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What F*cking Identity Crisis

January 11, 2014



Making art goes way beyond the construction of a product, it’s allowed (forced) me to go beneath the surface and ask questions. In the end you can’t help it, because questions arise from all you do and if not from yourself, your work brings questions from other people’s curiosity. I’ve made choices based on what I feel are my inherent human qualities, my instinct and feel for life and art and now I‘m running with those as my chosen direction. But what do I really know, because sometimes I really don’t know what I think about anything and how can I, when I don’t truly know who or what I am (in a broader context). The thing is that I’ve never met anyone with the answers to the bigger questions but as humans we (possibly) all come to a point of limitation where we accept a certain amount of knowledge and understanding of self. And live happily ever after with a few question marks, but with art those questions keep on coming, through the natural exploration.
Perhaps then it is a natural state for an artist to be in a perpetual state of identity crisis and why so many artists resort to self portraits as a means of expression and a way of perhaps understanding self and the human condition. I can only write from my own experience and circumstance, but my thinking process feels very broad and it’s hard to contain it into a more linear means of expression which is why my oeuvre is widening.
My recent approach has been based on chance,circumstance, more spontaneity and intuition which has begged the question, why do I feel this way and why do my thoughts focus on certain issues that at times feel totally random. I try to retro fit a context to put a logic to my approach, but in some way that is a fruitless and meaningless exercise because it’s in contradiction to the free approach, things don’t have to be labelled.
I hope this makes sense, because it does to me lol, all I’m trying to do is analyse an approach to art based on freedom as opposed to an approach based on a more formal discipline. A contrary approach to the one based around accepting societies conditioning and norms that we all take for granted. A natural question to the free thinking artist, who is expected to turn free expression into a formal commodity and satisfy contemporary values. Turning the timeless value of creativity into a fashion fit uber-cool statement for a crazy world.




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