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Art? It’s the easy option

April 25, 2014


I love trying to be open and honest and I use the word trying because as I try to communicate I really feel the impositions of my socially engineered existence. It’s only when I try to write freely that I’m aware of these layers that bind me and curtail truly open expression. I start to feel fear and worry about the ramifications and consequences of being honest in a society that is not built on open and honest communication. In fact over the past thirty years I’ve witnessed an increase in the bullshit and lies that people are encouraged to use in order to get on which sets a poor precedent for future generations. This culture of lying is exasperated by the greedy market economies that breed a competition into to all that we do, you get ahead at any cost. People that blag their way to the top are celebrated for their tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit, but I sometimes wonder what the real cost is.  So we smile at each other through gritted teeth, because we are competing with each other and beneath this pretence society is crumbling, because we don’t have a common cause as our fundamental motivation. It is a culture that celebrates the individual, and the individuals that rise to the top are there for a reason. That reason is often questionable and I myself feel quite cynical in this matter because the quiet introvert in society is often overlooked no matter what they have to offer. substantial values and ethics are often sacrificed in the face of economic development and we all just carry on whilst these values erode the integrity of society. As an artist you see it in your own life and you feel it through your sensory perception of the world. My world like everyone elses is a microcosm and I draw conclusions from a limited palette, but that is all I have.

yorkshire living

So through my own art I’m looking to be genuine, even if I have occasionally been a little bit of a bullshiter when I was younger in looking to get a foothold into the crazy art world, but not much lol. I do however feel my art is now a reflection of my personality and I try my best to explore and develop my ideas, whilst also actively looking to be inventive. I also try to be as original as possible to reflect the individuality of being, whilst taking into account the collective nature of being in both historical and contemporary contexts.


In contemporary culture people are often elevated to a mythical status and held up as superhuman, these people become adorned and worshipped almost like a celebrity cult and the art world is a big part of this phenomena, a hierarchy reflecting the political status quo that is really quite exclusive. I have always been quite socialistic with my politics and outlook and was never able to accept the cultural and political trending, which is why I’m slightly subversive with my art and life. I have always tried to make my art real and true to me, I’ve never made false claims and in offering my art to the world have been largely ignored as one would expect. Because the art world is looking to feed on an embellished romanticism that can only be constructed using a more dogmatic and tailored intellectual approach. I say it’s no wonder I get so confused with this mad crazy world, because I’m an artist suspended in no mans land. But I wont complain for once because a man with no fixed place, is a man free to explore as it would be for a woman too.

crazy horse 2

However I’m a principled man if nothing else, I endeavour to be as open and honest as I can and I will continue to try to make interesting art avoiding the bullshit. Sometimes I feel like I’m fighting my own little corner as I try to make art with what I believe is great integrity. I’m not a braggart or an actor and I don’t make any false claims, I’m just a very ordinary artist trying to make a living and lead a dignified life in a society that makes it almost impossible. Even though I would like to tear my hair out, I don’t as you can see 🙂



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