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Slowly but Surely

April 9, 2014


In a world full of meaningless stuff I often wonder about the relevance of  my art and whether there is any point in adding to it with my own contribution of stuff, it’s a sobering thought and one that makes me want to produce work with a greater depth and meaning. I’m developing my own benchmark on a criteria that must be met if I’m to produce a sculpture and making a sculpture for no good reason is no longer an option, I wasn’t born to be a floater but someone who swims strongly into an adventure. Life in society has a habit of kerbing the spirit within and taming us into a more benign state so that we live in a supressed harmony, a state of being that is a polar opposite to the requirements of the life and soul of an artist. I’ve felt these restraints for too long and so through drawing I’m trying to work through as many ideas as possible in the hope that I will find a greater relevance through the development of new and interesting ideas. But these ideas don’t come easily, requiring a great deal of time and dedication to a belief that may yield nothing and belief is key to the powering of motivation.


In moving forward through life I no longer try to make  sense of the past, I take comfort in the fact that through art I’ve attained a grain of wisdom and feel I’ve something to offer the world through my art. I’m under no illusions and my ambition rests solely in the art that I produce and I live in  hope that my life continues  with the purpose of gaining knowledge and a greater understanding. In the past year or two I’ve come a long way from years in a wilderness,  and restored that feeling of being in my rightful place, at one with myself. At times I felt like a juggling act gone wrong, though now I’m doing it with an increasing level of harmony. The questions I ask whilst working and thinking are changing as I get to grips with my art for real once again and such clarity of thought cannot be underestimated in the creative process, where lateral thinking holds the key to so much. Art is not about an endless production to satisfy  the corporate sector or fill galleries with pretty images, no it’s about philosophy and challenging perceptions in a search for new ways of seeing the world and life. But when you become distracted by fame and glory you start playing to the gallery and this is where your integrity and depths are tested, an artists life is complex and avoiding the temptations is not easy when it brings great hardship to your material life.


Art is so complex and subjective, we judge, we are judged and all this on a fluid criteria, because there are no absolute answers and there isn’t a specific way or even a right or wrong. If you create something new, how can anyone recognise its artistic merit and who is worthy of making such judgements. Can collective judgements be made that form a bench mark for all to follow or do we go with our own intuition and trust our own judgements. These questions interest me because I have learned that in my own creativity, when I look for third-party endorsements for my work I feel led from the path that is my truth. That truth being  a feeling or impulse, very delicate in its nature and prone to influence from external sources, because it is not based on an absolute principle or law or structure. It is based on the cultivation of human sensitivity to the world we inhabit and this is done through great contemplation and an awareness of self that goes beyond societal conformity. This is an area that I know only too well because  I allowed myself to be bruised through the course of my life, I was always humble and took the knocks graciously, in the end I became submerged under the weight of it all, however this experience taught me a lot about human nature and in fighting back I’m quite a bit tougher now. I know how to defend my integrity and protect the sacred space where the source of my creativity lies, I don’t fear the judgements as much and I know that my opinion is as valid as any others. But above all I can make art, my true art that is not a performance to impress others, but the unique expression of my humanity and celebrating the sacred nature of my gift of life. Again this is where your courage is tested, because you must have faith and belief in something that does not yet exist and is not tangible, and idea an impulse a moment of inspiration created in the isolation of being.


Art is unique to the individual artist and the individual observer and our position in time is no guarantee of a consistent approach or outlook as we are variable on almost every level and influenced by our changing environments and perceptions, in a life that is anything but constant. Prone to mood swings, emotions, the weather and forces of the cosmos beyond our imagination. So in creativity we need to take all of this into account and face up to the uncertainty of our reality and by doing this I feel it can add a fluidity in approach that mirrors life and helps steer clear of contrivance. In addition to this I can’t help but question the fixation for referencing and contextualising work to both historical and contemporary examples and wonder about the merit of this approach. On a personal level I like to explore my own experience of life without being held by conformist notions of lineage and acceptance, because I like to think of what I could produce if I was free from constraint and how I would express the essence of life. I feel with art there is the scope for idealism and a purity that creativity can offer, though I only touch on this when I’m consumed in the intensity of  drawing or under the mesmeric spell of clay.


Being an artist is a privilege, it allows me to choose an approach to life that I believe in and explore my ideas and thoughts about life, yes it’s tough and challenging but that for me is a requirement for a satisfying life. I can neither be right or wrong in my approach, an approach that is unique to me, my choices are based on what I feel and my sense of freedom grows with age as I really exist in a space that is undefined, a space that only I’m responsible for. It is an interesting life indeed, with an edgy uncertainty that I’ve grown to take for granted and love, because I feel truly alive.


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  1. soniajeanperry permalink

    the sacred gift of life, honoured, loved and respected. self valued. dogma questioned. creativity unleashed. way to go. these pictures are amazing too.


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