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Looking for the heART of Art

March 3, 2014

soul surviving1

After a few years of great intensity, I’m emerging older, wiser and with a refreshed outlook on my own art. During this time I was able to analyse my approach to art and rediscover my motivation, much of my approach had become veiled for reasons based on the physical reality of survival in a commercial environment. None the less I was able to pick my way through the years of detritus and found that I was able to make art that stands totally alone, statements that require no validation from external sources and are just there because I felt a need to produce them. This work doesn’t require anything beyond its existence and it stands alone as an artistic statement, this is freedom of expression for me and very liberating. It has no contrived context and is based more on an internal exploration, it’s only contemporary relevance is that I exist in this time.To not worry about exhibiting, selling or any judgements passed is so liberating, because it allows you to enter the present and enjoy the moment without the weight of expectation. Free from the worry that controls and tightens your hand and thoughts as you wonder how your work will be received or if it fits into a framework, the framework that becomes the prison which holds us enchained. In a time of utter saturation and state control, where we are under a continual bombardment of directional stimuli, through rules, regulations and the controlling media, it’s imperative to explore the antithesis. Art can do this but you have to step out of the mainstream to see through the structures that bind us into compliance, even though we feel free in what is a great deception. Capitalism allows that feeling of great freedom but in fact it holds us all tightly within a system and through art you can feel it. Everything bound through fiscal control in a corrupt hierarchy, that maintains the status quo at any cost, all this is reflected in the contemporary art of our time, it shapes the attitudes of a selfish society and the rat race that holds us in its grasp. This is why I write fuck it on my drawings and play around with what may appear to be flippant ideas, because art needs true rebels to undermine a system that corrupts art. The whole concept behind my anti-art idea is to make work that doesn’t exist so it can’t be used in the system as commodity and in making it I became a little more free. I’m not under any illusion that I can make any change or difference, beyond writing about the feelings I get from making art, it is the humble opinion of one man. But I want to live my life with my eyes open and my opinion is as valid as anyone else’s even though I live in a society that elevates icons to mislead us and show us the way. But just like us these stars of our time are just as ordinary as every single being on the planet.
I know so many people who feel desperate to see inside and understand the meaning of life in a more spiritual sense, because our lifes have become so external that they deny us inner peace. The sheer simplicity of existence is no longer enough because we are in a race, to grab as much as we can and elevate ourselves at the expense of others. They are ugly times in human history underpinned by greed and a side of human nature that is callous and brutal, nothing is allowed to stand in the way of progress. I have never been able to compete under these terms and conditions because they always felt wrong and for this I’ve been judged harshly on many occasions. I still face condemnations for where it’s got me in life but now I have the courage to tell people straight.



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