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Time to let the art speak

May 31, 2014

I’ve done a lot of writing over the past two years, it was part of a healing and renewal process that was vital for my own wellbeing. I’d reluctantly allowed life and circumstance to beat me into submission and was desperate to claim back my life from the cruel fortune I had encoutered. It’s been a pretty major refit, but I feel ready to sail on and with the wind in my sails.  My work will become my voice again as I follow the  path that I believe in.

out there1Go Forth



out thereOut There

we are trashTrash Treasure

we will singWe will sing together

we are the trashWe are trash


My sculpture is starting to re-emerge

I’ve actually been enjoying making sculpture again, though it always helps when you make break through’s with your thinking and discover new possibilities. Yesterday was one of those payback days when all the drawing and thinking pay off in the reality of my sculpture. I feel that I’ve entered unexpected territory with my work and that for me defines true creativity, going beyond preconceived notions into an area of free expression. It is deeply satisfying and an affirmation of the choices and direction that I have taken with my art. It offers just a brief moment of joy through the realisation that I’m progressing in a satisfactory way, but with each door I open I’m put back to the start of another investigative journey of discovery. I’m reminded that this is the moment of my reality and that these achievements are all I crave, just to feel worthy as an artist with the confidence to express my originality (or uniqueness) is all that I need. For two years I’ve lived like this and fought to rid my life of all the bullshit baggage so that I could realise my dreams. The vanity and ego are drifting away as I find the truth of my art within and exercise my rights to express myself freely without expectation.
Though I’ve rid myself of many negative and toxic influences in my life I still face many challenges in all aspects of being, but that I would imagine reflects a reality that is common to us all. I’m just glad that I was able to find the strength to fight my way back from the depths of despair and stand tall once again. I didn’t want the corrosive aspects of my life to lead me towards bitterness and steal my optimism which is at the heart of my very soul. So today I feel good and full of hope, life is a great gift, I fight for the right to be me and my happiness exists on a very deep level. My two years of reflection have allowed a rebirth of myself as an artist and there is a clear way forward into the unknown. This time I feel my lifes experience and character will steer me through the adversity with greater fortitude and resolve.
With art the future always feels like a place of adventure and discovery, an excitement that is hard to describe, it makes me smile and fills me with hope. I guess this feeling comes from the deep personal satisfaction that the creative process brings to your life, it’s like nothing else for me, everything fades in the light of creativity (apart from my children). The feeling when your mind, body and whole being is absorbed into the process of creativity, is one of being complete, an existence without distraction in the moment. And that is why the compromises cause so much disruption to my life and why I resent them so much. At times I desperately seek the solitude and look for a place to realise who I am but it’s a great struggle and my reality is one where my integrity on this level is always under siege. But I’m getting there and articulating my thoughts here and on my blog is assisting my journey to the right place.

Today I love life

I couldn’t resist adding a few words that I wrote this morning before I got up and out of bed 🙂

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