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Crossing the Metaphorical Bridge

July 21, 2014


For years I worked in silence, I kept my creative process to myself and never explained the thinking behind my work because I had no need to. I was learning and developing in my own way and my own time and there was nothing extraordinary beyond my dedication and commitment to sculpture. What you do every day is just normality and I enjoyed living without a fuss. However circumstances change and my struggles became greater with the passage of time which led to a crisis and I realised I had to change things around. I had to emerge into the world, explain my work and take it to another level, if I didn’t I knew it would all fade away and that I would have to admit defeat. So I set about changing my fortune and finding the space, time and energy to realise the art that I’m capable of. However this was a complicated process that required a significant reawakening and this I did through drawing writing and sculpture. In one sense I feel I have a special ability with sculpture and an original approach but on the other hand I’m just such an ordinary person that takes everything in my stride. Which is why I felt I had to explain my creative process and articulate just what an artist goes through as they search for ideas and original thought. I still only touch lightly on the process which goes to great depths as you peel away the layers and illusions in search of truth. One day I will endeavour to articulate the entire thought process when I can find the words to describe it with clarity. My problem is that my writing is limited because I chose other methods to express myself, but time and practice will allow me in the fullness of time to articulate myself with greater fluency.

There is nothing in this world that can save me from myself , nor soften the blows that life  throws and in that respect I will sink or swim depending on the choices I make after the acceptance of the responsibility that is mine and only mine. But for the moment I feel a light relief, having crossed a bridge, making it to the other side where the pastures are fresh and untainted by the restrictive practice and dogmas of the well-worn path. Just to know that I can make what I feel and feel how I want about life makes me happy and content. It was a long and treacherous bridge but I had to leave the bare pastures which could no longer nourish my soul and find a meaningful feast to replenish my ailing spirit. Whilst crossing the bridge I was able to jettison baggage and embrace the gift of my unique existence, so that there was a spring in my step when I got to the other side. Living out this glorious metaphor has been my greatest triumph over adversity and now my creative exploration knows no bounds. There are no rules and rigid parameters to suffocate my being and I will stride forward and do exactly what I feel is right.

I have always tried to follow my intuition but have been squeezed out of shape on many occasions, though I always remained faithful to the core beliefs that feel to be a true part of my soul. In a way my beliefs have been defiant and pay no heed to fashion or trends because I have always felt connected to the fundamental creative urge, a timeless quality untainted by the need to bend my will to fit within the niche and expectations of convenience. I feel the intensity of my defiant free will and I fight for my basic human right to produce what I believe in and for the reasons that define a purpose to my existence. Fortunately I now feel able to express this and my life which is an accumulation of memory, experience and attitude is finally coming together in such a coherent way that I feel empowered to produce art that I know is true and that I believe in with certainty. But I’m an artist free from the art world entirely and firmly on my own path, following the direction that pays no heed to convention because I finally have the confidence and faith in my own judgement. I practice art from my own perspective and beliefs, my art asks questions and delivers answers, there are moments of triumph and wisdom and there is evidence of struggle and failure because I’m human and proud of it. Everyone is somebody and I feel it is important to be proud and make the most of  our gift.

When you start to see everything as a whole it makes greater sense of life and it feels there is a purpose for all actions, because actions are creative and have consequences even when it feels futile there is a weight behind each gesture. Out of the collective actions of  humanity there are great consequences, and in that we each have a duty and responsibility beyond our own vanity. Now in the present, gestures and actions will determine our fate as the selfish greed and consumption erode the values and resources of the world driven only by profit. I really can’t adopt these values and attitudes that demote art  from an act of creativity to an act of commercial viability and I no longer feel torn by this fact because I understand and believe in my actions, so there’s no need for unconscionable acts of a disingenuous nature. My art and my actions are my gesture, it is my truth and all I have to offer, if it moves someone and inspires them, then I have made a worthy contribution.


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