. But then art reflects society and the big bold and brash reflects perfectly the crass insensitivity of the destructive forces of capitalism, where everything is exploited for short term gain. I always get the feeling that the huge and expanding scale of recent sculpture across the globe represents the final throws of an affluent world throwing down a few markers as a grand gesture before an imminent decline. Like the race to have the tallest building, status and respect measured through the headline grabbing markers. To this extent I feel art has become a mere pawn in a global sense and is used to satisfy an agenda for the elite. Homogonised statements with mass appeal provide an ideal platform for global recognition, like Hollywood blockbusters and all the bland branding phenomona of recent times. I want a bit less of the wow and the awesome and a bit more substance and reality.
I could be wrong as I often have been but with art you follow your instinct and feeling, it’s how you find your way and understand your place in the scheme of things. To continue working as an artist I need to have a purpose and reason beyond filling the world with my clutter. Now I must cut this short and go to the dentists




And Relax


Epic Struggles


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