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Through the Generations

March 11, 2014

everything is connectedMy Kids at a Sculpture Park


Today I finally took the plunge and left Facebook, a curious world that is both amazing and poisonous. I found the format quite addictive because it was instant and appealed to a human need for a response,conversation and connection. But eventually I found it encroached upon my life and thoughts, as an artist involved in a search for a purpose and a defining direction I had to leave. Facebook offers an alternative reality which demonstrates all aspects of human behaviour and taught me much about others as well as myself and in fact became a vital part of  my journey of discovery, I even had to learn to type and write again. Ultimately my experience put me back on track to living my life as I see fit, to making art that I believe in and that I don’t have a need to make art to be popular or fit in to a neat societal niche. My big distraction was the exposure of my playful nature, in the way that I used imagery, but I also realised that my constant stream of images was a liberty and my constant written pieces were misplaced. In fact it taught me that I’m far more rebellious than I thought and how important my art is to me and whilst I have a level of vanity and ego, my true drive is one based on strong values and integrity. I now know that I will sacrifice any notion of vanity, ego or success for a meaningful artistic statement and that my shallowness is nothing more than a front. So now I must put all of this to some use in my work as I move forward and concentrate my efforts into some meaningful artistic gestures, I’m aware that whatever I do will be carried out with realistic expectations and that it must truly count in my own world.

warA Collaborative Drawing Done with my Kids “WAR”


I had a few conversations with my mother before she died in which she told me that in life, ultimately  you are really on your own and this is true to my own experience, because of the nature of individuality or singularity of the single entity of being. The fact that we all have an ego and are at the centre of our own universes means that our own survival is the priority apart from the protection of our children, of course. I know there can be levels of companionship but when it comes down to making the decisions that an artist makes they are singular and a mark of intent or commitment to a belief or ideal, a conviction strong enough to guide you through the distraction and pressures brought down to bare. This is for me the ultimate test of a true artist, the ability to work in solitude and find a level of satisfaction that is independent of external validation, to create something that you and only you know is genuine and the best you were able to do at a given time. My mother always used to quote from a poem or something about not letting anyone step on your dreams and again this has been so poignant in my life and I liken it to the prats at school who always thought it was funny to step on your new shoes and spoil their perfection. Throughout my life I’ve always come across such characters who never grew out of their petty nature and seek to dampen the joy of other people’s lifes with their self-righteous bullying. As I reflect on life I always see my mother as my greatest influence, because she taught with gentle understanding and empathy, life was not easy for her but she maintained her dignity and won great respect from all tiers of society, because she carried great wisdom, yet didn’t seek to use it beyond the satisfaction of her own curiosity. There were many other lessons but these two have always resonated with me in terms of being at one with yourself and not allowing anyone to crush what is your ultimate gift, that being the beauty of your soul (in my opinion). So this is the root of my art, celebration and protection and my goal to is to be open and free enough to overcome the obstacles the in my path and make the creative marks that define what is truly important to me in life.

collaborationAn open Collaboration with my kids

Dumping ItDumping

at the sculpture parkSo for now the hood is in place 🙂

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