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Art Words

April 30, 2014


I constantly question the role of art in society as I look to express myself in an open way. In my own life, I’ve not been bought up by any system or institution, which actually gives me a great deal of creative freedom, should I choose to use it. But I still struggle to express all that art makes me feel about life and society because of the constraints that hinder us all. But in producing art and thinking as an artist, you approach life from a different perspective, because you have to tear up all the rule books.
This lateral approach can intimidate and occasionally brings a negative response from what I see as the custodians of convention. Those in society that take it upon themselves to uphold convention and maintain the status quo, through what is no more than subversive bullying. The reason I mention this is because in the past I allowed these pressures to restrict my pursuit and in recent times I’ve witnessed it again. You make people uncomfortable by digging around and they try to slap you down and bring you back into the fold. But in art you really don’t need these boundaries because they stifle creativity and close too many doors. So although I’m aware of the sub-text to many conversations and interactions, I choose to greet them with silence and avoid meaningless conflicts.


Through my own work I’m trying to express all my ideas and thoughts quite publicly so that firstly I have the courage to be open and secondly that from doing this it may make more sense as a collective body of work. It’s still a bit clumsy and I’m having to use the written word in my search for clarity, though I do feel that I’m getting somewhere. It does take a level of courage to be open in this world as there are always people who like to try to trip you up to elevate their own status, but I can’t spend my life being a prisoner to such whims. So I’m moving forward and in my pursuit I feel that art is developing new meanings for me. Those meanings are about the thought process and all that goes through my mind whilst working, because that feels like the truth of what art stimulates within my being. It can at times distance me from the aesthetic led notions that I started out with and it can distance me from the bourgeois concept of art. It really comes down to the fact that if I can’t express myself in a totally honest way then I’m not fit to be an artist, because I would be pedalling half-truths and utopian fabrications.


I guess what I do will never be popular and that doesn’t matter because I know inside that I have things to say and communicate through my art. And I know that a feeling of satisfaction can only be arrived at through my open and honest dialogue in which my courage and freedom flourishes. I think it’s about being who I am without compromise or fear and being proud of that. Art for me is not about the search of praise but about serious philosophical statements, that question as well as celebrate our existence. If I only make art in search of praise and with notions of beauty and convention, I know I will not be being true.
As I’ve said before my art is a little awkward, just like me


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