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Reality!!!!! Whats That?

January 4, 2014



Being an artist has led me to ask some profound questions about life , art ,society and humanity. Questions to which I can find no definitive answers, but out of it all, themes evolve and specific words and concepts emerge. I often find myself contemplating words, today “reality ” has cropped up a few times throughout my day and was even used against me in conversation, I guess for obvious reasons lol. When I looked up a definition of “reality” it didn’t explain the variable nature and how it must vary from person to person and also change through time and with moods. I can’t help but feel it’s a concept with no fixed or absolute constant and to accept our own perception of reality we need to have faith in our own judgement and a belief in self. I feel that the word “reality” is very important in art, because of the nature of creativity, which doesn’t always follow rational or logical thinking. Art can be arrived at through, intuition, inspiration, feelings, connections and many unexplainable routes that would be hard to categorise as “reality”, moments of ephemerality touched upon or picked up out of the ether. Yet as an artist you feel exposed and a duty to explain your work and ideas in a coherent way and context. So today when I was accused of being out of touch with reality, I felt confused, because I feel in touch with my own reality, a reality of looking to create art as openly and honestly as I can. I feel driven to explore the notions, concepts and gestures that constitute my art so that I can perhaps understand the overwhelming desire I have to create and by studying the reactions to my work I hope to open up my mind and gain a greater understanding.



I have arrived at a point in life where I no longer wish  to work in a blinkered fashion, I want a deeper understanding of self, to understand my outlook and view of the world. I’m no longer satisfied with going through the motions of creating art for effect and commodity, because in being a slave to the market there are just too many questions and challenges left unanswered. Being part of  the art world, has left me with many questions about art and I feel that I need to understand my subject on a much deeper level to move forward in a way that validates a lifes work. It’s easy to duck out and follow a comfortable route but if the comforts of material living bring you no satisfaction then it becomes a futile pursuit and personally I have no desire to accumulate wealth, I never did.

Pale Bull


The last couple of years have been quite frantic for me, there has been no true direction beyond reacting to my circumstances and reality, however things are changing because out of it all I feel a desire to focus my direction. I feel that it may even be through writing that I find a way forward, by defining what I believe art is for me and exploring what it is that I want to achieve through art, what I feel comfortable with as my expression of being. I believe that writing about themes that crop up in my thoughts is a good starting point and hope eventually it will construct or lead to a way forward in creating art that I feel is meaningful. I don’t wish to live out my life with feelings of dissatisfaction, defeated by the stiff challenges that all artists face as they try to tailor their work to neatly slot in to societies expectations.

bring it on 11

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  1. If you read the Book of Job in the bible you would find all your answers, matter of fact you can find all the answers to life in the Bible. May I suggest the King James Version. You can refer to the Bible as a History book if you are not into any religions or beliefs just for references.


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