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Art Equals the Inside Out

January 5, 2014

let it all out

All this staying up till 3 or 4 in the morning is good for my art but leaves me a bit tired sometimes. I’ve never had a routine in life or felt the need for one, which reflects in my work and perhaps keeps me on my toes. Indeed I’ve lived a slightly unconventional life which has often been scrutinised by people around me and part of my writing feels like a justification for who I am and what I do. I often find myself trying to explain why I am the way I am, like now I want to write about extremes, because it’s through extremes that I discover more about life. I feel that art is born out of decisions and that the broader the palette the more interesting the art (sweeping generalisation), you can take the decision-making down to the minutia, where upon every stroke of a painting, drawing or sculpture is the result of a decision made from different options. The other extreme is the huge decision of the concept and the overriding theme of a piece of art, often made out of a greater depth of considerations and options. So when it comes to making art, it’s constructed through a decision making process, with varying levels of conscious and subconscious input. At times that can feel mechanical and forced and at others it can feel like the most natural flow in the world.


However there are periods in life when through circumstance you are forced to stop and ask questions and perhaps re-evaluate your life, correct a wayward direction and shore up your beliefs. To people looking in this may appear to be odd, but the making of art can force these issues upon you in a search for relevance and meaning. It can lead to extreme levels of living because it goes beyond the ordinary and mundane and your art only reflects your depth of thought and commitment. occasionally there may be a little magic, though I find that the magic is usually a reward for hard graft and commitment.


When you make art as a product for money you can become trapped into ways of being that are no more than a cynical exploitation of your known style, that you repeat ad infinitum. A pressure that almost wiped out my interest in art and one that has deeply impacted on my life and attitude to sculpture, so much so that the prospect of making sculpture still fills me with dread. It became like a relentless punishment, trapped in a world and held there on an endless production line with no means of escape, beyond enduring a period of poverty. I learned much through this period of my life but it was a harsh lesson, I came to grips with meaninglessness and became aware of the mechanics of society. But out of it all I learned invaluable lessons about life, truth, integrity and the creative spirit within. The reality is that I don’t think I could have learned it any other way. It was like I needed to be provoked into awakening as an artist, through extremes that brought my life into an absolute crisis, where I had no option but to search for something deeper that would give a meaning to my life and a reason to produce art. In a way it forced me to find the courage to express all I held inside openly and expose my ideas and work without fear. I believe the experience has brought me closer to being what I would define as an artist, though I still have more baggage to dump before I can express myself freely. At least I feel on the right path at last, in a focused exploration of art and life


Today I even reached an interesting mini conclusion about an aspectof artistic expression, I had been thinking about the whole process of art being the externalisation of something we hold inside, our feelings ideas  and inspiration. And that art is really no more than an expression of the inside out, a simple but useful way of looking at a process and believe me these basics can be so important when you become lost or bogged down. So that should be easy then, just get the inside out and there you have it art is made. 🙂



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  1. your art is hard core and it shows with every thing you do, seek beauty


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