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Being true is hard to do

April 8, 2014


Whilst this piece of writing may seem like a digression I can assure you that it isn’t, because to me art is about life and these are the thoughts that my life has brought into the fore of my mind, my perspective is obviously influenced through personal  circumstance, but it is my truth and the way I see life. I hope that by sharing these thoughts it gives an insight into the depth of thinking that art requires and how in ones work there is a search for a place and relevance in society. What I wrote tonight surprised me because as usual I just start to write and go with the flow.


Sometimes I just like to say it how it is as a tonic in this world that is turning our living into a mediocre existence, a life of treading on egg shells as we all compete with each other, smiling through gritted teeth. A  life of digital sanitizing and virtual living, all you have to do is be obedient and you will be looked after, as a necessary component of the economic machinery that drives our every move. Dare to be different and you pay a high price, because you will be made to suffer and exposed to a challenging reality, a reality of hardship where  obstacles  will be laid out before you so that you can be stopped in your tracks and have your wings clipped. With the demolition of choice through politics we now exist in an economy that is managed without political philosophy or ideals, instead we serve the wider economy of the world and have willingly handed the power to the corporations who have won the economic war. Capitalism has grown up and in doing so is fulfilling the prophecy of what it offered, which is victory to the greedy who are willing to exploit for maximum gain, it’s not about ethics and touchy feely but about who can maximise profit and achieve monopolies. It’s so transparent and in the end we are exploited by the smiling faces of companies like apple who hide their greed behind geek chic products, when all they’re  doing is hoodwinking us into buying their goods like smooth operators they are. There are no exceptions with the big players, just deceptions that lead to the world being filled up with meaningless rubbish that is supposed to enhance our lives, but the reality is an addiction to screens and stuff that makes us live further from our truths than at any other time in history. It’s like we are detaching from reality in a life of convenience, bombarded by the next best thing. We’re flattered into thinking that we are savvy consumers and can exercise our choice as we are subconsciously driven to choose the branded commodities on offer be it a Porsche  or some other hideous commodity that make us all look like complete tools. I don’t care what car Tom Cruise drives and why should I, I live a modest life in which I don’t need heroes particularly not actors or pop stars or heroes from the sporting world. Some sportsmen and women are paid millions to wear shoes and watches and drive cars to endorse products that seduce us into buying into a lifestyle that is pure fallacy, so what is it all about beyond the pure vulgarity of capitalism. These are myths constructed through an economic drive for success at any cost, a pure exploitation of populations and the planets resources, without a concern for the future. However the nature of capitalism sweeps all in its path and holds us in the system that appears friendly and in which there is a sense of freedom and there is a lot of freedom untill you step out too far then you feel the force that is the fate for the outcasts. Lets face it we all know that we are fucking up the planet yet we do nothing beyond tinker with the fripperies and that is because we really can’t do anything whilst we are dependent upon it. I fully acknowledge that all gestures are relevant and at the moment that is our only hope of change but without wholesale change in the political structures and the governance of corporations we are pretty much stuffed by whatever fate awaits the exploitation of this planet. Throughout history cultures and ways of life have been destroyed by the dominating political forces, because of the power of economics, the sacred cultures that are sustainable through respect of the land, the planet and our spirituality have been wiped out. It’s not because they didn’t offer the answers but because the brutality of economics and exploitation prevailed, winning against ideologies that were often more profound and sensitive to sustaining life on earth. So the problem is huge because a sustainable change would need to be based on an ideological approach in which economics have no real place in the decision making process, a process that would depend on a political structure that delved into philosophy as opposed to management.


Through my writing and my art all I try to do is offer a gesture, a gesture that voices my concerns and reflections on life from the odd perspective of an artist. I write what I feel because that is all I have to offer, it is not about politics either but just a concern for my world and what we are leaving for the future generations. I’m passionate about life and my values mean a lot to me, I’m sincere and have led a life outside of the mainstream and in communicating my thoughts and reflections in an open and transparent way I’m casting my pebble and that gives me a feeling of hope.


  1. Janet Rutigliano permalink

    body{font-size:10pt;font-family:arial,sans-serif;background-color:#ffffff;color:black;}p{margin:0px;}Hello Eoghan, I have no idea if you will get this note but there seems to be a reply option to these e-mail notices. I deactivated my FB account and will be off for an unknown period of time due to several reasons, but I still get your blog notices and can keep up with your work. If you have another e-mail that you want to share, please let me know. This is my main e-mail address.Regards!Janet


    • Hi Janet, this messaging scrambles email addresses, but you can always contact me through my website, and pass your email on to me that way. I hope all is well in your life, King Regards Eoghan


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