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At The HeArt of Art

January 5, 2014

Hell Yeah


At the moment I run 5km every night,  I run in silence and it gives me time to feel centred and a strange kind of solitude where I feel aware of my mind and body. During that time I feel able to think clearly, about where I’m at with my art.  My overwhelming feeling is that I have to really find my feet this year and work out a direction or at least a greater understanding of what art is. I’ve tried different approaches and whilst I enjoy my current approach it feels just a little bit too existential, a great way of feeling connected but slightly wooly too, I’ve also approached art with fixed concepts and a less flexible approach governed by formal values and conventional expectations. I’ve even contemplated formulating a balanced approach but it felt like a formal contrivance and a path to mediocre art. My instinct tells me that extreme approaches yield more interesting art but that requires great courage and sometimes a blind belief in what you do, though gradually I’m trying to push the boat out a little further. I feel the answer to finding  a way forward might lie in a greater understanding what role art has in the world I live in, but this is complicated and broad and will be limited to my personal  outlook. I can’t find the answers to questions through the world of contemporary art because I feel there has been a significant implosion and much art is purely a reaction to art, an in-house game of out smarting each other with a liberal helping of grandiose cross referencing.


The art world has become an exclusive club, with its own language and academic theory and I just can’t buy into it because I see art as more fundamental and not some exclusive  esoteric phenomenon. I could play that game and use the language to dress up seemingly ordinary objects into utter marvels of ingenuity by telling people what they mean and referencing them into a historical context. But I don’t want to become pretentious like that in case I started to believe what to me would be an invention, because I feel that art has almost become about imposing absolutes on society,  backed up by a heavily referenced theoretical dogma. So why is this relevant to me?  I’d say because art about art about art doesn’t feel like an open dialogue or representation of contemporary life and part of my process is the discovery of what I  don’t want to do. Though I can’t exclude contemporary art totally either because that would be naive and presumptuous, but to question it is pertinent.


In my own work I don’t like to feel constrained by a narrative or a contextual reference, I love to feel free to make whatever I feel or want or desire, because that is the truth of who and what I am, even though it’s not enough for the art world and it leaves you very much high and dry.  It seems that ultimately you  pay a price for following your instinct, a price that I’m yet to discover, like my boundaries, I mean where the hell do they lie. It’s still so open, a future untold and waiting to be written through action instinct and a search for the elusive mysteries of being. Maybe the answer lies in going forward on a path with an ever-widening outlook and pushing into areas unknown, just an open search. An open voyage of discovery really pretty much sums up a lifes adventure to me .


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